Vegan Burgers Burritos

This book features 75 delicious recipes and 75 mouth-watering photos.

Author: Sophia DeSantis

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781624144806

Category: Cooking

Page: 192

View: 905

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Say goodbye to dry, boring and overly processed and hello to easy, fun and delicious veggie burgers and burritos from Sophia DeSantis. These next level veggie burgers and burritos are approachable for any chef, and Sophia’s mind blowing flavor combinations are unlike any other you’ve ever had. All burgers and burritos are plant-based, gluten-free and refined-sugar free, and feature real, whole food ingredients, as well as side dish and sauce pairings. Excite your tastebuds and feel satisfied and nourished with the unique and internationally inspired combinations that bring to together flavors even meat eaters will enjoy. Recipes include Smoky Hawaiian, Tangy Black Bean and Chiles and Curry burgers to burritos like Crispy Cauliflower “Fish”, Greek Orzo and Thai Burritos. Sophia also includes notes on how to make some of the more exotic burgers and burritos accessible for kids and babies, and sauces like Sriracha Mayo and her coveted vegan sour cream recipe that she’s been perfecting for years. This book features 75 delicious recipes and 75 mouth-watering photos.
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Versatile Simple Vegan Burgers Burritos

Baked Broccoli Burgers Black Lentil, Pistachio & Shiitake Mushroom Burger
Potato Veggie Burgers Eggplant Hummus Veggie Burgers Sweet Potato Veggie
Burgers Awesome Spicy Chickpea Lentil Burgers Mushroom Bean Burger Falafel

Author: Becky Cassani

Publisher: Anita D.Parekh


Category: Cooking

Page: 286

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VEGAN BURGERS & BURRITOS – it’s like your EVERYDAY VEGAN EATING that can be an experience to SAVOUR. The plant-based cuisine is VERSATILE AND SIMPLE, and these crunchy, flavorful, ultimately satisfying VEGAN BURGERS & BURRITOS would be instantly your favorite meal that could be made entirely from plants and you wouldn’t have to miss out at all! They are full of all the goodness you'll need: WHOLE GRAINS, PROTEIN- AND FIBER, WHOLE FATS, and GREENS. That’s where VEGANS get most of their ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS and that’s how you create a well-rounded MEAL that’s SUPER SATISFYING. Featuring 65+ ALL-NEW simple AMAZING VEGAN BURGER & BURRITO recipes that show how varied and TASTY VEGAN FOOD can be. The wide variety of tastes and flavors will excite every palate and suit every craving and occasion.
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Double Cheeseburgers Quiche and Vegetarian Burritos

“heavy users” defined as young men between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four
who eat burgers, fries, and other fast-food offerings four or five ... Some see the
soy-based vegan burger making a big splash in the years to come as a fast food.

Author: Loretta Ichord

Publisher: Millbrook Press

ISBN: 9780822587743

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 879

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This book covers America's eating habits from 1920 up to the present. Not only did the twentieth century see a woman's role in the kitchen change from backbreaking durdgery to easy meal preparation because of the advances in kitchen appliances and cooking gadgets, but also new food products, dining habits, food magazines, cookbooks, chefs as famous as movie stars, and many world events had an impact on our eating habits. The book includes eight recipes, which span the changing tastes in America.
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New Vegetarian Grill

Chile-Rubbed Veggie Burritos | || often think food tastes better encased in a
tortilla or wrapper of some sort. ... onion, jalapeños, and Veggie Burger Burritos
Have you tried any of the veggie burgers on pages 170 to 178 wrapped in a

Author: Andrea Chesman

Publisher: Harvard Common Press

ISBN: 1558323627

Category: Cooking

Page: 344

View: 870

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This revised and updated edition of the classic cookbook presents 250 recipes for healthy and flavorful vegetarian dishes designed for the grill--including Tandoori-style Vegetable Kabobs, Grilled Portobello Salad with Roquefort Dressing, and Vegetarian Fajitas with Chipotle Sour Cream--and features helpful information on vegetarian grilling techniques and current equipment options. Original.
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The Everything Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook

Includes: * Vegan Chocolate Waffles * Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls * Pesto Veggie
Burgers * Vegan Chick'n Taquitos* ... Lentil Meatball Sandwiches, 122 Black
Bean Pecan Burgers, 115 Carrot“Dogs,” 128 Cheesy Vegan Breakfast Burritos, ...

