Vietnamese Tone

Finally, so far as the phonetics of tones is concerned, the assumption in previous research is that the primary phonetic correlate of tone is pitch height. However, tones in Vietnamese also have laryngeal realizations of breathiness and ...

Author: Andrea Hoa Pham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135886080

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 192

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This new book offers research that will affect further study of tone in Vietnamese and other tonal languages.
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The Lexical Tones of Vietnamese Metropoles

The tones of Central Thai: Some perceptual experiments. In: Harris and Chamberlain (Eds.) Studies in Thai ... Northern and Southern Vietnamese tone coarticulation: A comparative case study. Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics ...

Author: Slówik, Ondřej

Publisher: Charles University in Prague, Karolinum Press

ISBN: 9788024645063

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 138

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The objective of this monograph is to describe differences in tone realization and perception between two major Vietnamese dialects: Hanoian and Saigonese. The monograph contains a thorough overview of the principal background concepts concerning the lexical function of pitch patterns in the language. The core analyses are based on an extensive sample of several thousand instances of tones for each dialect, and they also address possible effects of speaking style, phrasal prominence and coarticulatory dynamism.
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Vietnamese in a Flash

Each tone is a meaningful and integral part of the syllable. Every syllable must have a tone. The tones are indicated in conventional Vietnamese spelling by diacritic marks placed over (á, à, ả, ã) or under (a) single vowels or the ...

Author: Phan Van Giuong

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462915545

Category: Foreign Language Study

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Vietnamese in a Flash: Volume I is an excellent new Vietnamese language learning resource for beginning students. With a full range of features to help beginners and intermediate learners, these Vietnamese flash cards are an excellent learning tool for anyone who wants to learn Vietnamese vocabulary and master the Vietnamese language. Containing 448 flash cards of the most commonly used Vietnamese words and phrases, along with sample sentences, handy indexes and a guide to using the cards for most effective learning, Vietnamese in a Flash Volume 1 delivers. Learn 448 main words plus 1,792 related words, phrases and expressions. Pronunciation and accent marks given for all 448 main words. Arranged and sequenced in thematic groups and usage frequency.
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Glossary of phonetic terms PROGRESSIVE ASSIMILATION see assimilation REGISTER TONE see tone REGRESSIVE ASSIMILATION see assimilation RETROFLEX The term refers to the place of articulation of some consonants . A retroflex consonant is ...

Author: Binh Ngo

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315454597

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 334

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Vietnamese: An Essential Grammar is a concise and user-friendly reference guide to modern Vietnamese. It presents a fresh and accessible description of the language in short, readable sections. Features include: Clear and up-to-date examples of modern usage. Special attention to those points which often cause problems to English-speaking learners. Vietnamese / English comparisons and contrasts highlighted throughout. The final section covers pronunciation, providing an introduction to the syllable structure of Vietnamese, and highlighting common errors made by English-speaking learners. Accompanying audio tracks for this chapter are available at Vietnamese: An Essential Grammar is ideal for learners involved in independent study and for students in schools, colleges, universities and adult classes of all types.
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Language in Louisiana

Vietnamese Tones and Their Orthographic Representation Tone Orthography Example Level (Vietnamese, dấungang) a la (to scold) Rising (Vietnamese, dấu sắc) á lá (leaf) Falling (Vietnamese, dấu huyền) à là (to be) Low falling-rising ...

Author: Nathalie Dajko

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781496823908

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

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Contributions by Lisa Abney, Patricia Anderson, Albert Camp, Katie Carmichael, Christina Schoux Casey, Nathalie Dajko, Jeffery U. Darensbourg, Dorian Dorado, Connie Eble, Daniel W. Hieber, David Kaufman, Geoffrey Kimball, Thomas A. Klingler, Bertney Langley, Linda Langley, Shane Lief, Tamara Lindner, Judith M. Maxwell, Rafael Orozco, Allison Truitt, Shana Walton, and Robin White Louisiana is often presented as a bastion of French culture and language in an otherwise English environment. The continued presence of French in south Louisiana and the struggle against the language's demise have given the state an aura of exoticism and at the same time have strained serious focus on that language. Historically, however, the state has always boasted a multicultural, polyglot population. From the scores of indigenous languages used at the time of European contact to the importation of African and European languages during the colonial period to the modern invasion of English and the arrival of new immigrant populations, Louisiana has had and continues to enjoy a rich linguistic palate. Language in Louisiana: Community and Culture brings together for the first time work by scholars and community activists, all experts on the cutting edge of research. In sixteen chapters, the authors present the state of languages and of linguistic research on topics such as indigenous language documentation and revival; variation in, attitudes toward, and educational opportunities in Louisiana’s French varieties; current research on rural and urban dialects of English, both in south Louisiana and in the long-neglected northern parishes; and the struggles more recent immigrants face to use their heritage languages and deal with language-based regulations in public venues. This volume will be of value to both scholars and general readers interested in a comprehensive view of Louisiana’s linguistic landscape.
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Vietnamese Basic Course Guide to pronunciation and lessons 1 10

The following drills are designed to acquaint the student with what happens to Vietnamese tone sequences when they occur in phrases . The student should listen very carefully during the Familiarization Drills for the " phrase music " .

