The Lofts of SoHo

At the meeting, Cavanagh said there had been no mass evictions of artists from Lower Manhattan and that only seven ... “Artists May Strike to Save Lofts,” NYT, June 3, 1961, 1; “Untitled Timeline of ATA Actions Towards Legalized Artist ...

Author: Aaron Shkuda

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226334219

Category: History

Page: 320

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American cities entered a new phase when, beginning in the 1950s, artists and developers looked upon a decaying industrial zone in Lower Manhattan and saw, not blight, but opportunity: cheap rents, lax regulation, and wide open spaces. Thus, SoHo was born. From 1960 to 1980, residents transformed the industrial neighborhood into an artist district, creating the conditions under which it evolved into an upper-income, gentrified area. Introducing the idea—still potent in city planning today—that art could be harnessed to drive municipal prosperity, SoHo was the forerunner of gentrified districts in cities nationwide, spawning the notion of the creative class. In The Lofts of SoHo, Aaron Shkuda studies the transition of the district from industrial space to artists’ enclave to affluent residential area, focusing on the legacy of urban renewal in and around SoHo and the growth of artist-led redevelopment. Shkuda explores conflicts between residents and property owners and analyzes the city’s embrace of the once-illegal loft conversion as an urban development strategy. As Shkuda explains, artists eventually lost control of SoHo’s development, but over several decades they nonetheless forced scholars, policymakers, and the general public to take them seriously as critical actors in the twentieth-century American city.
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Tri quarterly

... heart still bothers him but he ' s back to work I guess it pays to stick it out ( he says ) till I retire Well and I ' m alive Translated by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh [ Untitled ] Bronisław Maj The world : whole and 156.



ISBN: UCSC:32106008575190

Category: College prose, American


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NLP Coaching

... D (2007) Rigor or rigor mortis: Building a vigorous practice of coaching, in eds A M Grant and M J Cavanagh, ... London cite an untitled paper presented by W J Gingrich and S Eisengart at the International Family Therapy Association ...

Author: Susie Linder-Pelz

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9780749459079

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is believed by many to be a powerful set of tools for facilitating change and enhancing performance. Yet, despite the success stories and proliferation of courses, there is still much skepticism about the validity and effectiveness of NLP. In NLP Coaching Susie Linder-Pelz brings, for the first time, an evidence-based perspective to this coaching methodology. She explains how and where NLP coaching is used, examines its links to established principles and practices, and questions aspects of NLP where the empirical evidence is missing. She reviews recent developments in NLP-based coaching practice and proposes a specific research agenda that will move NLP coaching towards an evidence-based approach. NLP Coaching provides numerous case studies and real-life examples which show how NLP assists personal, professional, team, leadership and organizational development. The book includes contributions from leaders in the field: Andrew Bryant, Michelle Duval, Joseph O'Connor, Paul Tosey and Lisa Wake.
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500 Bracelets

Carol - lynn Swol Spirograph Bracelet , Red , 2004 12.7 x 10.8 x 5.7 cm Tyvek , dye , sterling silver ; cut , stacked , burned , soldered PHOTO BY KEVIN MONTAGUE AND MICHAEL CAVANAGH Peter Chang Untitled , 2004 21.5 x 20 x 6.

Author: Marthe Le Van

Publisher: Lark Books

ISBN: 1579904807

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 408

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Presents photographs of contemporary bracelets from hundreds of renowned international jewelers, featuring materials ranging from precious metals and gems to paper and plastic and techniques including casting, weaving, and forging.
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Private Enterprise Government and Society

37 J.C. Cavanagh , untitled article , Building and Construction , 18 August 1933 . 38 Reginald Summerhayes in his 1938 presidential address to the Royal Australian Institute of Architects of Western Australia .

Author: Frank Broeze

Publisher: University of Western Australia Press

ISBN: NYPL:33433041492491

Category: Breweries

Page: 152

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Australian Radio Listeners and Television Viewers

A few months after Weekes' complaints, B.M. Cavanagh sent a poem to 'Mr. Radio Licenses Dept.' The first stanza declared that he had 'refused your set' and 'hence any consent to your ideas'. The untitled poem went on to object to ...

Author: Bridget Griffen-Foley

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030546373

Category: History

Page: 167

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This lively and accessible book charts how Australian audiences have engaged with radio and television since the 1920s. Ranging across both the commercial and public service broadcasting sectors, it recovers and explores the lived experiences of a wide cross-section of Australian listeners and viewers. Offering new perspectives on how audiences have responded to broadcast content, and how radio and television stations have been part of the lives of Australians, over the past one hundred years, this book invites us into the dynamic world created for children by the radio industry, traces the operations of radio and television clubs across Australia, and uncovers the workings of the Australian Broadcasting Commission’s viewers’ advisory committees. It also opens up the fan mail received by Australian broadcasting stations and personalities, delves into the complaints files of regulators, and teases out the role of participants and studio audiences in popular matchmaking programs.
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All Gates Open

... 2003) 3 David Cavanagh, 'Lifting the Lid on Can', Q, 1989 4 Richard Williams, 'Can Do', Melody Maker, date unknown, 1973 5 Sic–Irmin was actually expelled from his high school 6 Paul Alessandrini, untitled article, Rock & Folk 76 ...

