Things Can Only Get Feta

Two Journalists and Their Crazy Dog Living Through the Greek Crisis
Author: Marjory McGinn
Publisher: Bene Factum Publishing
ISBN: 1909657093
Category: Travel
Page: 310
View: 1141
Two journalists embarking on a year's adventure in Greece just as the country faces economic collapse seems foolhardy—but it's their decision to bring their crazy Jack Russell to a crisis-weary country with zero dog tolerance that tips the plan into actual madness After an Arctic winter, a recession, and a downturn in the newspaper industry, two journalists and their dog embark on an adventure in the wild and beautiful southern Peloponnese. A perfect plan, except for one thing—Greece is deep in economic crisis. And if fiscal failure can't overturn the couple's escapade in rural Greece, perhaps macabre local customs, a scorpion invasion, zero dog-tolerance, health scares, and touchy expats will. This is a humorous and insightful journey through one of the last unspoiled regions of Greece. It is full of encounters with warm-hearted, often eccentric, Greeks who show that this troubled country still has heroes, if not euros. In a hillside village in the Mani, the locals share their lives, their laughter, and their stories, and help chart the couple's own passage back to happiness. They even find a place in their hearts for their Greek nemesis—the local pungent goat cheese. Things really can only get feta.

Travel, Tourism, and Identity

Author: Gabriel R. Ricci
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 135130111X
Category: Social Science
Page: 308
View: 5034
Travel, Tourism and Identity addresses the psychological and social adjustments that occur when people make contact with others outside their social, cultural, or linguistic groups. Whether such contact is the result of tourism, seeking exile, or relocating abroad, the volume's contributors demonstrate how one's identity, cultural assumptions, and worldview can be brought into question. In some cases, the traveller finds that bridging the social and cultural gap between himself and the new society is fairly easy. In other cases, the traveller discovers that reorienting himself requires absorbing a new cultural history and traditions. The contributors argue that making these adjustments will surely enhance the traveller's or tourist's experience; otherwise the traveller or tourist will be at risk of becoming a marginalized figure, one disconnected from the society that surrounds him. This latest volume in the Culture & Civilization series features a collection of essays on travel and tourism. The essays cover a range of topics from historical travels to modern social identities. They discuss ancient travels, contemporary travels in Europe, Africa and sustainable eco-tourism, and the politics of tourism. Essays also address experiences of Grenada's "Spice Island" identity, and the effects of globalization and migrations on personal identity.

The Greek Crisis in the Media

Stereotyping in the International Press
Author: George Tzogopoulos
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317029801
Category: Political Science
Page: 222
View: 7487
The portrayal of Greece by the international press during the financial crisis has been seen by many independent observers as very harsh. The Greeks have often been blamed for a myriad of international political problems and external economic factors beyond their control. In this original and insightful work George Tzogopoulos examines international newspaper coverage of the unfolding economic crisis in Greece. American, British, French, German and Italian broadsheet and tabloid coverage is carefully analysed. The Greek Crisis in the Media debates and dissects the extent to which the Greek response to the financial crisis has been given fair and balanced coverage by the press and questions how far politics and national stereotypes have played their part in the reporting of events. By placing the Greek experiences and treatment alongside those of other EU members such as Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain, Tzogopoulos examines and highlights similarities and differences in the ways in which different countries tackled the challenges they faced during this crucial period and explores how and why the world's media reported these events.

Homer's Where the Heart Is

Two Journalists, One Crazy Dog and a Love Affair with Greece
Author: Marjory McGinn
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781511896832
Page: 290
View: 2896
Homer's Where The Heart Is continues the story where the acclaimed first travel memoir (Things Can Only Get Feta) left off. Two journalists and their crazy terrier are in the second year of their riotous adventure, living in the Mani region of southern Greece, and sharing an olive grove with their new Greek landlords. The location seems perfect, apart from Greeks on the edge, a gun-toting neighbour and a she-wolf with a shady past. But the couple soon face their biggest challenge yet, as they are pulled into the chaos of the country's worsening economic crisis − along with some of the original village characters from Feta − as Greece faces a disastrous exit from the eurozone. This candid and humorous memoir is also the story of the author's lifelong passion for Greece and its people. Woven into the narrative is Marjory's back story from another dark time, during the military dictatorship in the 1970s in Athens. It reveals as much about Greece as it does about her own personal journey. This edition contains the authors own photographs of southern Greece and many of the places mentioned in the book.