Author: Marly McMillen Beelman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781507210185

Category: Cooking

Page: 320

View: 531

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Enjoy the numerous benefits of meal prepping especially for the vegan diet with this helpful guide! The hardest part of starting any new diet is committing to it—the vegan diet is no exception. You have every intention to stick to a plant-based diet…but then you get home from a long day of work and the urge to just order a pizza overcomes you. This is where meal prepping helps! By making all of your meals ahead of time and having them easily accessible and ready to go, it’s easier to fight off the cravings and stick to your healthy new diet. It’s also a great strategy to save tons of time and money! The Everything Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook provides hundreds of vegan recipes that make it easy to commit to your new diet—from a quinoa burrito bowl to slow cooker tortilla soup to fruit-on-the-bottom overnight oats, there’s something for every meal of the day! With this book and just a little advanced planning each week, you’ll be able to make simple and delicious meals that will prevent cravings, help you lose weight and eat healthier, and save time and money!
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Living Vegan For Dummies

RecipesinThisChapter ▷ Enjoying vegan burgers and burritos ▷ Making easy
and healthy pasta and noodle dishes ▷ Experimenting with a variety of ethnic
cuisines ▷ Seitan Burritos ▷ BakedBlack Bean Burgers ▷ Mushroom Sloppy ...

Author: Alexandra Jamieson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470522141

Category: Cooking

Page: 384

View: 656

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The fun and easy way® to live a vegan lifestyle Are you thinking about becoming a vegan? Already a practicing vegan? More than 3 million Americans currently live a vegan lifestyle, and that number is growing. Living Vegan For Dummies is your one-stop resource for understanding vegan practices, sharing them with your friends and loved ones, and maintaining a vegan way of life. This friendly, practical guide explains the types of products that vegans abstain from eating and consuming, and provides healthy and animal-free options. You'll see how to create a balanced, nutritious vegan diet; read food and product labels to determine animal-derived product content; and stock a vegan pantry. You'll also get 40 great-tasting recipes to expand your cooking repertoire. Features expert guidance in living a vegan lifestyle and explaining it to friends and family Includes proper dietary guidelines so you can get the nutrition you need Gives you several action plans for making the switch to veganism Provides parents with everything they need to understand and support their children's choices With the tips and advice in Living Vegan For Dummies, you can truly live and enjoy a vegan way of life!
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Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food

Nacho. Cheeze. Sauce. JUST BECAUSE THE NAME says nachos doesn't mean
you have to stop there. This goes great over vegetables, or on a baked potato,
veggie burgers, burritos, or anywhere else you're looking for a ...

Author: Alicia C. Simpson

Publisher: The Experiment

ISBN: 9781615191093

Category: Cooking

Page: 248

View: 928

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A born food-lover, raised in California on “the best Mexican food in the country” and her father’s “traditional Southern soul food,” Alicia C. Simpson couldn’t imagine giving up her favorite dishes to become vegan. Animal-free food might be healthier, but could it match the tastes of home—like fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, or a bowl of chili? Three years after Alicia took the vegan plunge, Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food answers that question with a resounding “yes!” Here is the essential cookbook for any of America’s more than 6 million vegans who miss the down-home tastes they remember (or want to try), or for vegetarians and even meat-eaters who want to add more plant-based foods to their diets, but don’t know where to start. Comfort-seeking cooks will find: Easy-to-prepare, animal-free versions of classics like Spicy Buffalo Bites, Ultimate Nachos, Baked Ziti and more 65 delicious combinations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with flavors from around the world, like “Chinese Take-In” or “Tijuana Torpedo” Everything you need to know to start your vegan pantry, and why being vegan is easier, less expensive, and more delicious than you might think. With spirit and style, Alicia shows just how easy—yes, and comforting—vegan food can be.
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Veggie Burgers Every Which Way

How else to explain the individual wrappers, akin to frozen TV dinners or
individually packaged, frozen burritos? It sends the message that a veggie burger
isn't something that any number of people would all want to eat at the same time,
that ...