Author: Rob Young

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571311514

Category: Music

Page: 448

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All Gates Open presents the definitive story of arguably the most influential and revered avant-garde band of the late twentieth century: CAN. It consists of two books. In Book One, Rob Young gives us the full biography of a band that emerged at the vanguard of what would come to be called the Krautrock scene in late sixties Cologne. With Irmin Schmidt and Holger Czukay - two classically trained students of Stockhausen - at the heart of the band, CAN's studio and live performances burned an incendiary trail through the decade that followed: and left a legacy that is still reverberating today in hip hop, post rock, ambient, and countless other genres. Rob Young's account draws on unique interviews with all founding members of CAN, as well as their vocalists, friends and music industry associates. And he revisits the music, which is still deliriously innovative and unclassifiable more than four decades on. All Gates Open is a portrait of a group who worked with visionary intensity and belief, outside the system and inside their own inner space. Book Two, Can Kiosk, has been assembled by Irmin Schmidt, founding member and guiding spirit of the band, as a 'collage - a technique long associated with CAN's approach to recording. There is an oral history of the band drawing on interviews that Irmin made with musicians who see CAN as an influence - such as Bobby Gillespie, Geoff Barrow, Daniel Miller, and many others. There are also interviews with artists and filmmakers like Wim Wenders and John Malkovitch, where Schmidt reflects on more personal matters and his work with film. Extracts of Schmidt's notebook and diaries from 2013-14 are also reproduced as a reflection on the creative process, and the memories, dreams, and epiphanies it entails. Can Kiosk offers further perspectives on a band that have inspired several generations of musicians and filmmakers in the voices of the artists themselves. CAN were unique, and their legacy is articulated in two books in this volume with the depth, rigour, originality, and intensity associated with the band itself. It is illustrated throughout with previously unseen art, photographs, and ephemera from the band's archive.
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Transgender Architectonics

“Archive” in this usage is quite different than the archive suggested by Cavanagh, which she describes here: the lavatory ... of the gender economy of the “home” (“Untitled” 331), Brasserie does not let us separate design from gender.

Author: Lucas Crawford

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317007425

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

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Combining transgender studies with the ’neomodernist’ architectures of the internationally renowned firm, Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R) and with modernist writers (Samuel Beckett and Virginia Woolf) whose work anticipates that of transgender studies, this book challenges the implicit ’spatial models’ of popular narratives of transgender - interiority, ownership, sovereignty, structure, stability, and domesticity - to advance a novel theorization of transgender as a matter of exteriority, groundlessness, ornamentation, and movement. With case studies spanning the US and UK, Transgender Architectonics examines the ways in which modernist architecture can contribute to our understanding of how it is that humans are able to transform, shedding light on the manner in which architecture, space, and the spatial metaphors of gender can play significant - if often unrealized - potential roles in body and gender transformation. By remedying both the absence of actual architecture in queer theory's discussions of space and also architectural theory's marginal treatment of transgender, this volume constitutes a serious intervention in the field of ’queer space’. It draws on modernist literature in order to reckon with and rebuild the architectural ideas that already implicitly structure common understandings of the queer and transgender self. As such, it will appeal to scholars with interests in queer theory, the body and transformation, gender and sexuality, modernist writing and architectural theory.
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Bridging the River of Hatred

Ernest Dunbar , “ Detroit's Jerry Cavanagh : The Mayor Who Woke Up a City , ” Look , 21 September 1965 , box 7 , file 5 ... 14 January 1961 ; George Edwards , Jr. , untitled autobiographical manuscript , 18 ( hereafter cited as Edwards ...

Author: Mary M. Stolberg

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 0814325734

Category: History

Page: 368

View: 553

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Bridging the River of Hatred portrays the career of George Clifton Edwards, Jr., Detroit's visionary police commissioner whose efforts to bring racial equality, minority recruiting, and community policing to Detroit's police department in the early 1960s met with much controversy within the city's administration. At a crucial time when the Civil Rights movement was gaining momentum and hostility between urban police forces and African Americans was close to eruption, Edwards chose solving racial and urban problems as his mission. Incorporating material from a manuscript that Edwards wrote before his death, supplemented by historical research, Stolberg provides a rare case study of problems in policing, the impoverishment of American cities, and the evolution of race relations during the turbulent 1960s. Edwards' vision and hope for Detroit gives depth to the national view of Detroit as a symbol of urban decline and offers lessons to be applied to current social and urban problems.
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New Steve Cavanagh

