Treepedia A Brief Compendium of Arboreal Lore Joan Maloof Illustrations by Maren Westfall pRinceTon univeRsiTy pRess Princeton & Oxford Copyright © 2021 by Joan Maloof Princeton University Press is.

Author: Joan Maloof

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691218243

Category: Nature

Page: 152

View: 375

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A captivating A–Z treasury for the tree hugger in all of us Treepedia is an entertaining and fact-filled illustrated compendium of tree lore. Featuring nearly 100 entries—on topics ranging from tree ecology and conservation to the role of trees in religion, literature, art, and movies—this enticing collection is a celebration of all things arboreal. In this charming book, Joan Maloof explains the difference between a cedar and a cypress, and reveals where to find the most remarkable trees on the planet. She tells the story behind the venerable Bodhi Tree, and describes peculiar species like baobabs and Fitzroya. Maloof profiles legendary conservationists such as Julia "Butterfly" Hill, John Muir, Wangari Maathai, and Ken Wu. She discusses reforestation, proforestation, emerald ash borers, the ents from The Lord of the Rings, culturally modified trees, the ill-fated and controversial Redwood Summer, and much more. The book's portable size makes it the perfect travel companion no matter where your love of the forest may lead you. With enchanting illustrations by Maren Westfall, Treepedia is a fun and informative book that is guaranteed to inspire anyone who has ever enjoyed a walk in the woods. Features a real cloth cover with an elaborate foil-stamped design Uses 100 percent recycled, uncoated, wood-free paper
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Trees and the Human Spirit

People can use Treepedia to see where cities around the world rank in terms of tree canopy. Treepedia is a web site ( with interactive maps showing the density of greenery in major cities around the ...

Author: Ruth Wilson

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527524361

Category: Social Science

Page: 155

View: 122

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This volume presents a treatise on trees and how they relate to the human spirit. Through its in-depth discussion of the meaning of trees, a need for a shift in thinking becomes clear. Historically, people in dominant cultures have viewed trees as resources to be used and forests as obstacles to such endeavors as farming and ranching. This publication presents a different view of trees and forests, one calling for a shift from domination and irreverence to respect and care—even kinship. While the text includes a discussion about some of the amazing characteristics of trees, the primary focus here is on the philosophical meaning of, and emotional connections with, trees. Its integration of disciplines and the recognition of different ways of knowing will make this book appealing to a wide variety of readers.
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The Mathematics of Urban Morphology

2015), the Treepedia ( project was launched to map and compare the spatial distributions of street greenery for cities around the world. Currently, the Treepedia project has mapped street greenery for ...

Author: Luca D'Acci

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030123819

Category: Mathematics

Page: 564

View: 289

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This edited volume provides an essential resource for urban morphology, the study of urban forms and structures, offering a much-needed mathematical perspective. Experts on a variety of mathematical modeling techniques provide new insights into specific aspects of the field, such as street networks, sustainability, and urban growth. The chapters collected here make a clear case for the importance of tools and methods to understand, model, and simulate the formation and evolution of cities. The chapters cover a wide variety of topics in urban morphology, and are conveniently organized by their mathematical principles. The first part covers fractals and focuses on how self-similar structures sort themselves out through competition. This is followed by a section on cellular automata, and includes chapters exploring how they generate fractal forms. Networks are the focus of the third part, which includes street networks and other forms as well. Chapters that examine complexity and its relation to urban structures are in part four.The fifth part introduces a variety of other quantitative models that can be used to study urban morphology. In the book’s final section, a series of multidisciplinary commentaries offers readers new ways of looking at the relationship between mathematics and urban forms. Being the first book on this topic, Mathematics of Urban Morphology will be an invaluable resource for applied mathematicians and anyone studying urban morphology. Additionally, anyone who is interested in cities from the angle of economics, sociology, architecture, or geography will also find it useful. "This book provides a useful perspective on the state of the art with respect to urban morphology in general and mathematics as tools and frames to disentangle the ideas that pervade arguments about form and function in particular. There is much to absorb in the pages that follow and there are many pointers to ways in which these ideas can be linked to related theories of cities, urban design and urban policy analysis as well as new movements such as the role of computation in cities and the idea of the smart city. Much food for thought. Read on, digest, enjoy." From the foreword by Michael Batty
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Urban Remote Sensing

FIGURE 5.13 The green view index map in Singapore from Treepedia. Source: Treepedia http://senseable. 5.5.3 SOLAR RADIATION MODELING IN STREET CANYONS FIGURE 5.16 The.

