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Rio Arriba County - Continued Tierra Amarilla vicinity , 1/21/87 , C , D , 86003592 Crevice Ruin ( LA 13218 ) ( Navajo - Refugee Pueblo TR ] , Address Restricted , Tierra Amarilla vicinity , 1/21/87 , C , D , 86003639 Crow Canyon ...



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La Tierra Amarilla

Author: Anselmo F. Arellano


ISBN: STANFORD:36105020365685

Category: Chama Valley (Colo. and N.M.)

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Roadside New Mexico

Tierra Amarilla LOCATION : 1. Rio Arriba County . At the intersection of US 85 and NM 162 west of Tierra Amarilla . 2. Rio Arriba County . At the intersection of NM 162 and US 85 , south of Tierra Amarilla , between mile markers 254 and ...

Author: David Pike

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 0826331181

Category: Travel

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The people, geological features, and historic events that have made New Mexico what it is today are commemorated in over 350 historic markers along the state's roads. This guide is designed to fill in the gaps and answer the questions those markers provoke.
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The Crusade for Justice

nounced four days after the bombing that their key suspect was Baltazar Martinez , 25 , of Tierra Amarilla , New Mexico . Martinez was a member of the Alianza and a key participant in the Tierra Amarilla courthouse raid of 1967 .

Author: Ernesto B. Vigil

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 0299162249

Category: History

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Recounts the history of a Chicano rights group in 1960s Denver
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Myth of the Hanging Tree

22 September, two days before their scheduled execution, Rio Arriba County Sheriff Felix García and two deputies boarded both prisoners on the train at Santa Fe to begin their trip back to Tierra Amarilla. Sheriff García and his men ...

Author: Robert J. Tórrez

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 9780826343796

Category: History

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The haunting specter of hanging trees holds a powerful sway on the American imagination, conjuring images of rough-and-tumble frontier towns struggling to impose law and order in a land where violence was endemic. In this thoughtful study, former New Mexico State Historian Robert Tórrez examines several fascinating criminal cases that reveal the harsh and often gruesome realities of the role hangings, legal or otherwise, played in the administration of frontier justice. At first glance, the topic may seem downright morbid, and in a sense it is, but these violent attempts at justice are embedded in our perception of America's western experience. In tracing territorial New Mexico's efforts to enforce law, Tórrez challenges the myths and popular perceptions about hangings and lynchings in this corner of the Wild West.
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Administration of Public Laws 81 874 81 815

2 , Tierra Amarilla ... 707 Alcalde Pub . S.D. No. 33 , Tierra Amarilla .. 2,878 4,158 1,391 1,537 1,401 22,565 67,818 56,656 44,067 43,185 713 Carrizozo S.D. NO . 7 .. 801 Weed S.D. No. 9. Alamogordo . 901 Largo Pub . S.D. No.

Author: United States. Office of Education


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Properties of Violence

Amarilla. They tell a story that not only elevates Mexican claims over Ute claims but also erases altogether the ... Although 1832 marks the date of the first Mexican claim to Tierra Amarilla, the Ute presence in Tierra Amarilla, ...

Author: David Correia

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820345024

Category: Law

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Through a compelling story about the conflict over a notorious Mexican-period land grant in northern New Mexico, David Correia examines how law and property are constituted through violence and social struggle. Spain and Mexico populated what is today New Mexico through large common property land grants to sheepherders and agriculturalists. After the U.S.-Mexican War the area saw rampant land speculation and dubious property adjudication. Nearly all of the huge land grants scattered throughout New Mexico were rejected by U.S. courts or acquired by land speculators. Of all the land grant conflicts in New Mexico's history, the struggle for the Tierra Amarilla land grant, the focus of Correia's story, is one of the most sensational, with numerous nineteenth-century speculators ranking among the state's political and economic elite and a remarkable pattern of resistance to land loss by heirs in the twentieth century. Correia narrates a long and largely unknown history of property conflict in Tierra Amarilla characterized by nearly constant violence--night riding and fence cutting, pitched gun battles, and tanks rumbling along the rutted dirt roads of northern New Mexico. The legal geography he constructs is one that includes a surprising and remarkable cast of characters: millionaire sheep barons, Spanish anarchists, hooded Klansmen, Puerto Rican terrorists, and undercover FBI agents. By placing property and law at the center of his study, Properties of Violence provocatively suggests that violence is not the opposite of property but rather is essential to its operation.
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Let the Cowboy Ride

The Tierra Amarilla grant , centered near the county seat at the town of Tierra Amarilla , was sustained as a private land grant by the Court of Private Land Claims and established as a 594,515acre property entirely within Rio Arriba ...

Author: Paul F. Starrs

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 0801863511

Category: Architecture

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The dime novel and dude ranch, the barbecue and rodeo, the suburban ranch house and the urban cowboy—all are a direct legacy of nineteenth-century cowboy life that still enlivens American popular culture. Yet at the same time, reports of environmental destruction or economic inefficiency have motivated calls for restricted livestock grazing on public lands or even for an end to ranching altogether. In Let the Cowboy Ride, Starrs offers a detailed and comprehensive look at one of America's most enduring institutions. Richly illustrated with more than 130 photographs and maps, the book combines the authentic detail of an insider's view (Starrs spent six years working cattle on the high desert Great Basin range) with a scholar's keen eye for objective analysis.
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House Documents

Only the two for Tierra Amarilla were made out in this manner . Q. Where is the man by whose hands you sent the poll - books to Tierra Amarilla ? A. He is in California , and his name is Felipe Madrid . Q. Is he the same Felipe Madrid ...

Author: USA House of Representatives


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The Folklore of Spain in the American Southwest

He was also the grantee of the well - known Tierra Amarilla land grant , which was made to Martínez and his eight sons and associates by the territorial deputation of New Mexico in Abiquiú on July 20 , 1832 , during the period of ...

Author: Aurelio M. Espinosa

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806122498

Category: Fiction

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The region of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado holds a unique place in the world of Spanish folk literature. Isolated from the rest of the Spanish-speaking world for most of its history since its first settlement in 1598, it has retained, even into our own time, much of its Hispanic folkloric heritage from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries-ballads, songs, poems, folktales, sayings, anecdotes, proverbs, riddles, and folk drama. In this book, written in the late 1930s and never before published, Aurelio M. Espinosa, New Mexico’s pioneer folklorist, presents the first comprehensive, authoritative account of the relict folklore, bringing together the results of his collecting during the first third of this century, in the Southwest and in Spain, and his many ground-breaking scholarly studies.
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