Author: Steve Cavanagh

Publisher: Orion

ISBN: 1398700177


Page: 416

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The new thriller from Sunday Times bestselling author Steve Cavanagh
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Index of American Periodical Verse 2005

Author: Rafael Catala

Publisher: Index of American Periodical V

ISBN: 0810860090

Category: Poetry

Page: 744

View: 399

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Rafael Català and James Anderson have prepared this concise reference that provides access to poems from a broad cross section of poetry, literary, scholarly, popular, and general magazines, journals, and reviews published in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. These periodicals are listed in the "Periodicals Indexed" section, together with names of editors, addresses, issues indexed in this volume, and subscription information. Selection of periodicals is the responsibility of the editors, based on recommendations of poets, librarians, literary scholars, and publishers. Publishers participate by supplying copies of all issues to the editors. Criteria for inclusion include the quality of poems, their presentation, and the status or reputation of poets. Within these very broad and subjective guidelines, the editors attempt to include a cross section of periodicals by type of publisher and publication, place of publication, language, and type of poetry. Periodicals published outside of North America are included only if they have North American editors. This thirty-fourth annual volume was produced with the cooperation of participating periodicals from Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. A separate index provides access by title or first line. This volume includes poems published in 2005, plus earlier years when periodical issues were delayed in publication or were received late.
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Art Index

Author: Alice Maria Dougan


ISBN: UOM:39015009249916

Category: Architecture


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East European Languages and Literatures

S.Baranczak & C.Cavanagh . PartR 56 : 1989 : 289-90 . 1032. Maj , B. ( Untitled ) , a . S.Baranczak & C.Cavanagh . TriQ71 : 1988 : 157 . MAKSIM GREK 1033. Taube , M. & Olmsted , H.M. « Povest ' o Esfiri » : the Ostroh Bible and Maksim ...

Author: Garth M. Terry


ISBN: UOM:39015022007416

Category: East European literature


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City Water Matters

1911 Untitled. Anonymous author. 2. (2635). Britton, P. 2010. Painter's Exhibition in His Local Launderette. Manchester Evening News, 2, June 1. ... Cavanagh, Sue, and Vron Ware. 1990. At Women's Convenience: Handbook on the Design of ...

Author: Sophie Watson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811378928

Category: Social Science

Page: 216

View: 745

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Water is one of the most pressing concerns of our time. This book argues for the importance of water as a cultural object, and as a source of complex meanings and practices in everyday life, embedded in the socio-economics of local water provision. Each chapter aims to capture one element of water’s fluid existence in the world, as material object, cultural representation, as movement, as actor, as practice and as ritual. The book explores the interconnectedness of humans and non-humans, of nature and culture, and the complex entanglements of water in all its many forms; how water constitutes multiple differences and is implicated in relations of power, often invisible, but present nevertheless in the workings of daily life in all its rhythms and forms; and water’s capacity to assemble a multiplicity of publics and constitute new socialities and connections. Cities, and their inhabitants, without water will die, and so will their cultures.
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Rereading Russian Poetry

10 Whitman , Mayakovsky , and the Body Politic CLARE CAVANAGH I am the poet of slaves , and the masters of slaves . I am the poet of the body . And I am . - Walt Whitman , untitled Whitman the Futurist You of the mighty Slavic tribes ...

Author: Stephanie Sandler

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300071493

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 365

View: 731

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Russia's poets hold a special place in Russian culture, perhaps revealing more about their country than poets within any other nation. In this unique and wide-ranging collection of writings on poets and poetic trends in Russia, contributors from the United States, Britain, and Russia examine the place of poetry in Russian culture. Through a variety of critical approaches, these scholars, translators, and poets consider a broad cross section of Russian poets, from Pushkin to Brodsky, Shvarts, and Kibirov.
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The 1990s A Decade of Contemporary British Fiction

Eds. Dermot Cavanagh and Tim Kirk. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2000, 190–204. Marriott, James. 'Untitled Review: Horror Panegryric'. London Book 2008: n.p. Online. McCracken, Scott.

Author: Nick Hubble

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474242417

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 320

View: 518

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How did social, cultural and political events in Britain during the 1990s shape contemporary British Fiction? From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the turn of the millennium, the 1990s witnessed a realignment of global politics. Against the changing international scene, this volume uses events abroad and in Britain to examine and explain the changes taking place in British fiction, including: the celebration of national identities, fuelled by the move toward political devolution in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; the literary optimism in urban ethnic fictions written by a new generation of authors, born and raised in Britain; the popularity of neo-Victorian fiction. Critical surveys are balanced by in-depth readings of work by the authors who defined the decade, including A.S. Byatt, Hanif Kureishi, Will Self, Caryl Phillips and Irvine Welsh: an approach that illustrates exactly how their key themes and concerns fit within the social and political circumstances of the decade.
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