The Woman Who Didn t Grow Old

blurted out: that's odd – you've got an epidermis that's clearly younger than you are. ... and concluded that, while it was impossible to say with certainty that I wasn't getting old, just as I'd claimed (with my photos to back it up), ...

Author: Gregoire Delacourt

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781474612203

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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What happened to Betty is every woman's dream. Isn't it? There are those who never grow old because they are taken too soon. There are those who grow old without worries, enjoying everything life has to offer. There are those who desperately try to slow down the ticking clock. And then there's Betty. Betty, who mysteriously stops growing old on her thirtieth birthday - the same age as her mother when she died. The years leave no trace on Betty's face, but as everyone around her is transformed by the relentless march of time, her once golden life begins to come apart. Because an ageless face is a face without history, without passions, without memories. A blank canvas others will slowly, inexorably forget... A feminist version of Dorian Grey, written with the elegant and timeless charm of The Elegance of the Hedgehog, the beating heart of The Reader on the 6.27 and the same touch of magic as The Keeper of Lost Things.
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Blood Stories

Geri's and Shelly's words capture this sense of ambivalence , this feeling of wanting to bravely accept one's aging , at the same time wishing one didn't have to grow old . Geri , a white Mormon woman sixty - four years - of - age ...

Author: Janet Lee

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415915473

Category: Social Science

Page: 205

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Blood Stories focuses on menarche as a central aspect of body politics in contemporary US society, emphasizing that women are integrated into the social and sexual order through the body. Using oral and written narratives of 104 diverse women, the authors address the central question of how menarche as a bodily event signifying womanhood takes on cultural significance in a society that devalues women. Exploring issues of contamination and concealment and the sexualization of women's bodies that occurs at menarche, the authors emphasize how the politics of gender are negotiated on/through women's bodies.
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beautiful , they would fix up their faces too , but the stuff they did didn't get removed at all until they were old women . Women would get tattoos , colouring right underneath their skin . Tattoos would be designed the way a woman ...

Author: Nancy Wachowich

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773522441

Category: History

Page: 301

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Saqiyuq is the name the Inuit give to a strong wind that suddenly shifts direction; Saqiyuq: Stories from the Lives of Three Inuit Women is a vivid portrait of the changing nature of life in the Arctic during the twentieth century. Through their life stories a grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter take us on a remarkable journey in which the cycles of life -- childhood, adolescence, marriage, birthing and child rearing - are presented against the contrasting experiences of three successive generations. Their memories and reflections give us poignant insight into the history of the people of the new territory of Nunavut. Apphia Awa, who was born in 1931, experienced the traditional life on the land while Rhoda Katsak, Apphia's daughter, was part of the transitional generation who were sent to government schools. In contrast to both, Sandra Katsak, Rhoda's daughter, has grown up in the settlement of Pond Inlet among the conveniences and tensions of contemporary northern communities - video games and coffee shops but also drugs and alcohol. During the last years of Apphia's life Rhoda and Sandra began working to reconnect to their traditional culture and learn the art of making traditional skin clothing. Through the storytelling in Saqiyuq, Apphia, Rhoda, and Sandra explore the transformations that have taken place in the lives of the Inuit and chart the struggle of the Inuit to reclaim their traditional practices and integrate them into their lives. Nancy Wachowich became friends with Rhoda Katsak and her family during the early 1990s and was able to record their stories before Apphia's death in 1996. Saqiyuq: Stories from the Lives of Three Inuit Women will appeal to everyone interested in the Inuit, the North, family bonds, and a good story.
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Dead Ground in Between

He didn't get any further. She sat bolt upright. “What? What do you mean, full of sleep? I will never, ever be the kind of old lady who dozes off in front of the fire.” He was hurt by her rejection of what he thought was a romantic ...

Author: Maureen Jennings

Publisher: Titan Books

ISBN: 9781783292547

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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It's late 1942; the war is still raging and DI Tom Tyler is settling into his placement in Ludlow, Shropshire, a small town full of Italian PoWs from a nearby internment camp, brought to work the land. Fraternizing is forbidden but, as Tyler knows only too well, the human heart has a way of crossing boundaries. Then a old man is found murdered, and Tyler suspects that the two evacuee children who found the body are not telling him the whole truth...
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I Who Have Never Known Men

The guards had always been so old that we didn't notice them age. I'd been a little girl when I arrived, now I was a woman, a virgin for ever, but an adult despite my underdeveloped breasts and my aborted puberty: I'd grown, ...

Author: Jacqueline Harpman

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781473570801

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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Discover the haunting, heartbreaking post-apocalyptic tale of female friendship and intimacy set in a deserted world. Deep underground, thirty-nine women are kept in isolation in a cage. Above ground, a world awaits. Has it been abandoned? Devastated by a virus? Watched over by guards, the women have no memory of how they got there, no notion of time, and only vague recollection of their lives before. But, as the burn of electric light merges day into night and numberless years pass, a young girl - the fortieth prisoner - sits alone and outcast in the corner. Soon she will show herself to be the key to the others' escape and survival in the strange world that awaits them above ground. The woman who will never know men. WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY SOPHIE MACKINTOSH, MAN BOOKER PRIZE-LONGLISTED AUTHOR OF THE WATER CURE
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Will You Be Mine

“Ryder and your sister are my friends, so I'd eat with your brother and his friends sometimes, usually at Jack or ... Amanda laughs and drops my hand so I can bend and catch the girl up in my arms. ... “I'm sorry, I didn't tell you.

