Times Table Challenge

Author: Eddy Steven Krajcar,Lisa Tiivel
Publisher: R.I.C. Publications
ISBN: 1863114890
Category: Multiplication
Page: 64
View: 6263
Times table challenge.

The Mighty Multiples Times Table Challenge

Author: Hannah Smart,Hannah Allum
Publisher: Brilliant Publications
ISBN: 0857476297
Category: Multiplication
Page: 181
View: 2460
The Mighty Multiples Times Table Challenge makes learning the times tables fun, interactive and practical! The activities engage children in their learning using a visual, auditory, kinaesthetic approach to learning the times tables. The integral problem solving ensures children learn to use and apply their times tables in real life situations.

Using Stories to Teach Maths Ages 9 to 11

Author: Steve Way,Simon Hickton
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 1909102113
Category: Education
Page: 137
View: 342
Make the teaching of Maths a more exciting and creative cross-curricular experience! This new series provides original and fun stories, sketches and poems to use as the basis for teaching objectives from the Mathematics Programme of Study. The stories are supported by differentiated lesson plans and original resources such as card games and suggestions for kinaesthetic activities. Ages 9-11 stories include: Sneaky Circles, Hank Bullman rides into Certain City, Space Chase, Mediaevel Mode, Metric Measures Poem, Ratio Poem. The stories have been road-tested in schools and the children thoroughly enjoyed them!

Number Calculations in Years 3 and 4

Author: Frances Mosley,Sheila Ebbutt,Mike Askew
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 1903142199
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 64
View: 4873
This book contains 24 number challenges. Children tackle them using strategies they know. If those strategies don't crack the problem, they learn new ones that fit, or do the job faster or more efficiently. The lessons in this book are genuinely interactive.

Number Calculations in Years 1 and 2

Author: Carole Skinner,Sheila Ebbutt,Frances Mosley
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 1903142180
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 64
View: 6123
These books contain number activities designed to involve particular calculations, providing you with the ideal reason for teaching appropriate strategies. Each strategy is carefully unpicked to help you understand and teach it. * 24 number games, activities or challenges in each book * uses a range of models and images to engage children, whatever their learning style * questions to prompt discussion of strategies used * help with differentiation to suit a range of ages and abilities * includes record chart to help with assessment for learning * 64 pages in each book.

The Challenge of Affluence

Self-Control and Well-Being in the United States and Britain Since 1950
Author: Avner Offer
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198208532
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 454
View: 2718
Since the 1940s Americans and Britons have experienced rising material abundance, but also a range of social and personal disorders, including family breakdown, addiction, crime, obesity, inequality, and economic insecurity. Avner Offer argues that well-being in these societies has lagged behind affluence, because they present an environment in which consistent choice is difficult to achieve over time and in which the capacity for personal and social commitment is undermined by the flow of novelty. This is then demonstrated in comparative studies of US and British market consumption (advertising, obesity, appliances and automobiles), and of personal relations (inter-personal regard, social status, heterosexual love, and parenthood). Drawing on the latest cognitive research, Offer provides a detailed and reasoned critique of modern consumer society, especially the assumption that freedom of choice necessarily maximizes individual and social well-being.

Life the Flap Times Tables

Author: Rosie Dickins
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780794528867
Category: Board books
Page: 16
View: 4537
"Lift the flaps to find tips, tricks and practice questions to help you learn all the times tables up to 12x12. You can discover why the tables are so helpful, use the number machine to answer any tables question, and test your knowledge with the times tables challenge"--Page [4] of cover.

Pinpoint Maths Times Tables Detectives Year 2

Practice Book
Author: Steve Mills,Hilary Koll
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781292291017
Page: 32
View: 4008
This title helps to achieve consolidation and greater depth of times tables in Year 2. It will help you teach, practise and assess times tables to ensure success in Y4 statutory tables check (2019-20 summer term) as well as over longer term. This resource also goes into greater depth with focus on reasoning and applying, consolidates understanding and challenges children to think in greater depth. It is colourful, engaging and cost-saving.

Pinpoint Maths Times Tables Detectives Year 3

Practice Book
Author: Steve Mills,Hilary Koll
Publisher: Pinpoint
ISBN: 9781292291024
Page: 32
View: 597
Pinpoint is a new series of activities and resources created to provide you with time-saving resources for specific needs in Maths. 32 page, A4 size write-in book Focuses on 3, 4 and 8 times tables, consolidates 2, 5 and 10 times tables Builds reasoning and applying skills using engaging detective theme Towards, Securing and Deeper sections on each page provide stretch and challenge for all levels Includes free online Pinpoint Times Table Check building towards the Year 4 multiplication tests Our colourful and engaging book helps children practise, consolidate and achieve greater depth with times tables in Year 3/age 7-8 and above. The activities support a firm understanding and fluent recall of times tables facts. Reasoning questions challenge children to think like a times tables detective! This helps build towards the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check as well as success over the longer term.

