Traditional Medicine

Biswapati Mukherjee, Amarendra Patra. - 1 TRADITIONAL MEDICINE Editor - in - Chief Dr. Biswapati.

Author: Biswapati Mukherjee

Publisher: Science Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UCSC:32106011707061

Category: Medical

Page: 428

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Malaysian Traditional Medicine

Proceedings of the Seminar on Malaysian Traditional Medicine, Kuala Lumpur, June 10-11th, 1988. 1 / CONTENTS Preface Editorial Some Noteworthy Botanical Aspects of Malaysian Traditional.


Publisher: Institute of Advanced Studies University of Malaya

ISBN: IND:30000009587837

Category: Botany

Page: 312

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Traditional Medicine in a Transitional Society

Botswana Moving Towards the Year 2000 Frants Staugård. X - - - - - Traditional medicine in a transitional society Preface This paper reviews.

Author: Frants Staugård


ISBN: UVA:X001772184

Category: Medical care

Page: 146

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Microcirculatory Approach to Asian Traditional Medicine

... Proceedings from the Satellite Symposium of the 2nd Asian Congress for Microcirculation (ACM'95), Beijing, China, August 17, 1995 Hideyuki Niimi. *** Microcirculatory approach to Asian traditional medicine: Strategy for the scientific.

Author: Hideyuki Niimi

Publisher: Elsevier Science Health Science Division

ISBN: UOM:39015038034644

Category: Medical

Page: 196

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Hardbound. This book comprises selected papers presented at the meeting on Asian Traditional Medicine and Microcirculation held in Beijing, August 1995. Ideas on the present status of Asian Traditional Medicine and on strategy for scienctific evaluation were exchanged with guests from Europe, America and Asia. The symposium critically examined modern concepts and methods for a comprehensive evaluation of Asian traditional therapies, such as herbal medicine and acupuncture.This book considers the significance of Asian Traditional Medicine from the viewpoint of the microcirculatory science, including the European view of Asian Traditional Medicine. Modern concepts and methods in microcirculation are proposed for evaluating therapies comprehensively. Microcirculatory aspects of Asian Traditional Medicine are reported with clinical applications of biophysical (magnetism or acupuncture) or herbal medicines in Asia and Europe, and opinions for developing
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Regional Strategy for Traditional Medicine in the Western Pacific

Strategic goals, actions and time frame for the Western Pacific Region by level of recognition and integration of Traditional Medicine (continued...) INCREASE RESPECT GOVERNMENTAWARENESS PROGRAMMES ON CULTURAL 3-5 yrs 1-3 yrs On-going ...

Author: World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Western Pacific

Publisher: World Health Organization

ISBN: IND:30000111584045

Category: Medical

Page: 46

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This strategy was prepared to guide national governments in the Western Pacific Region, WHO and other partners in the efforts to ensure the proper use of traditional medicine and its contribution to maintaining health and fighting diseases in the Region. It has identified strategic directions and actions which provide general principles and guidance for countries and areas to use in responding to the challenges which they may face with consideration of the unique situation in each country and area.
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Traditional Medicine of the Marshall Islands

As mentioned in the preface to this publication , detailed documentation of Marshallese traditional medicinal knowledge began in 1998 , with informal conversations with women about their medicinal uses of trees , shrubs and other plants ...

Author: Irene J. Taafaki

Publisher: [email protected]

ISBN: 9820203783

Category: Botany, Medical

Page: 324

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This book is an attempt to ensure that traditional knowledge is not lost and that ecosystems are protected for future generations. It describes more than 270 traditional medicinal treatments, all of which use the plants of the Marshall Islands, and provides a biogeographical, historical and anthropological context, with a particular focus on the use of traditional medicine for the treatment of women.
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Modern and Traditional Medicine

Similarly, the attitude of the traditional medical practitioner of viewing modern advances in medicine with contempt and disdain, his refusal to follow the trend of changes sweeping across the world and his preference to remain ...

Author: Umar Faruk Adamu

Publisher: African Books Collective

ISBN: 9789788431138

Category: Medical

Page: 182

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In Nigeria, for quite a long time, many medical scholars have advocated that attention should be given to traditional medicine as an alternative or complementary system of medicine for example, in the early 60ís, Prof. Adeoye Lambo, saw the need to integrate some aspects of traditional medicine into the country's health care system. Despite the growing interest in traditional medicine as an integral part of health care delivery, the bulk of it still remain unregulated. This observation may account for the contempt and distrust existing between the traditional healers and their orthodox counterparts, with each group claiming supremacy and relevance over the other. In Nigeria modern medicine continues to remain costly, heavily bureaucratised and elitist-oriented with large parts of the populace continuing to visit traditional clinics and healing homes in order to find succour and solace in the hands of the uncurbed and poorly regulated traditional healers. It is the view of the author of this book that some form of regulation between the two systems is necessary, to begin the debate the following questions are addressed here: What constitutes traditional or modern medicine? What are the criticisms against them and how are they refuted? How do you identify the beneficial, neutral, harmless and harmful aspects of the practice of indigenous medicine? What aspects of these, should or should not be integrated? What are the modifications the orthodox practitioner has to make? What are the problems and prospects of integration?
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Traditional Herbal Medicine in Northern Thailand

LIST OF MEDICINAL PLANTS COLLECTED IN CHIANGMAI AND LAMPHUN PROVINCES , NORTHERN THAILAND ( continued ) Locality ... Physical ' quality Preparation and administration Plant taxon Medical use ( s ) CANNACEAE Canna glauca L . bua láwoŋ ...

Author: Viggo Brun


ISBN: UOM:39015032214382

Category: Herbs

Page: 424

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About 540 medicinal plants are identified in the appendix, together with their claimed medical properties.
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Essentials of Tibetan Traditional Medicine

INTRODUCTION For many years I have been intrigued by Tibetan medicine. In 1989, having just begun the study of traditional Chinese medicine, I attended a Medicine Buddha empowerment with the late Dr. Trogawa Rinpoche.

Author: Thinley Gyatso

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781556438677

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 417

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Tibetan medicine is a rarified field with few publications in English; it is also one of the most comprehensive of alternative therapies, addressing body, mind, and spirit. Written for intermediate-level practitioners, Essentials of Tibetan Traditional Medicine brings this important healing tradition to Western practitioners. The book begins by summarizing the basics behind Tibetan medical theory and its methods of diagnosis. The second part of the book presents the core concepts of wind, bile, phlegm, dark phlegm, epidemic fever, heat, and cold, along with their corresponding nosologies, differential diagnoses, and treatments. The third section covers therapeutics, with an emphasis on medicinals—the mainstay of contemporary practice. A chapter on therapeutic strategies discusses unclear diagnosis and other challenging clinical situations. Other chapters explore the crucial components of lifestyle and diet. Each herb and animal product used in Tibetan medicine is profiled on its own page, with its Tibetan, common, and botanical names; its key properties and clinical uses; its known pharmacological properties; and a simple illustration. This useful handbook concludes with a description and indepth analysis of some 60 frequently used formulas.
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