Total Speech

Units, rules, codes, systems: this is how most linguists study language. Integrationalists such as Michael Toolan, however, focus instead on how language functions in seamless tandem with the rest of human activity.

Author: Michael J. Toolan

Publisher: Post-Contemporary Intervention

ISBN: UOM:39015036031766

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 337

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Units, rules, codes, systems: this is how most linguists study language. Integrationalists such as Michael Toolan, however, focus instead on how language functions in seamless tandem with the rest of human activity. In Total Speech, Toolan provides a clear and comprehensive account of integrationalism, a major new theory of language that declines to accept that text and context, language and world, are distinct and stable categories. At the same time, Toolan extends the integrationalist argument and calls for a radical change in contemporary theorizing about language and communication. In every foundational area of linguistics--from literal meaning and metaphor to the nature of repetition to the status of linguistic rules--Toolan advances fascinating and provocative criticisms of received linguistic assumptions. Drawing inspiration from the writings of language theorist Roy Harris, Toolan brings the integrationalist perspective to bear on legal cases, the reception of Salman Rushdie, poetry, and the language of children. Toolan demonstrates that the embeddedness of language and the situation-sensitive mutability of meaning reveal language as a tool for re-fashioning and renewal. Total Speech breaks free of standard linguistics' fascinated attraction with "cognitive blueprints" and quasi-algorithmic processing to characterize language anew. Toolan's reflections on the essence of language, including his important discussion of intention, have strong implications for students and scholars of discourse analysis, literature, the law, anthropology, philosophy of language, communication theory, and cognitive science, as well as linguistics.
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Private Speech

demonstrate that private speech increased in the presence of familiar peers, while it decreased when communication ... Similarly, Rubin, Hultsch, and Peters (1971) found a higher proportion of private speech (over total speech) when the ...

Author: Rafael M. Diaz

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781317783053

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Since the publication of Vygotsky’s Thought and Language in the United States, a number of North American and European investigators have conducted systematic observations of children’s spontaneous private speech, giving substantial support to Vygotsky’s major hypotheses — particularly those regarding the social origins of higher psychological functions. However, there still remain many vital questions about the origins, significance, and functions of private speech: How can social and private speech be validly differentiated? What kinds of social interactions promote the use of private speech? What are the sources of individual differences in the use of private speech? This unique volume addresses these and many other important questions. Characterized by a strong emphasis on original data, it reports on systematic observations of spontaneous private speech in children and adults in both laboratory and naturalistic settings. In addition to its systematic analysis of common methodological problems in the field, the book contains the most comprehensive bibliography of the private speech literature currently available.
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Speech Disorders

A PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY of the Various Defects of Speech Stinchfield, Sara M. percentage of all items answered “right”. ... TABLE I Showing comparison between total speech corrective group and superior speech group on handedness index.

Author: Stinchfield, Sara M

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136310256

Category: Psychology

Page: 372

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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Review of Speech and Hearing Sciences

'lime, Duration, and Hate Speech rate is commonly measured in the following units: N b f ll bl Syllables per second (sps) = w Total time (in sec) Number of words Words per second (wps) = Total time (in sec) 60 X Number of syllables ...

Author: Norman J. Lass

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323043441

Category: Medical

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Get the extra practice you need to master your speech and hearing science classes and pass your credentialing exams. This helpful workbook features variety of interactive anatomic identification exercises, mathematical problem sets, and study questions covering the areas of basic acoustics, acoustics of speech production, respiration, phonation, articulation, and auditory mechanism. Workbook questions mirror the topics specified by ASHA in the Knowledge and Skills Acquisition (KASA) Summary Form for Certification in Speech-Language Pathology and information covered on the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Praxis exams to help you stay on course in your study. Content follows KASA standards for speech-language pathology and audiology certification. Broad-spectrum of coverage in the speech and hearing sciences makes this workbook a great review tool for a variety of speech and hearing courses. Review sections at the end of each chapter include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true and false questions. Questions on anatomy will have two levels of difficulty. LEVEL 1: the names of parts of structures to identify are provided, with arrows pointing to each part LEVEL 2: the names of parts of structures to identify are provided, but no arrows are available
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Affirmative Action Hate Speech and Tenure

Derrida's primary critique of the performative is that it assumes that the total speech situation is fixed, exhaustively defined, and that its actors consciously express their intention to accomplish that which gains the force of ...

Author: Benjamin Baez

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136699290

Category: Education

Page: 208

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Uniquely positioned as both a scholar and an attorney, Benjamin Baez provides a thought-provoking exploration on the current debate surrounding race and academic institutions.
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Speech Act Phenomenology

Or as Cerf summarizes : To elucidate the total speech act in the total speech situation is more than, and different from, anything that goes by the name of logical or linguistic analysis.