Author: Xiaojun X. Yang

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119625841

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 576

View: 627

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The second edition of Urban Remote Sensing is a state-of-the-art review of the latest progress in the subject. The text examines how evolving innovations in remote sensing allow to deliver the critical information on cities in a timely and cost-effective way to support various urban management activities and the scientific research on urban morphology, socio-environmental dynamics, and sustainability. Chapters are written by leading scholars from a variety of disciplines including remote sensing, GIS, geography, urban planning, environmental science, and sustainability science, with case studies predominately drawn from North America and Europe. A review of the essential and emerging research areas in urban remote sensing including sensors, techniques, and applications, especially some critical issues that are shifting the directions in urban remote sensing research. Illustrated in full color throughout, including numerous relevant case studies and extensive discussions of important concepts and cutting-edge technologies to enable clearer understanding for non-technical audiences. Urban Remote Sensing, Second Edition will be of particular interest to upper-division undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and professionals working in the fields of remote sensing, geospatial information, and urban & environmental planning.
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The Automated City

Singapore was recently noted to be one of the “greenest” cities in the world among a list of major cities,5 at least from an estimate of tree canopy coverage on Treepedia.6 Treepedia quantifies urban tree cover in city streetscapes by ...

Author: Seng W. Loke

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030823184

Category: Computers

Page: 165

View: 466

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The book outlines the concept of the Automated City, in the context of smart city research and development. While there have been many other perspectives on the smart city such as the participatory city and the data-centric city, this book focuses on automation for the smart city based on current and emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The book attempts to provide a balanced view, outlining the promises and potential of the Automated City as well as the perils and challenges of widespread automation in the city. The book discusses, at some depth, automated vehicles, urban robots and urban drones as emerging technologies that will automate many aspects of city life and operation, drawing on current work and research literature. The book also considers broader perspectives of the future city, in the context of automation in the smart city, including aspirational visions of cities, transportation, new business models, and socio-technological challenges, from urban edge computing, ethics of the Automated City and smart devices, to large scale cooperating autonomous systems in the city.
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Scholastic Book of World Records 2022

... city TAMPA According to the Senseable City Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tampa, Florida, currently has the highest percentage of urban greenery among the thirty cities in its ongoing Treepedia study.

Author: Scholastic

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9781338821079

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 288

View: 930

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It's been another year of amazing facts, trends, current events, and more. Read about all the epic world records you need to know from the past year! The world's most inspiring, awesome, and jaw-droppings records are packed in this updated seventh edition of the Scholastic Book of World Records! Find out amazing stats, like: - Which band has the longest-ever music video: BTS or Twenty One Pilots? - How many career points has LeBron James scored? - What's the price of the most expensive pet fish in the world? - And a whole lot more! This awe-inspiring updated edition of the Book of World Records comes complete with new entries in pop culture, science, tech, nature, sports, medicine, and more. This 2022 edition also includes "Trending" sections for each category, covering all the new cool social media facts, incredible stats, and facts you need to know from the past year.
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Communicating the Environment to Save the Planet

Treepedia,. the. Project. That. Makes. Trees. 8. the. Eco-communicators. The green areas in the urban centres have always been small ecosystems for the citizens where to stay in contact with nature and oxygenate.

Author: Maurizio Abbati

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319760179

Category: Science

Page: 440

View: 780

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This book, based on authoritative sources and reports, links environmental communication to different fields of competence: environment, sustainability, journalism, mass media, architecture, design, art, green and circular economy, public administration, big event management and legal language. The manual offers a new, scientifically based perspective, and adopts a theoretical-practical approach, providing readers with qualified best practices, case studies and 22 exclusive interviews with professionals. A fluent style of writing leads the readers through specific details, enriching their knowledge without being boring. As such it is an excellent preparatory and interdisciplinary academic tool intended for university students, scholars, professionals, and anyone who would like to know more on the matter.
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Imminent Commons Urban Questions for the Near Future

CASE STUDIES L OPPORTUNISTIC DATA TREEPEDIA Increasing a city's tree canopy contributes to lowering urban temperatures by blocking shortwave radiation and increasing water evaporation . In addition to creating a more pleasant ...