Author: Lexi Buchanan

Publisher: HFCA Publishing House


Category: Fiction

Page: 250

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Marriages and babies everywhere drove me to leave town, I just hadn’t expected to end up stranded on the Island of St. Martin in the Caribbean nor did I expect to have to share a room with the charter pilot. The one and only, Ford Sinclair, best friend of Ryan Townsend, my sister Amanda’s, fiancé. The same man I’d refused to have a one-night stand with at my sister, Robin’s wedding. I hadn’t left home for anything but peace and quiet, what I found was a troubled man who also happened to be sexy, persuasive and dirty mouthed. The Kincaid Sisters is a Bad Boy Rocker spinoff series about Reece Kincaid’s (Past Sins: Spicy) sisters. Book 1 – Meant to be Mine (Jessie Kincaid) Book 2 – You Were Always Mine (Amanda Kincaid) Book 3 – Will You be Mine (Sarah Kincaid)
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The Women of Independence Box Set

Hard work and a determination to succeed were qualities that didn't grow old... didn't get wrinkles... didn't get grey hair. Her gaze drifted out and over the town square. Had it really been eight years since she moved here to ...

Author: Mona Ingram

Publisher: Mona Ingram

ISBN: 9781927745175

Category: Fiction

Page: 560

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The Women of Independence Box Set – four sweet stand-alone romances following the women of Independence, British Columbia: a small town full of country charm, the challenges of heartbreak, and the promise of happily ever. The collection includes of four heartwarming stories: Loving from Afar She knows she shouldn’t cling to memories of a lost love. Torn from her high school sweetheart and left to rebuild the pieces of her life, Allison has almost given up on finding love. Ten years have passed, but when she sees Cole again, her pulse kicks up in that old, familiar way. The question is, can they resolve the issues that tore them apart – and can she learn to love again? The Last Goodbye Everyone Danielle Flynn has ever loved has left her without saying goodbye. When her Uncle Jake allows his friend Sean’s production company to shoot on his ranch, she fights her attraction to the movie’s director, Grayson Crawford. After all, Grayson is heading back to California once filming is over, and she has no intention of letting him take her heart when he leaves... with or without a goodbye. Torn between her love of Green Lake Ranch and her growing feelings for Grayson, Danielle learns the difference between what’s important in life, and what’s make believe. Never Look Back Falling in love was the easy part… A few sun-filled days. A whirlwind romance that could never last. Now, all that’s in the past, and Maya has moved on. She’s successful, intelligent, and independent, but the man who gave her so much so long ago still tugs at the edges of her memories. Little does Maya know, her mischievous friend Faith might just have a plan to get the two lovers back together. Love’s Like That What would you do if your boyfriend suggested dating other people? Tyler’s suggestion comes out of the blue and suddenly Katie’s well-ordered life is crumbling around her. To make matters worse, the grandmother she never really knew decides to make contact. Join Katie as she weighs college life against a murky, undecided future. Will Tyler still be there when she comes home, or is he dating as well?
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A Savage Presence

I'm sure you'll be needed here. And I have no plans of changing ... Fiona realized the woman didn't know what to do with herself. ... I suppose we'll keep things the same for a while, but maybe we'll have to move the time up a little.

Author: WL Knightly

Publisher: BrixBaxter Publishing


Category: Fiction


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Now that Connor Cohen is dead, Silas Cohen is free to live the life he wants. But there are still two men in the way. When Enzo Juarez tries to make a new deal with Fiona, her good intentions get the best of her and she unexpectedly puts Silas in danger. Can Alex’s connections save them this time? All bets are off when it’s every man for themselves in this series’ finale.
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First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 1929 1994

A friend of hers said , with a soft , sad voice , that what we're losing is what we long for : The old idea of being cultivated . “ She had this complex , colorful mind , she loved a turn of phrase . She didn't grow up in front of the ...



ISBN: MINN:31951D01949136Y

Category: Celebrities

Page: 135

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You Play The Girl

movie — they would never grow old. The women braced for their terrifying decline, whereas the men retained their childlike wonder forever. Their growing old was without cultural meaning; it didn't count. The problem with Knocked Up was ...

Author: Carina Chocano

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349005560

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 931

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We all know who The Girl is. She holds The Hero's hand as he runs through the Pyramids, chasing robots. Or she nags him, or foils him, plays the uptight straight man to his charming loser. She's idealised, degraded, dismissed, objectified and almost always dehumanised. How do we process these insidious portrayals, and how do they shape our sense of who we are and what we can become? Part memoir, part cultural commentary, part call to arms to women everywhere, You Play The Girl flips the perspective on the past thirty-five years in pop culture - from the progressive 70s, through the backlash 80s, the triumphalist 90s and the pornified 'bro culture' of the early twenty-first century - providing a firsthand chronicle of the experience of growing up inside this funhouse. Always incisive, Chocano brilliantly shows that our identities are more iterative than we think, and certainly more complex than anything we see on any kind of screen.
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