Author: Lukas Volger

Publisher: The Experiment

ISBN: 9781615191208

Category: Cooking

Page: 196

View: 895

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“Volger’s burgers are made with real food—fresh produce, whole grains and beans, fresh herbs and spices—combined with imagination and great taste” (Martha Rose Shulman, author of Mediterranean Harvest). Whether you already subsist on veggie burgers, enjoy them occasionally, or ardently wish there was an alternative to the rubbery, over-processed frozen burgers sold in cardboard boxes, Veggie Burgers Every Which Way is the book for you—one you’ll want to cook from over and over again. Author Lukas Volger, who has been making and eating veggie burgers since he was a teenager, has assembled more than thirty unique, delicious veggie burger recipes, including: Red Lentil and Celery Root Burgers Tofu and Chard Burgers Baked Falafel Burgers Thai Carrot Burgers Sweet Potato Burgers with Lentils and Kale Corn Burgers with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese More than half the burger recipes are vegan and/or gluten-free, as are many of the extras, which include buns, sides, toppings, and condiments. Everyday ingredients ensure that all the burgers and extras are a breeze to assemble. The wide variety of tastes and flavors will excite every palate and suit every craving and occasion. And dozens of mouthwatering photographs leave no doubt that great-tasting veggie burgers can look spectacular, too! “Excellent . . . I especially like his bean and vegetable combos.” —The New York Times “Elevates the vegetarian burger to its rightful status as real food.” —Montreal Gazette “Should not be thought of as just a book for vegetarians . . . The variety and creativity of the recipes . . . are sure to get just about any carnivore’s mouth watering.” —CBC News
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The Vegetarian Planet

... 504 Brussels sprouts Little-Cabbage Hash, 176 Buckwheat Crepes Filled with
Potatoes and Kale, 337 bulgur, about, 250 burgers. See Veggie burgers Burritos,
Good Goat, 411 Butter Bananas with Toasted Cashews, 485 butternut squash.

Author: Didi Emmons

Publisher: Harvard Common Press

ISBN: 1558321152

Category: Cooking

Page: 564

View: 963

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A culinary adventure in 350 soul-satisfying recipes. The vegetarian bible for a new generation.
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The Simple Little Vegan Slow Cooker

arthritis often go vegetarian and find their symptoms improve or might even
disappear. In our research ... Even fast-food places have learned the v-word,
offering veggie burgers, bean burritos, salad bars, and baked potato bars. 8
Which brings ...

Author: Michelle Rivera

Publisher: Book Publishing Company

ISBN: 1570671710

Category: Cooking

Page: 128

View: 576

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Perfect for those who want to come home to a hot, nutritious meal without spending a lot of time in the kitchen, this compact ( 6" x 6") collection of recipes features ethnic cuisines. Sample the passion of Italy in soups and sauces, the colors of Mexico in bean and chili recipes, distinctive Asian flavors in miso and mushroom dishes, an Irish lilt in stews and shepherds pie, and American favorites including macaroni and cheese and sloppy joes. Whether you are new to slow cookers or have owned a "crock pot" for years, this book will surprise and delight you.
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Easy Healthy Recipes

... Stew, Spicy.......... 86 Sweet Potato Pork Tenders ......... 69 Sweet Potatoes &
Yams Chickpea Spinach Curry.......... 70 Creamy Mashed Yams........... 123
Curried Yam Soup ................ 45 Grilled Veggie Burgers............ 60 Grilled Veggie

Author: Jean Paré

Publisher: Company's Coming Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1896891799

Category: Cookery

Page: 159

View: 742

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Wholesome recipes to inspire you to eat well
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Vegetarian Journal s Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the U S and Canada

This restaurant offers several vegetarian options including daily specials such as
veggie burgers , Vegetables Alfredo , pizza , and burritos . Open for lunch and
dinner daily . Full service , espresso / cappuccino , take - out , VISA / MC ...