Times Tables 1

Years 2-3
Author: Bev Dunbar
Publisher: Pascal Press
ISBN: 9781740200295
Category: Arithmetic
Page: 68
View: 6275
Excel Basic Skills: Times Tables 1 provides a solid and comp rehensive approach for your child to learn their times tables. Multiplic ation is one of the basic skills in Mathematics that all children need t o know. In this book your child will find: A new and comprehensive approach to learning tables A wide variety of ac tivities An emphasis on oral counting, language and patterns Carefully sequenced units A lift-out answer section Upon completing this book, your child will have mastered the x 1, x 2, x 3, x 4, x 5 and x 10 tables.

Pinpoint Maths Times Tables Detectives Year 4

Practice Book
Author: Lucy Roberts
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781292291048
Page: 32
View: 5089
This title helps to achieve consolidation and greater depth of times tables in Year 4. It will help you teach, practice and assess times tables to ensure success in Y4 statutory tables check (2019-20 summer term) as well as over longer term. This resource also goes into greater depth with focus on reasoning and applying, consolidates understanding and challenges children to think in greater depth. It is colourful, engaging and cost-saving

The Leadership Challenge

Activities Book
Author: James M. Kouzes,Barry Z. Posner,Elaine Biech
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470594578
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 688
View: 3976
Compiled by training and consulting expert Elaine Biech, this new Leadership Challenge resource provides practical information and tools for demonstrating and teaching The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership to audiences both new to or already familiar with the model. Filled with 75 experiential learning activities and games, each keyed to a specific practice(s), this book is an excellent addition to a facilitator's existing The Leadership Challenge and the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) or other leadership development program. This book will feature contributions from experienced Leadership Challenge facilitators and other greats in the training industry.

The Challenge of Change

Perspectives on Family, Work, and Education
Author: Martina S. Horner,Malkah T. Notman,Carol C. Nadelson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461336465
Category: Social Science
Page: 329
View: 9090
This book is a compilation and update of a group of provocative papers presented at the Radcliffe College invitational conference, "Perspectives on the Patterns of an Era: Family, Work, and Education." A scholarly event saluting Radcliffe's centenary, the conference examined a range of indicators of social change, particularly as they relate to women in America in the last two decades. The program was interdisciplinary, bringing together scholars from economics, history, psychology, sociol ogy, and psychiatry. Each conference participant was asked to explore, theoretically and empirically, the lessons of our social history and, as much as possible, to separate myth from reality with regard to recent changes in patterns of family life, work, and education. Particular emphasis was given to the examination of the rapid changes-or what have been assumed to be the rapid changes-of the last two decades. In addition, participants ana lyzed the perceived and actual costs and benefits associated with chang ing lifestyles, for women and men as individuals and for society as a whole. Finally, they considered the implications of their findings for the future and identified areas for further research.

Facing the Multicore-Challenge II

Aspects of New Paradigms and Technologies in Parallel Computing
Author: Rainer Keller,David Kramer,Jan-Philipp Weiss
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642303978
Category: Computers
Page: 173
View: 9750
This state-of-the-art survey features topics related to the impact of multicore, manycore, and coprocessor technologies in science and for large-scale applications in an interdisciplinary environment. The papers cover issues of current research in mathematical modeling, design of parallel algorithms, aspects of microprocessor architecture, parallel programming languages, hardware-aware computing, heterogeneous platforms, manycore technologies, performance tuning, and requirements for large-scale applications. The contributions presented in this volume offer a survey on the state of the art, the concepts and perspectives for future developments. They are an outcome of an inspiring conference conceived and organized by the editors at the Karlsruhe Institute Technology (KIT) in September 2011. The twelve revised full papers presented together with two contributed papers focus on combination of new aspects of microprocessor technologies, parallel applications, numerical simulation, and software development; thus they clearly show the potential of emerging technologies in the area of multicore and manycore processors that are paving the way towards personal supercomputing and very likely towards exascale computing.

Tg Phs1 Mltplctn REV(Ch2)G4 Think Math

Author: HSP
Publisher: Hmh School
ISBN: 9780153533068
Category: Mathematics
Page: N.A
View: 5002

Times tables!

Author: Wendy Clemson,David Clemson
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780751353778
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 31
View: 4958
Uses picture puzzles, number games, and other activities to provide practice for the multiplications tables from two through ten.

All Else Equal

Are Public and Private Schools Different?
Author: Luis Benveniste,Martin Carnoy,Richard Rothstein
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136702652
Category: Education
Page: 225
View: 1731
Private schools always provide a better education than public schools. Or do they? Inner-city private schools, most of which are Catholic, suffer from the same problems neighboring public schools have including large class sizes, unqualified teachers, outdated curricula, lack of parental involvement and stressful family and community circumstances. Straightforward and authoritative, All Else Equal challenges us to reconsider vital policy decisions and rethink the issues facing our current educational system.

