Turtle and Snake's Day at the Beach

Author: Kate Spohn
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698138856
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 32
View: 1351
Turtle and Snake are ready for summer and their first stop is the beach. They're going to look for seashells, surf, and enter the big sand castle contest. But every time they turn around, their sand castle gets wiped out by the waves. Will they be able to build a new one in time for the contest?

Horn Book Guide

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Young adult literature
Page: N.A
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Introduction to Marine Biology

Author: George Karleskint,Richard Turner,James Small
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0495561975
Category: Science
Page: 592
View: 7659
INTRODUCTION TO MARINE BIOLOGY third edition distinguishes itself at the introductory text level by offering comprehensive treatment and thorough integration of Ecology in the study of marine biology. Chapter two, Fundamentals of Ecology, presents human impact on the marine environment and this theme is integrated throughout the text allowing for dynamic class discussions of marine life and environmental change. Written expressly for non-science students, INTRODUCTION TO MARINE BIOLOGY third edition is crafted to spark curiosity about the marine world as well as provide an understanding of the process of science which is presented in Chapter one and revisited in unique boxed readings through out the text. Additionally, the pedagogy was developed expressly for these students to help draw them into and better understand the content. The new, open look and feel of INTRODUCTION TO MARINE BIOLOGY third edition and the enhanced art program convey the beauty and awe of life in the ocean. Twenty spectacular photos now open each chapter, piquing the motivation and attention of students and over 150 photos and pieces of art are new or redesigned. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Natural Emirates

Wildlife and Environment of the United Arab Emirates
Author: N.A
Publisher: Trident Press Ltd
ISBN: 1900724022
Category: Animals
Page: 243
View: 3568
This text describes the natural environment and wildlife of the United Arab Emirates. It features the contributions of 14 experts, covering topics such as: Miocene fossils; UAE rock formations; conservation; plants; insects; reptiles; birds; mammals; marine life; and the bedouins' relationship with nature.

The Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica

A Herpetofauna Between Two Continents, Between Two Seas
Author: Jay M. Savage
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226735375
Category: Nature
Page: 934
View: 8477
World renowned for its biological diversity and model conservation system, Costa Rica is home to a wide variety of amphibians and reptiles, from the golden toad to the scorpion lizard and the black-headed bushmaster. Jay M. Savage has studied these fascinating creatures for more than forty years, and in The Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica he provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date treatment of their biology and evolution ever produced. Savage begins with detailed discussions of the natural and cultural history of Costa Rica, setting the stage for a detailed treatment of each of the 396 species of amphibians and reptiles that may be found there. Each species account synthesizes and analyzes everything that is known about the animal's anatomy, behavior, geographic distribution, systematics, and evolutionary history and provides keys for identifying amphibians and reptiles in the field. In addition to distribution maps and systematic and morphological illustrations, the book includes color photographs of almost every known species, many taken by the distinguished nature photographers Michael and Patricia Fogden. Because Costa Rica has played, and continues to play, a pivotal role in the study of tropical biology as well as in the development of ecotourism and ecoprospecting, and because more than half of the amphibians and reptiles in Costa Rica are also found elsewhere in Central America, The Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica will be an essential book for a wide audience of nature lovers, naturalists, ecotourists, field biologists, conservationists, and government planners.

Acapulco and Southern Pacific Mexico Travel Adventures

Author: Vivien Lougheed
Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc
ISBN: 1588437434
Category: Travel
Page: 175
View: 1005
This guide focuses on Acapulco and the coastal region south of that city. It is based on our comprehensive 500-page guide to Mexico's Pacific Coast. The Pacific coast of Mexico is a playground for active travelers. Warm waves and sunny skies attract the b

From Soup to Superstar: The Story of Sea Turtle Conservation along the Indian Coast