A Scorpion in the Lemon Tree

Mad Adventures on a Greek Peninsula
Author: Marjory McGinn
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781534782303
Page: 282
View: 2725
Book 3 of the Peloponnese series Following on from the first two acclaimed books (Things Can Only Get Feta and Homer's Where The Heart Is), Marjory, Jim and their crazy dog Wallace are on a second odyssey in the southern Peloponnese but this time they end up in a peninsula they didn't choose, and a house they never thought they'd live in. How did this happen? Easy, this is Greece and nothing ever goes to plan. The couple's latest adventure in Koroni, on the Messinian peninsula, takes them on another perilous and funny journey, with house rental dramas, scorpion threats, the challenge of Greek language classes, and an unexpected publishing battle. But when they finally fall for the charm of unspoilt Koroni, make new friends and connect with some of the memorable characters from their Mani days, they discover once more just how Greek is their love. And there's not even a sting in the tale. Well ... almost! REVIEWS: "This book is rare within the travel writing genre. It cleverly combines a travel narrative with enlightened observations about Greece, while retaining a light and entertaining touch throughout." - Peter Kerr, best-selling author of Snowball Oranges

A Saint for the Summer

A Compelling Story of Heroism, Faith and Love
Author: Marjory McGinn
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781999995713
Page: 332
View: 3482
WHAT'S HIDDEN ON A GREEK HILLSIDE CAN CHANGE YOUR DESTINY... A heart-warming novel by the author of Things Can Only Get Feta. Journalist Bronte McKnight is summoned to a hillside village in the wild and beautiful Mani region of Greece by her estranged expat father Angus to help him with a medical problem. But she soon discovers that Angus, whom she has barely seen in 10 years, has lured her there with an even trickier challenge in mind ... solving a mystery from the Second World War, when a family member disappeared in Greece during the disastrous Battle of Kalamata, known as 'Greece's Dunkirk'. With the country gripped by economic crisis, and the clock ticking against them, their near-impossible quest takes them from Kalamata to a remote mountain village, where its few remaining inhabitants are bound by old traditions and secrecy. As the tensions of their own fractured relationship rise, the pair are helped in their mission by a cast of intriguing Greek characters, especially charismatic doctor Leonidas Papachristou. He has a pivotal role, not least in challenging Bronte's assumption that she hasn't the time or the courage to fall in love in Greece. The secrets unearthed by Angus and Bronte will be painful and astonishing. This is a compelling tale of heroism, faith and love ... with a heart-warming conclusion. "Marjory McGinn is a very gifted author" (Peter Kerr, best-selling writer)

The Crete Trilogy

Author: Richard Clark
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781976231179
Page: 498
View: 2192
The Crete Trilogy Crete - A Notebook Hidden Crete More Hidden Crete For the first time all three of Richard Clark's bestselling books about Crete are available in a single volume. 'Richard Clark writes with great authority and a deep affection for his subject, which comes from his long association with Greece... Marjory McGinn, bestselling author of Things Can Only Get Feta, Homer's Where the Heart Is, A Scorpion in the Lemon Tree 'Clark is particularly good on the colours, flavours and scents of Greece. He has got under the skin of the place in a way few outsiders have been able to.' Mark Hudson, winner of Somerset Maugham Award, Thomas Cook Travel Book Award, Samuel Johnson Prize 'I love the way Clark writes, it is personal, it is human and deceptively simple.' Sara Alexi, bestselling author of The Greek Village Series 'Thanks, Richard, for adding your great eye to your gifted pen in service to sharing the essence of Greece with the world!' Jeffrey Siger, bestselling, award-winning US crime writer