La semana laboral de 4 horas

olvídate de fichar, vive donde quieras y únete al club de los ricos
Author: Timothy Ferriss
Publisher: Rba Publicaciones Editores revistas
ISBN: 9788498673777
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 367
View: 1365
Olvídate del transnochado concepto de jubilación y deja de aplazar tu vida: no hace falta esperar; existen demasiadas razones para no hacerlo. Si tu sueño es dejar de depender de un sueño, viajar por el mundo a todo tren, ingresar más dinero al mes o, simplemente, vivir más y trabajar menos, este libro es la brújula que necesitas.

El Libro de Mormon

Author: Joseph Smith (Jr.)
Publisher: Marvelous Work
ISBN: 9781601356987
Category: Religion
Page: 532
View: 7245

Vayamos adelante (Lean in)

Las mujeres, el trabajo y la voluntad de liderar
Author: Sheryl Sandberg
Publisher: CONECTA
ISBN: 8415431775
Category: Business & Economics
Page: N.A
View: 4496
Sheryl Sandberg examina las razones por las cuales el avance de las mujeres hacia los puestos de responsabilidad está estancado, explica las causas profundas y ofrece soluciones prácticas y aplicables para lograr que las mujeres alcancen su máximo potencial. A pesar de que las mujeres alcanzaron hace años niveles de educación similares a los de los hombres, ellos ostentan aún la gran mayoría de puestos de directivos, tanto en las empresas como en los gobiernos. Por ello, las voces femeninas todavía no se escuchan por igual en las decisiones que más nos afectan en nuestras vidas. Sandberg, directora de Operaciones de Facebook y una de las mujeres más influyentes del mundo en el ámbito de la empresa, impartió en 2010 una inolvidable conferencia en TEDTalk, que se convirtió en un fenómeno y que ha sido vista dos millones de veces. En Vayamos adelante, Sandberg profundiza en estos temas combinando anécdotas personales y datos relevantes, y proporciona consejos prácticos para el desarrollo de una carrera profesional satisfactoria, alentando a las mujeres a establecer límites y a abandonar el mito de «haber alcanzado todo». Escrito con humor y sabiduría, el libro de Sandberg es una llamada inspiradora a la acción y un plan de crecimiento individual. Vayamos adelante está destinado a cambiar el planteamiento sobre qué pueden hacer las mujeres y qué no. Los expertos opinan: «Sheryl proporciona recomendaciones prácticas sobre cómo gestionar y superar los desafíos que se presentan a lo largo de una carrera profesional. Al leer este libro, asentía con la cabeza y me reía a carcajadas. Vayamos adelante es una lectura excelente, divertida, sincera e importante para las mujeres (y los hombres) de todas las generaciones.» Condoleezza Rice, ex secretaria de Estado de EE.UU. «Durante los últimos cinco años he trabajado codo a codo con Sheryl y he aprendido algo de ella casi cada día. Tiene una inteligencia asombrosa, que le permite resolver procesos complejos y encontrar soluciones a los problemas más difíciles. Vayamos adelante combina la habilidad para sintetizar de Sheryl con sus capacidades para sacar lo mejor de la gente. Este libro es brillante, honesto y divertido. Sus palabras ayudarán a sus lectores -especialmente a los hombres- a ser unos líderes mejores y más eficaces.» Mark Zuckerberg, fundador y CEO de Facebook «La clave para abrir algunas de las puertas más difíciles de la vida ya está en nuestras manos. El libro de Sheryl nos recuerda que somos capaces de alcanzar la excelencia.» Alicia Keys, cantante «Si te encantó el increíble discurso en TEDTalk de Sheryl Sandberg sobre por qué hay pocas mujeres en puestos de liderazgo o si simplemente crees, como yo, que necesitamos igualdad en las salas de las juntas directivas, este libro es para ti. Como directora de Operaciones de Facebook, Sheryl posee experiencia de primera mano y sabe que disponer de más mujeres en los puestos de directivos es bueno, tanto para las empresas como para la sociedad. Vayamos adelante es una lectura esencial para cualquier persona interesada en acabar con esta desigualdad injusta.» Sir Richard Branson, presidente de Virgin Group «Vayamos adelante plantea muchos retos ambiciosos para las mujeres: crear la vida que queremos, ser líderes en nuestro trabajo, colaborar en nuestros hogares y ser ejemplo para otras mujeres. Sheryl nos ofrece consejos prácticos sobre cómo las mujeres podemos afrontar esos retos en el siglo XXI. Espero que las mujeres y los hombres de mi generación lean este libro para ayudar a construir la vida que deseamos y el mundo donde queremos vivir.» Chelsea Clinton