Author: Vegetarian Resource Group

Publisher: Berkley Trade

ISBN: PSU:000033147239

Category: Natural food restaurants

Page: 295

View: 177

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Virgin Vegan

Start the transition to plant-based foods with familiar options like a veggie burger.
They are way more versatile than you think. Veggie burgers can be homemade
or purchased. If purchased, I prefer the brands Morningstar Vegan Grillers, Ives, ...

Author: Linda Long

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 9781423625179

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 536

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Despite its long history, veganism is still considered unusual by many in this carnivore world of ours. But, in the United States alone, there are 3 million plus vegans and the ranks are growing, especially in the under thirty crowd. Becoming vegan requires learning a whole new way of eating and thinking about food, and Linda Long’s handy guide educates you on planning meals, understanding new ingredients, products, and brand names, and knowing protein and vitamin needs among so many other topics, including tips on simple adoptions like six ways to use a veggie burger. She also offers a host of tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and parties - several from some of the top vegan chefs in the world.
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No Meat Athlete

... her throughout. As far as being vegetarian (pretty much vegan) and training, ...
We bring all our food for almost a week: burritos, veggie burgers, baked tofu,
hummus, pitas, tortillas, veggies and dip, and snack foods. During the race I ate a
lot ...

Author: Matt Frazier

Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)

ISBN: 9781592335787

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 740

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Combining the winning elements of proven training approaches, motivational stories, and innovative recipes, No Meat Athlete is a unique guidebook, healthy-living cookbook, and nutrition primer for the beginner, every day, and serious athlete who wants to live a meatless lifestyle. Author and popular blogger, Matt Frazier, will show you that there are many benefits to embracing a meat-free athletic lifestyle, including: - Weight loss, which often leads to increased speed- Easier digestion and faster recovery after workouts- Improved energy levels to help with not just athletic performance but your day-to-day life - Reduced impact on the planet Whatever your motivation for choosing a meat-free lifestyle, this book will take you through everything you need to know to apply your lifestyle to your training. Matt Frazier provides practical advice and tips on how to transition to a plant-based diet while getting all the nutrition you need; uses the power of habit to make those changes last; and offers up menu plans for high performance, endurance, and recovery. Once you've mastered the basics, Matt delivers a training manual of his own design for runners of all abilities and ambitions. The manual provides training plans for common race distances and shows runners how to create healthy habits, improve performance, and avoid injuries. No Meat Athlete will take you from the start to finish line, giving you encouraging tips, tricks, and advice along the way.
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George Mason University 2012

... for students who need to grab a bite to eat on the way to class. There are
unlimited options for vegetarians, who can pick from entrees like veggie chili and
grilled vegetable burritos at Southside, or even veggie burgers from Burger King.

Author: Emily Sharrer

Publisher: College Prowler

ISBN: 9781427498915

Category: Reference


View: 651

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Main Street Vegan

supermarket has some selection—and a natural food store has a huge selection
—of ersatzburgers and ground beef, hot ... this way: DAY PRE-VEG NEW
WBGAN Monday Beefburritos Bean burritos Tuesday Quiche 46 || MAIN street

Author: Victoria Moran

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101580622

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 400

View: 738

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Hollywood celebrities are doing it. Corporate moguls are doing it. But what about those of us living in the real world—and on a real budget? Author and holistic health practitioner Victoria Moran started eating only plants nearly thirty years ago, raised her daughter, Adair, vegan from birth, and maintains a sixty-pound weight loss. In Main Street Vegan, Moran offers a complete guide to making this dietary and lifestyle shift with an emphasis on practical "baby steps," proving that you don’t have to have a personal chef or lifestyle coach on speed dial to experience the physical and spiritual benefits of being a vegan. This book provides practical advice and inspiration for everyone—from Main Street to Wall Street, and everywhere between. "Finally, a book that isn't preaching to the vegan choir, but to the people in the pews—and the ones who can’t fit in those pews. This is a book for the Main Street majority who aren’t vegans. Once you read this, you'll know it's possible to get healthy and enjoy doing it—even if you live in Paramus or Peoria."—Michael Moore "A great read for vegans and aspiring vegans."—Russell Simmons "Yet another divine gift from Victoria Moran. Main Street Vegan covers it all—inspiration, information, and out of this world recipes. This book is a gem."—Rory Freedman, co-author Skinny Bitch "Main Street Vegan is exactly the guide you need to make changing the menu effortless. Victoria Moran covers every aspect of plant-based eating and cruelty-free living, with everything you need to make healthy changes stick."—Neal Barnard, MD, president, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and NY Times bestselling author of 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart "A great book for anyone who's curious about veganism. It shows that not all vegans are weirdos like me."—Moby
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ThE VEGAN ApocAlypsE BurGEr Book