Author: Hyungmin Pai

Publisher: Actar D, Inc.

ISBN: 9781638409991

Category: Architecture

Page: 440

View: 441

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The cities of the world stand at a crossroads. Amidst radical social, economic, and technological transformations, will the city become a driving force of creativity, diversity, and sustainability, or will it be a mechanism of inequality, despair, and environmental decay? At this critical moment, where do the stakes lie and what are the agents of change? From the time of its birth, the city has been held together by the commons. The book includes essays by Alejandro Zaera, Hyungmin Pai, Maider Llaguno, Nerea Calvillo, Hyewon Lee, Lindsay Bremner, Alex Ivancic, Iñaki Abalos, Charles Waldheim, David Gissen, Carlo Ratti, Daniele Belleri, Antoine Pico, Saskia Saseen, Adam Greenfield, Jesse LeCavalier, Philip Rode, Duncan McLaren, Julian Agyeman, Gunter Pauli, Gramazio and Kohler, Mario Carpo, Dirk E. Hebel, Marta H. Wisniewska, Felix Heisel, Mitchell Joachim, and Christian Hubert. The first publication of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2017, proposes a framework that sets basic commons ? an evolving network of agencies, resources and technologies ? as the critical issue in the move towards a sustainable and just urbanism. It shows an exploration not of distant utopias, but of the very near future, because the emerging commons is changing the way we connect, make, move, recycle, sense, and share, and the way we manage air, water, energy and the earth. Whether met with fear or hope, they will very soon change the way we live in the city.
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Living in Smart Cities

COUNTRY [Various] TITLE The 12 Cities with the Most Trees Around the World HIGHLIGHTS MIT's Senseable Lab partnered with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to create Treepedia, a site with interactive maps that show the density of greenery ...

Author: Thomas Menkhoff

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789813232839

Category: Architecture

Page: 501

View: 352

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Cities around the world are becoming increasingly popular as economic powerhouses and magnets for migrants from rural and suburban areas. All big cities in First and Third World countries as well as emerging markets such as New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Dehli, Jakarta etc. have to cope with high population density and serious challenges such as air pollution or traffic congestion. How do we pack more people into big cities and yet continue to realise a high quality of life? How do we plan, create and manage 'good cities' which are safe, spacious, green, connected, fair and resilient? How can cities create economic wealth while still fulfilling the vision of sustaining our "Green Planet"? What are best practice designs and innovative technical smart city solutions which could be leveraged to tackle these challenges and how can they be successfully commercialised? These are some of the questions the reader addresses from a multi-disciplinary perspective with special reference to Singapore whose development from regional entrepôt to First World Metropolis continues to impress business and societal leaders around the world. The book's contents are broadly structured according to the following aspects: (i) definition and taxonomy of innovative & sustainable cities, including its core characteristics and how they create value in terms of innovativeness and sustainability; (ii) governance, planning and selected design principles of innovative & sustainable cities and how they pan out with regard to livability and sustainability; and (iii) in-depth study of selected smart city dimensions such as governance, clustering, connectivity, mobility, ageing, water, sports, and safety.
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The Politics of Street Trees

23 Treepedia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 24 'Caída de un árbol en el parque Simón Bolívar deja cuatro heridos', W Radio, 18 August 2019. Accessed 15 July 2021, ...

Author: Jan Woudstra

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000556490

Category: Architecture

Page: 432

View: 460

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This book focuses on the politics of street trees and the institutions, actors and processes that govern their planning, planting and maintenance. This is an innovative approach which is particularly important in the context of mounting environmental and societal challenges and reveals a huge amount about the nature of modern life, social change and political conflict. The work first provides different historical perspectives on street trees and politics, celebrating diversity in different cultures. A second section discusses street tree values, policy and management, addressing more contemporary issues of their significance and contribution to our environment, both physically and philosophically. It explores cultural idiosyncrasies and those from the point of view of political economy, particularly challenging the neo-liberal perspectives that continue to dominate political narratives. The final section provides case studies of community engagement, civil action and governance. International case studies bring together contrasting approaches in areas with diverging political directions or intentions, the constraints of laws and the importance of people power. By pursuing an interdisciplinary approach this book produces an information base for academics, practitioners, politicians and activists alike, thus contributing to a fairer political debate that helps to promote more democratic environments that are sustainable, equitable, comfortable and healthier.
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