Author: R.L. Laningan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401010450

Category: Philosophy

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The nature and function of language as Man's chief vehicle of communi cation occupies a focal position in the human sciences, particularly in philosophy. The concept of 'communication' is problematic because it suggests both 'meaning' (the nature of language) and the activity of speaking (the function of language). The philosophic theory of 'speech acts' is one attempt to clarify the ambiguities of 'speech' as both the use of language to describe states of affair and the process in which that description is generated as 'communication'. The present study, Speech Act Phenomenology, is in part an exam ination of speech act theory. The theory offers an explanation for speech performance, that is, the structure of speech acts as 'relationships' and the content of speech acts as 'meaning'. The primary statement of the speech act theory that is examined is that presented by Austin. A seconda ry concern is the formulation of the theory as presented by Searle and Grice. The limitations of the speech act theory are specified by applying the theory as an explanation of 'human communication'. This conceptual examination of 'communication' suggests that the philosophic method of 'analysis' does not resolve the antinomy of language 'nature' and 'function'. Basically, the conceptual distinctions of the speech act theory (i. e. locutions, illocutions, and perlocutions) are found to be empty as a comprehensive explanation of the concept 'communication'.
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Operating Expenditures

Expense Income 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 100 0 0 0 0 21,890 966 22,856 0 22,856 23,327 221-46 Linguistics Employee Benefits Total Indirect Costs Recovered Total ( Incl . Indirect Costs ) 221-67 Speech Communication Employee Benefits Total ...

Author: Pennsylvania State University


ISBN: PSU:000044502942



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Normativity and Variety of Speech Actions

... 117 normative aspect of 84 peripheral primary and secondary 115 situated 8, 101,112 situatedness of 102 102, 115 written 197 speech situation 3, 5,32–33, 47, 60n17,78, 93n See also total speech situation speech act theory 1–2, 8–10, ...

Author: Maciej Witek

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004366527

Category: Philosophy

Page: 248

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Normativity and Variety of Speech Actions embraces papers focused on the performative dimension of language. The volume gathers novel papers discussing normativity and various other problems in speech-act theory.
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Speech Act and Sachverhalt

Rather, they “are performed in the very act of speaking” (GS 215; trans. ... It is to the first half of this contrast that Austin is alluding in the well-known words: “The total speech-act in the total speech situation is the only ...

Author: K. Mulligan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400935211

Category: Philosophy

Page: 344

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Phenomenology as practised by Adolf Reinach ( 1883-191 7) in his all too brief philosophical career exemplifies all the virtues of Husserl's Logical Investigations. It is sober, concerned to be clear and deals with specific problems. It is therefore understandable that, in a philosophical climate in which Husserl's masterpiece has come to be regarded as a mere stepping stone on the way to his later Phenomeno logy, or even to the writings of a Heidegger, Reinach's contributions to exact philo sophy have been all but totally forgotten. The topics on which Reinach wrote most illuminatingly, speech acts (which he called 'social acts') and states of affairs (Sachverhalte ), as well as his realism about the external world, have come to be regarded as the preserve of other traditions of exact philosophy. Like my fellow contributors, I hope that the present volume will go some way towards correcting this unfortunate historical accident. Reinach's account of judgements and states of affairs, an account that precedes those of Russell and Wittgenstein, his 1913 treatment of speech acts, his reinter pretation of Hume and aspects of his legal philosophy are the main philosophical topics dealt with in what follows. But his analysis of deliberation as well as his work on movement and Zeno's paradoxes get only a passing mention.
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The Stephen Speech

The question as to what purpose this long presentation of Israel's history serves in the framework of the total speech is not yet answered.“ In these pages we have indicated the variety of opinions concerning the function of the Abraham ...

Author: John J. Kilgallen

Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop

ISBN: 8876530673

Category: Religion

Page: 187

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This book is developed from a doctoral dissertation entitled A Literary and Redactional study of Acts 7,2-53; that dissertation and this book have this in common, that they try to explain how vv 2-16 of Stephen's speech are integrally related to vv 17-53 of the same speech. This explanation, or exegesis, is the core of this book, and the subject of Part Two of these pages; from the exegesis offered there it is clear that vv 2-16 are essential to the meaning and impact of Stephen's speech. Not only, however, is our goal in the exegetical section to explain the function of Stephen's verses 2-16; we give an interpretation of the entire speech and og a number of problems of comprehension which still disturb exegetes today. Preceding this section of exegesis is a history of exegetical opinion about the meaning of Stephen's speech, about its sources, its relationship to the accusations against the Saint, about the significance of vv 2 - 16 within the total speech. Following our exegesis is an Appendix in which we offer data of varying value to show not only that one man's style is evident throughout Stephen's speech, but that this style is the style of the rest of the Acts of the Apostles and very close to that of the Gospel of Luke.
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