Have you ever wondered how to make a healthy, plant-based burger? What about nutrient rich and flavor-filled condiments? If so, this book is for you.

Author: Diane Pandolfini


ISBN: 1977210414


Page: 124

View: 699

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Have you ever wondered how to make a healthy, plant-based burger? What about nutrient rich and flavor-filled condiments? If so, this book is for you. Load up on vitamins, Protein and overall goodness- all disguised as meltable, delectable burgers, drenched in ketchup, cheeses and pickles. Plant based bacon, sausages, burgers, burritos, Chixen, and cheeses star in this collection of recipes, with sauces from pesto to romesco to everything-but-the-ranch dressing in the supporting roles. Learn how to create comfort food of all kinds, with instructions on how to make everything from the Veatball (vegan meatball) to the Veatball sandwich, from Chixen Tender to the Chixen Caesar Salad Sandwich, and from Pickles to Bahn-Mi... No, not the Bahn-Mi- that's actually in the next book! Join thE VEGAN ApocAlypsE in the journey towards more plant-based meals, complete with satisfied stomachs and tantalized taste buds!
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Vegetarian Times

a delicious line of vegan " cheese " dips . Available in both mild and spicy flavors
, they're perfect on veggie burgers , burritos and , of course , tortilla chips .
Miguel's Stowe Away Soy - Cha's ( $ 2.99 / 6.5 oz . ) pack an added punch :
organic ...



ISBN: CORNELL:31924095683102

Category: Vegetarianism


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A Teen s Guide to Going Vegetarian

Recently , a vegetarian lasagna was featured as a part of National School Lunch
Week in schools around the country . At some ... The entrées that are available —
things like pizza , veggie burgers , burritos — are usually vegan . How did the ...

Author: Judy Krizmanic

Publisher: Viking Juvenile

ISBN: PSU:000046829801

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 218

View: 132

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A practical guide for teenagers who want to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle provides valuable information on nutrition and nutritional requirements, simple beginner's recipes, and tips on answering questions about environmental concerns and other issues.
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Contemporary Vegan Recipes From the Award Winning Fresh Restaurants Ruth
Tal, Jennifer Houston ... Wrap Black Bean Burrito Roti for Life Urban Cowboy
Sandwich Magic Tofu Wrap Fez Pita Veggie Burgers Fresh Burger Mix Life
Burger ...

Author: Ruth Tal

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118289075

Category: Cooking

Page: 64

View: 804

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One of Canada’s hottest restaurants puts a Fresh spin on vegetarian cuisine! Toronto’s Fresh restaurants are consistently rated as among the most popular restaurants in the city. Appealing to vegetarians, vegans and those who enjoy meatfree meals as part of a healthy diet, Fresh has evolved from a humble juice bar into a chain of three dynamic and gorgeous downtown restaurants. reFresh is a new edition of Ruth Tal’s first book, Juice for Life (Wiley 2000, 978-0-7715-7690-4). Completely revised and updated, reFresh offers the reader a sumptuous selection of the best recipes found on the restaurant’s menu today, all in a gorgeous full colour package that reflects the award-winning style and design of the restaurants themselves. New in this edition: Over 100 of the latest recipes from the three Fresh restaurants A fresh new design that calls attention to the health benefits of various menu items Information on nutritional supplements that can be incorporated into the recipes for an added boost! Up-to-date information on buying and using a juicer at home A complete recipe index A new foreword by renowned chef Susur Lee
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