Author: Kartik Shanker
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9351772330
Category: Science
Page: 368
View: 3040
Tigers, elephants, lions and other large mammals have so far been central to India's conservation story. In spite of the country's vast coastline and millions being dependent on marine resources for their livelihoods, such species and habitats have been largely neglected in writings on wildlife. From Soup to Superstar provides the first comprehensive account of marine conservation in India, focusing on sea turtles, which are at once a fishery resource, a religious symbol and a conservation icon. Worshipped as Kurma, the incarnation of Vishnu, by several communities, these creatures have been part of folklore and mythology for over 2,000 years. Until the 1970s, there were large- and small-scale turtle fisheries in Odisha and the Gulf of Mannar, while eggs and meat were consumed along the rest of the coast. Since then, several conservation programmes have been led in these regions by naturalists, scientists, activists and concerned citizens with diverse, often conflicting, approaches. Globally, attention has centred on the mass-nesting beaches in Odisha, where over 1,00,000 turtles may nest simultaneously. New threats have emerged and elicited responses at local, national and international levels. Bringing together a range of issues and actors that have affected the world of sea turtles, filled with fascinating insights into scientific research and human-animal ecologies, this is a definitive chronicle of the efforts that have been made to protect these mysterious creatures in the last fifty years.

Moon Handbooks Fiji

Author: David Stanley
Publisher: David Stanley
ISBN: 9781566914970
Category: Travel
Page: 400
View: 9034
Widely traveled author David Stanley knows the best ways to explore this 322-island archipelago. His firsthand experience and honest insight will show you the difference between visiting Fiji and knowing it. Moon delivers the right mix of in-depth information and strategic advice. With accommodation and dining options for any budget, activities for a range of interests, and our intuitive organization, it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Moon gives you the tools to make your own choices. The result? An entirely uncommon experience -- and a few new stories to tell. Book jacket.

NICEM Film & Video Finder

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780893201104
Category: Motion pictures in education
Page: 2841
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Album of snakes and other reptiles

Author: Tom McGowen
Publisher: Checkerboard Pr
ISBN: 9780026885034
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 61
View: 2559
Discusses the characteristics of reptiles including snakes, turtles, and lizards.

Backpacking at an Older Age

Author: Raymond A. Ringhoff
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469115557
Category: Travel
Page: 116
View: 6099
Back Packing at an Older Age This book is about my 6-month adventure, back packing and working around Australia, which was a dream of mine since migrating to Australia in 1996. Eventually becoming an Australian citizen. This type of down to earth adventure travel gives one a totally different perspective about the country landscape and about the travelers from different countries that do this type of adventure. I hope one will get excited as I did when they read this book about my adventure and that no matter how old you are one can have an experience of a lifetime.

Fun with the Family Metro New York

Hundreds of Ideas for Day Trips with the Kids
Author: Mary Lynn Blanks
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762765526
Category: Travel
Page: 176
View: 8296
Written by a parent, for parents, this opinionated, personal, and easy-to-use guide has hundreds of ideas to keep the kids entertained for an hour, a day, or a weekend! Fun with the Family Metro New York leads the way to amusement parks, historical attractions, children’s museums, wildlife habitats, festivals, parks, and many other exciting places to go. The whole family will enjoy . . . Exploring the natural wonders of Wave Hill, Van Cortlandt Park, and Pelham Bay Park—all within the city limits Time-traveling back to the days of yore, whether as wizards or princesses, at the Cloisters Strolling through the fabulous mansions of millionaires, or speculating on the whereabouts of the buried treasures of Rip Van Winkle and Captain Kidd Swimming, boating, hiking, sightseeing, and fishing on Fire Island National Seashore

Bill Branch's Field Guide to the Snakes and Other Reptiles of Southern Africa

Author: William R. Branch
Publisher: N.A
Category: Lizards
Page: 328
View: 2534

Marine Life and the Sea

Author: David Milne
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company
Category: Nature
Page: 459
View: 3451
This introductory text covers the principles of marine biology, including marine organisms and their ecological interactions, and the role of ocean mechanisms and marine organisms in maintaining global stability. In addition this book covers the following aspects more completely than most texts: (1) an expanded view of the whole earth and the human role in it, including global warming, UV damage to marine systems via ozone depletion, and possible Gaia feedback mechanisms; (2) fisheries, a topic that is essential to understanding the human/sea relationship but has been traditionally ignored by marine biologists, (3) a much better treatment of marine life in the geologic past.

