The Wisdom of Whores Bureaucrats Brothels and the Business of AIDS

“[A] rollicking, eye-opening, hilarious account of the underbelly of international AIDS research.”—Carlin Romano, Philadelphia Inquirer As an epidemiologist researching AIDS, Elizabeth Pisani has been involved with international ...

Author: Elizabeth Pisani

Publisher: W. W. Norton

ISBN: 0393337650

Category: Medical

Page: 400

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“[A] rollicking, eye-opening, hilarious account of the underbelly of international AIDS research.”—Carlin Romano, Philadelphia Inquirer As an epidemiologist researching AIDS, Elizabeth Pisani has been involved with international efforts to halt the disease for fourteen years. With swashbuckling wit, fierce honesty, and more than a little political incorrectness, she dishes on herself and her colleagues as they try to prod reluctant governments to fund HIV prevention for the people who need it most: drug injectors, gay men, sex workers, and johns. With verve and clarity, Pisani shows the general reader how her profession really works; how easy it is to draw wrong conclusions from “objective” data; and, shockingly, how much money is spent so very badly.
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The Wisdom Of Whores

... website also has illustrations, photos and my blog on topics that may be of interest to readers of this book. Comments are welcomed. Elizabeth Pisani London, November 2007 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Wisdom of Whores is the product of over.

Author: Elizabeth Pisani

Publisher: Granta Books

ISBN: 9781847084057

Category: Political Science

Page: 400

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In The Wisdom of Whores, epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani brings honesty, wit and startling pragmatism to the tawdry front lines of sex and drugs. She explains how we could shut down HIV in most of the world with a few simple steps, with less money than we already have spent. We could do it now. But shockingly, it isn't happening. From the backstreets to the boardrooms, politics, ideology and cash have bulldozed through scientific evidence and common sense. The Wisdom of Whores is both a riveting expos of the Aids industry and a penetrating analysis of where we've gone wrong.
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Human Trafficking The Bible and the Church

The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS. london: granta, 2008. Pivar, david J. Purity and Hygiene: Women, Prostitution, and the “American Plan.” Westport, cT: greenwood, 2002. ———.

Author: Marion Carson

Publisher: SCM Press

ISBN: 9780334055617

Category: Social Science

Page: 160

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In this book Marion Carson brings us a profound, interdisciplinary account of how Christians have engaged with slavery in the past, and how they might respond in the future.
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The Wisdom Books Job Proverbs and Ecclesiastes A Translation with Commentary

A man who loves wisdom will gladden his father, but a chaser of whores will destroy wealth. A king makes a land stand firm through justice, but a deceitful man destroys it. A man who flatters his fellow spreads a net at his feet.


Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393080730

Category: Religion

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First time in paperback: “One of the most ambitious literary projects of this or any age.”—Adam Kirsch, New Republic Here in Robert Alter's bold new translation are some of the most magnificent works in world literature. The astounding poetry in the Book of Job is restored to its powerful ancient meanings and rhythms. The creation account in its Voice from the Whirlwind is beautiful and incendiary. By contrast, a serene fatalism suffuses Ecclesiastes with a quiet beauty, and the pithy maxims of Proverbs impart a worldly wisdom that is satirically shrewd. Each of these books addresses the universal wisdom that the righteous thrive and the wicked suffer in a rational moral order; together they are essential to the ancient canon that is the Hebrew Bible.
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The Wisdom of the Heart

Claude was a whore. She is a whore, of course, and I'm not trying to deny it, but what I say now is—if Mlle. Claude is a whore then what name shall I find for the other women I know? Somehow the word whore isn't big enough. Mlle.

Author: Henry Miller

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 9780811222365

Category: Literary Collections

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An essential collection of writings, bursting with Henry Miller’s exhilarating candor and wisdom In this selection of stories and essays, Henry Miller elucidates, revels, and soars, showing his command over a wide range of moods, styles, and subject matters. Writing “from the heart,” always with a refreshing lack of reticence, Miller involves the reader directly in his thoughts and feelings. “His real aim,” Karl Shapiro has written, “is to find the living core of our world whenever it survives and in whatever manifestation, in art, in literature, in human behavior itself. It is then that he sings, praises, and shouts at the top of his lungs with the uncontainable hilarity he is famous for.” Here are some of Henry Miller’s best-known writings: an essay on the photographer Brassai; “Reflections on Writing,” in which Miller examines his own position as a writer; “Seraphita” and “Balzac and His Double,” on the works of other writers; and “The Alcoholic Veteran,” “Creative Death,” “The Enormous Womb,” and “The Philosopher Who Philosophizes.”
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The Wisdom of the Koran

The whore and the whoremonger. Scourge each of them with a hundred stripes, and do not let pity for them take hold of you in God's religion, if ye believe in God and the last day; and let a party of the believers witness their torment.

Author: Philosophical Library

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781453202463

Category: Religion

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Discover the beliefs and lessons of Islam’s sacred text The Koran, the sacred text at the heart of the second-largest religion in the world, is regarded by Muslims as the exact word of God as revealed to the prophet Muhammad. Representing the ultimate authority on almost every issue related to Muslim life, the Koran’s lessons and parables offer the faithful moral and spiritual guidance. In The Wisdom of the Koran, readers will discover a selection of key chapters such as “The Night Journey” and “The Cave,” footnotes to convey context and meaning, as well as several stories from Judeo-Christian history. This invaluable anthology is an excellent step toward greater understanding of one of the finest pieces of Arabic prose and the Muslim faith.
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The Wisdom of the Covenants and Their Relevance to Our Times

Mary Magdalene as repentant whore is embedded in the tradition of patriarchal Christian culture. Such a role could counteract any notion of her as special companion to Jesus, which could otherwise be inferred from her presence at the ...

Author: John Watt

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781546274094

Category: Religion

Page: 396

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This book began as an introduction to the Bible for educated people unfamiliar with it. As public ethics in the United States began to fray, it changed into focusing on the key values in biblical literature and the costs of disregarding them. Biblical values were organized into systems known as covenants or testaments between human beings and the god Yahweh. The covenants developed by Moses and Jesus are the most important covenants in the Bible. They are not the only ones, but it is these two covenants that go most deeply into our survival or failure as individuals and as a species. The last third of the book analyzes various aspects of public life today in the light of covenantal teaching and suggests ways to strengthen commitment to them. The author’s goal is to get this book into the hands of people who share his concerns and who would like to revive the influence of public ethics.
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The Wisdom of God

These whores' agenda does not include peoples' freedom and lives, and these plans are only about giving souls as a sacrifice to Lucifer. These lies about brokering peace plans as said in Israel, are nothing more than a ploy to destroy ...

Author: Johanne Howard

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525578786

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God is our father. He is returning to Earth with his army to reclaim his beloved home and to reunite with his children who were taken by Lucifer. This book is about the words he wished his scribe to share with his children, concerning this coming new time on Earth for the reunification and the time of the reckoning. He explains to us how all came to be on Earth and how the ancient wars have divided us and left many to face the dark forces. He warns his children about the coming days, what needs to be seen and understood, and how the works of evil live in our time.
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