The Lost Lyra

Author: Richard Clark
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781791579432
Category: Travel
Page: 230
View: 8634
'Full of hope, a captivating novel'Richard Clark's delicious book transports the reader to the magnificent splendour of Crete's White Mountains.When musician Sarah Piper's beloved grandfather dies, he bequeaths her a gift that will change her life forever. Travelling to the sun-drenched island Crete to discover the truth about her grandfather's past, she finds her own future.From bestselling travel writer Richard Clark this debut novel is a captivating and joyous read.Praise for Richard Clark's travel books.'Clark is particularly good on the colours, flavours and scents of Greece. He has got under the skin of the place in a way few outsiders have been able to.'Mark Hudson, winner of Somerset Maugham Award, Thomas Cook Travel Book Award, Samuel Johnson Prize'Richard Clark captures the spirit of Greece I love. His books make me long to see the places he describes.'Jennifer Barclay, author of Falling in Honey and An Octopus in My Ouzo'There is poetry in Richard Clark's words and through his eyes. I recommend anyone missing Greece, visiting Greece or just wishing they could go to Greece to take a look!'Sara Alexi, author of The Greek Village Series'Thanks, Richard, for adding your great eye to your gifted pen in service to sharing the essence of Greece with the world!' Jeffrey Siger, bestselling, award-winning US crime writer'Richard Clark writes with great authority and a deep affection for his subject, which comes from his long association with Greece... excellent.'Marjory McGinn, author of Things Can Only Get Feta, Homer's Where the Heart Is, A Scorpion in the Lemon Tree and A Saint for the Summer

El gran delirio

Hitler, drogas y el III Reich
Author: Norman Ohler
Publisher: Editorial Crítica
ISBN: 8416771308
Category: History
Page: N.A
View: 1006
Este es un libro fundamental para conocer mejor a Hitler, por un lado; pero también para entender los éxitos militares del nazismo. Como ha dicho el gran historiador Hans Mommsen: «Norman Ohler se ocupa de una dimensión hasta ahora insuficientemente conocida del régimen nazi: la importancia del uso creciente de drogas en la sociedad nacionalsocialista». Basándose en fuentes hasta ahora no utilizadas, Ohler no sólo profundiza en la drogadicción de Adolf Hitler, a quien su médico personal mantenía activo dándole hasta 74 estimulantes distintos, sino en la difusión del uso de metanfetamina entre la población alemana, y nos descubre que se administraron millones de dosis a las tropas que habían de resistir los tremendos esfuerzos que requería la realización de las campañas de la blitzkrieg.

Ama tu cuerpo

El poder, la fortaleza y la ciencia para lograr un cuerpo sano y maravilloso
Author: Cameron Díaz
Publisher: Aguilar
ISBN: 6071132444
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 280
View: 2225
¿Quieres lucir como Cameron Diaz? Conoce la fórmula de esta atractiva estrella para ser más feliz, sana y fuerte. Fundamentado científicamente y comprobado en la vida real, Ama tu cuerpo ofrece una visión integral del cuerpo humano y la mente. A lo largo de su carrera, Cameron Díaz ha sido un modelo a seguir para millones de mujeres. Pero esta delgada, glamorosa y centrada estrella no siempre fue consciente de su salud. Aprender sobre el vínculo inseparable entre la nutrición y el cuerpo fue sólo una de las lecciones de vida que han llevado a Cameron a educarse sobre las mejores maneras de alimentarse, moverse y cuidar su cuerpo. En Ama tu cuerpo, comparte lo que ha aprendido acerca de la nutrición, el ejercicio y la conexión mente-cuerpo. Desde la desmitificación de las creencias alrededor de los grupos alimenticios hasta la explicación nutricional de las vitaminas y minerales, los lectores descubrirán por qué es tan importante desarrollar el instinto del hambre y satisfacerlo con alimentos ricos en nutrientes. Cameron también explica el papel esencial del movimiento, la importancia de la fuerza muscular y ósea y por qué tenemos que sudar un poco cada día. Este libro no establece metas a alcanzar en siete días o treinta días o un año. Ofrece un enfoque holístico a largo plazo para la toma de decisiones coherentes que te permitirán llegar a la meta final: una vida larga, feliz, fuerte y saludable.

Drink time!

En compañía de Patrick Leigh Fermor
Author: Dolores Payàs Puigarnau
Publisher: Acantilado
ISBN: 8416011044
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 112
View: 2233
En el año 2009, Dolores Payás visitó por primera vez a Patrick Leigh Fermor en su casa de Grecia. De ese primer encuentro surgió una amistad que se mantuvo hasta el fallecimiento del escritor en el año 2011. De aquellas horas de charla nace esta hermosa semblanza, personal y sentimental, del escritor y viajero inglés: fascinante por su biografía y su carisma, su generosidad y su talento.