The Rough Guide to Australia

Author: N.A
Publisher: Rough Guides UK
ISBN: 1405388900
Category: Travel
Page: 1024
View: 9868
The Rough Guide to Australia is your indispensable guide to one of the most unmissable countries on earth. Packed with practical information on once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Oz, from sunrise walks around Uluru to viewing Kangaroo Island's wild seals, sea lions, kangaroos and koalas; bush-camping safaris in UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park to exhilarating helicopter flights down the dramatic gorges of Aboriginal-owned Nitmiluk National Park - not forgetting the stunning harbour side bars and restaurants of Sydney. Written by a team of widely-travelled, dedicated authors, this Rough Guide will help you to discover the best hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and festivals around Australia, whatever your budget. Plus, you'll find expert background on Australia's history, wildlife, cinema and fascinating aboriginal culture and the clearest maps of any guide. Make the most of your trip with The Rough Guide to Australia.

Official Guide to Texas State Parks and Historic Sites

Revised Edition
Author: Laurence Parent
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 029277415X
Category: Nature
Page: 200
View: 413
Since it was first published in 1996, Official Guide to Texas State Parks and Historic Sites has become Texans' one-stop source for information on great places to view scenic landscapes, tour historical sites, camp, fish, hike, backpack, swim, ride horseback, go rock climbing, and enjoy almost any other outdoor recreation. This revised edition includes five new state parks and historical sites, completely updated information for every park, and many beautiful new photographs. The book is organized by geographical regions to help you plan your trips around the state. For every park, Laurence Parent provides all of the essential information: The natural or historical attractions of the park Types of recreation offered Camping and lodging facilities Addresses and phone numbers A locator map Magnificent color photographs So if you want to watch the sun set over Enchanted Rock, fish in the surf on the beach at Galveston, or listen for a ghostly bugle among the ruins of Fort Lancaster, let this book be your complete guide. Don't take a trip in Texas without it.


An Introduction
Author: Dale E. Ingmanson,William J. Wallace
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company
Category: Science
Page: 495
View: 1401
This book presents a balanced coverage of geological, physical, and biological aspects of the ocean and motivates students through the use over 400 high quality photographs and line drawings.

Comprehension Checkpoints

Author: Jack Norman,Mark Fletcher
Publisher: Macmillan Education AU
ISBN: 9780732997564
Category: English language
Page: 80
View: 6353
"The fifth title in this six book series will assist students to develop a wide range of factual, inferential and literal comprehension skills.It provides a handy reference chart on the inside cover that lists the learning focus of every activity.This book also includes the following: activities which can be used independently or to reinforce vocabulary and comprehension work a wide range of literary and factual text types.

Marine Biology

Author: Peter Castro,Michael E. Huber
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science, Engineering & Mathematics
ISBN: 9780070294219
Category: Marine biology
Page: 468
View: 5339
The new, sixth edition of Marine Biology covers the basics of marine biology and takes a global, non-regional perspective, emphasizing that the world’s oceans and seas are an integrated system that cannot be understood by looking in any one person's own backyard. For many students this is a new perspective. This introductory, one-semester text is designed for non-majors.

Estuarine Ecology

Author: John W. Day, Jr.,W. Michael Kemp,Alejandro Yáñez-Arancibia,Byron C. Crump
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118391918
Category: Science
Page: 568
View: 2150
Estuaries are among the most biologically productive ecosystems on the planet--critical to the life cycles of fish, other aquatic animals, and the creatures which feed on them. Estuarine Ecology, Second Edition, covers the physical and chemical aspects of estuaries, the biology and ecology of key organisms, the flow of organic matter through estuaries, and human interactions, such as the environmental impact of fisheries on estuaries and the effects of global climate change on these important ecosystems. Authored by a team of world experts from the estuarine science community, this long-awaited, full-color edition includes new chapters covering phytoplankton, seagrasses, coastal marshes, mangroves, benthic algae, Integrated Coastal Zone Management techniques, and the effects of global climate change. It also features an entriely new section on estuarine ecosystem processes, trophic webs, ecosystem metabolism, and the interactions between estuaries and other ecosystems such as wetlands and marshes