Author: Foreign Service Institute (U.S.)


ISBN: UOM:39015005708394

Category: Vietnamese language


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Tone in Yongning Na

Brunelle, Marc. 2009a. Contact-induced change? Register in three Cham dialects. Journal of Southeast Asian Linguistics 2.1–22. Brunelle, Marc. 2009b. Northern and Southern Vietnamese tone coarticulation: A comparative case study.

Author: Alexis Michaud

Publisher: Language Science Press

ISBN: 9783946234869

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 613

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Yongning Na, also known as Mosuo, is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken in Southwest China. This book provides a description and analysis of its tone system, progressing from lexical tones towards morphotonology. Tonal changes permeate numerous aspects of the morphosyntax of Yongning Na; they are not the product of a small set of phonological rules, but of a host of rules that are restricted to specific morphosyntactic contexts. Rich morphotonological systems have been reported in this area of Sino-Tibetan, but book-length descriptions remain few. This study of an endangered language contributes to a better understanding of the diversity of prosodic systems in East Asia. The analysis is based on original fieldwork data (made available online), collected over the course of ten years, commencing in 2006.
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The Oxford Handbook of Historical Phonology

There are also cases where tone languages appear to be losing tone through radical tone merger in the present day, a trend which, if it continues, could lead to complete tone loss. A preliminary study of the Central Vietnamese dialect ...

Author: Patrick Honeybone

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780191643644

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 640

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This book presents a comprehensive and critical overview of historical phonology as it stands today. Scholars from around the world consider and advance research in every aspect of the field. In doing so they demonstrate the continuing vitality and some continuing themes of one of the oldest sub-disciplines of linguistics. The book is divided into six parts. The first considers key current research questions, the early history of the field, and the structuralist context for work on segmental change. The second examines evidence and methods, including phonological reconstruction, typology, and computational and quantitative approaches. Part III looks at types of phonological change, including stress, tone, and morphophonological change. Part IV explores a series of controversial aspects within the field, including the effects of first language acquisition, the status of lexical diffusion and exceptionless change, and the role of individuals in innovation. Part V considers theoretical perspectives on phonological change, including those of evolutionary phonology and generative historical phonology. The final part examines sociolinguistic and exogenous factors in phonological change, including the study of change in real time, the role of second language acquisition, and loanword adaptation. The authors, who represent leading proponents of every theoretical perspective, consider phonological change over a wide range of the world's language families. The handbook is, in sum, a valuable resource for phonologists and historical linguists and a stimulating guide for their students.
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Vietnamese Tones

Chapter 1 Introduction Vietnamese Tones In the Vietnamese language , tone is one of the significant features that contribute toward the phonological structure of the language , just as do vowels and consonants . Vietnamese is classified ...

Author: Mieko Shimizu Han


ISBN: IND:30000083743900

Category: Vietnamese language

Page: 152

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Knowledge and Systems Engineering

Prosody consists of accent, intonation and Vietnamese tones (6 tones). The features with part-of-speech (POS) ... Phonemically, Vietnamese syllable system consists 2376 base syllables and 6492 full (tonal) syllables in Vietnamese [4].

Author: Van Nam Huynh

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783319027418

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 430

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The field of Knowledge and Systems Engineering (KSE) has experienced rapid development and inspired many applications in the world of information technology during the last decade. The KSE conference aims at providing an open international forum for presentation, discussion and exchange of the latest advances and challenges in research of the field. These proceedings contain papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering (KSE 2013), which was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, during 17–19 October, 2013. Besides the main track of contributed papers, which are compiled into the first volume, the conference also featured several special sessions focusing on specific topics of interest as well as included one workshop, of which the papers form the second volume of these proceedings. The book gathers a total of 68 papers describing recent advances and development on various topics including knowledge discovery and data mining, natural language processing, expert systems, intelligent decision making, computational biology, computational modeling, optimization algorithms, and industrial applications.
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