No Feta Cheese

Author: Stanford S. Lee
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 9781420816402
Category: Fiction
Page: 236
View: 4407
An American in Finland, a Finnish contemporary jazz band and corporate sabotage all combine to make No Feta Cheese, a unique journey through a land of endless lakes, forests and quiet people. Karl Hafstad, a Norwegian-American, left his quiet life in Boise, Idaho, for a job in the Scandinavian music business. Peter Bengstromm was a boss unlike any he had ever had. Although he appeared to be a playboy and a sports addict, he was actually implementing a secret plan that could devastate musicians and record stores throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Skiing, tennis and meeting beautiful women all seemed to be higher priorities for Peter, than his career in music marketing, for Polydonn Records. Karl could tell something was going on behind the scenes, that just didnt make sense. Mina Tervonen had a voice like no one else and wanted to make a name for her band, along with Pekka, Teemu and Hannu, beyond their small town in central Finland. Karl shared the challenging and difficult journey of adapting to Scandinavian life with two American friends. Karen Dosher was an old college friend and an investment consultant for an American venture capitol firm. Gerald Bingham was a professional basketball player in the European League, playing for a team in Warsaw. It would be his last shot to make a living from his athletic talent, before returning to a dreary life, back in Baltimore. They learned that their employers had quite a different sense of ethics and that working and living in Europe was dramatically different than being a tourist in Stockholm or Milan. While the band toured all over Europe, only Karl knew that the future of the band and an entire segment of the Scandinavian music industry could collapse in a matter of weeks. He was faced with one of the toughest decisions of his life, which could dramatically change his life in ways he could only imagine. Selling records and managing a jazz band, developed into something that was both exciting and eventually terrifying. He was in a country that few Americans knew much about. It was truly off the beaten path and not on the way to anywhere, except for Russia. The quiet, reserved temperament of the Finns along with their love of nature, made them quite a contrast to the Americans Karl saw in the airport, the day he moved to Helsinki. Living in Finland changed Karl forever. On that amazing summer night in August, Karl found himself with a life he never dreamed of.

Poderoso Robot Contra los Meca Monos de Marte

Author: Dav Pilkey,Martin Ontiveros
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 043985105X
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 141
View: 3681
En este libro ilustrado para niños, el ratón Ricky y su Poderoso Robot conocen a un marciano pequeño pero cruel que planea apoderarse de la Tierra con sus monstruosos Meca Monos. Se incluyen instrucciones en cómo dibujar a los personajes (p. 130-141).


Recetas de Oriente Proximo y Mas Alla
Author: Sabrina Ghayour
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9788416295043
Page: 240
View: 3698
A celebration of the food and flavors from the regions near the Southern and Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with over 100 recipes for modern and accessible Middle Eastern dishes, including Lamb & Sour Cherry Meatballs, Chicken, Preserved Lemon & Olive Tagine, and Persian Flatbread.

La guía completa del ayuno

Author: Dr. Jason Fung y Jimmy Moore
Publisher: EDAF
ISBN: 8441438463
Page: N.A
View: 7056

El color del té

Author: Hannah Tunnicliffe
Publisher: B DE BOOKS
ISBN: 8490196559
Category: Fiction
Page: 352
View: 5967
Una deliciosa historia de mujeres en la que el amor y la amistad, más el aderezo de los exóticos aromas y paisajes del territorio chino de Macao, nos enseñan que todo el mundo tiene el poder de renovar su vida. Después de trasladarse con su marido a la minúscula isla china de Macao, Grace Miller se siente una extraña en un país extranjero. Además, su matrimonio está en jaque y sus sueños de crear una familia empiezan a caer en pedazos. Entonces decide recurrir a lo que más le gusta: preparar macarons, las deliciosas y exquisitas galletas francesas. Grace inaugura una cafetería en la que, rodeada de otras expatriadas y lugareñas, logra crear una nueva definición de lo que supone un hogar y una familia. Pero cuando unos secretos que creyó enterrados hace tiempo salen a la superficie, Grace se da cuenta de que ha llegado el momento de inhumar viejos fantasmas y empezar a confiar en sí misma.

El código de la obesidad

Descifrando los secretos de la pérdida de peso
Author: Jason Fung
ISBN: 8417030913
Category: Cooking
Page: 376
View: 8130

La enciclopedia de los sabores / The Flavor Thesaurus

Combinaciones, recetas e ideas para el cocinero creativo / A Compendium of Pairings, Recipes, and Ideas for the Creative Cook
Author: Niki Segnit
Publisher: Debate
ISBN: 9788499920139
Category: Cooking
Page: 560
View: 2729
Un compendio único de combinaciones de sabores. ¿Alguna vez se ha preguntado por qué un sabor combina con otro? ¿O pensado qué se puede hacer con unos rabanitos? La enciclopedia de los sabores es el primer libro que estudia qué combina con qué, en grupos de a dos. La sección final enumera en orden alfabético 99 ingredientes comunes y sugiere combinaciones clásicas y otras menos habituales para cada uno. La inicial presenta una entrada para cada uno de los 99 sabores y está organizada en 16 «temas» como moras y arbustos, verdes y hierbas o terroso. Hay 980 entradas en total y 200 recetas o sugerencias en el texto. Cubre combinaciones tradicionales como cerdo y manzana, vainilla y cereza o ajo y perejil; favoritos recientes como chocolate y chile, vainilla y langosta o queso de cabra y rabanitos; y parejas interesantes pero extrañas a primera vista, como morcilla y chocolate, limón y ternera, setas y arándanos o sandía y ostras. Magníficamente editado (ganador del premio al libro mejor editado en Reino Unido), La enciclopedia de los sabores no es solo un libro de referencia apetecible y muy útil que mejorará sus platos; es el tipo de libro que no podrás dejar de leer por la noche. ENGLISH DESCRIPION In this lively and exceptionally enjoyable book, career flavor scientist Niki Segnit uncovers the essential flavors of food, and organizes them into 160 basic ingredients. In this concise way, she articulates every flavor imaginable, whether it's a "grassy" food like dill, cucumber, or peas, or a "floral fruity" one like figs, roses, or blueberries. And then she considers every conceivable combination of these ingredients. Segnit has scoured thousands of recipes in countless recipe books, talked to dozens of food technologists and chefs, and visited hundreds of restaurants-all in her quest to uncover the planet's essential flavor pairings. The result is a reminder that there are almost infinite possibilities in an everyday kitchen, whether it means spinning celery and dill into a savory broth, orange and carrots into a crisp salad, or cabbage and sage into an elegant cream sauce. This book is also full of quirky observations, practical information (hundreds of recipes are embedded in the narrative) and more than a few good jokes. Beautifully packaged, The Flavor Thesaurus is not only a highly useful, and covetable, reference book that will immeasurably improve your cooking-it's the sort of book that might keep you up at night reading.

Perfiles de Coraje

Author: John F. Kennedy
Publisher: HarperCollins Espanol
ISBN: 0718084918
Category: Philosophy
Page: 336
View: 3315
«Este es un libro acerca de la virtud más admirable de todas las virtudes humanas: el valor. Ernest Hemingway la definió como “gracia bajo presión”. Y estos son los relatos sobre las presiones que experimentaron ocho Senadores de Estados Unidos y la gracia con la cual las enfrentaron». —John F. Kennedy Durante los años 1954 y 1955, el entonces Senador de Estados Unidos, John F. Kennedy, escogió a ocho de sus colegas históricos para presentar sus perfiles, destacados por sus actos de impresionante integridad ante una oposición abrumadora. Entre estos héroes se encuentran John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, Thomas Hart Benton y Robert A. Taft. Este libro recibió el Premio Pulitzer en 1957, y ha vuelto al mercado en esta nueva edición coeditada con el Senado de la Respública de México, que incluye una introducción escrita por Caroline Kennedy, además del prólogo para la edición conmemorativa escrito por Robert Kennedy, lanzada en 1964, resuena con lecciones perdurables para todos los tiempos sobre la más apreciada de las virtudes, y es una poderosa remembranza de la fortaleza del espíritu humano. Como afirma Robert Kennedy en el prólogo, este es «no solo un conjunto de historias del pasado, sino también una conexión de esperanza y confianza para el futuro. Lo que suceda en la nación, y en el mundo, depende de lo que nosotros hagamos con lo que otros nos han dejado».