Weekends Required

Author: Sydney Landon
Publisher: Signet
ISBN: 9780451419613
Category: Fiction
Page: 297
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When Claire Walters jumps out of a cake at her second job her boss at Danvers International happens to be sitting in the front row, and Jason Danvers begins to look at his mousy assistant in a whole new way.

Camp Shelby, Military Training Use of National Forest Lands, Desoto N.F.

Environmental Impact Statement
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Page: 6
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Parenting Dad (&/Or Mom)

Creatively Influencing Leadership Values
Author: Lance D. Shaw
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469114828
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 181
View: 1772
I asked for and gained initial physical custody when my marriage ended in late 1981. The kids (Kim-age 3 , Lance-nearly age 5) and I invented a series of creative growth games which helped us focus on our values, philosophies, and have fun all the while overcoming challenges in a complex world of tremendous change. Every day started and ended with joy and thanksgiving. I wouldnt trade it for anything! For over 20 years, I have shared the fun, laughs, possible benefits & results of our lessons and techniques with audiences. I have shared the essence of my parenting lessons, which I adapted from my professional managerial and technical experiences, as an adjunct faculty member of the University of Phoenix (Sacramento Valley Campus System) where I was twice awarded the distinction as Outstanding Faculty in Business Administration. I have conducted management training sessions for GE, where I was recognized as earning the highest instructor evaluation in a 3-year period. I recently conducted training for physician chiefs at a large hospital. I shared a game invented by daughter Kim at age 6 (the Wishing Well Game) with over 100 dads and their kids at the Second Annual Fathers Spring Festival at Las Lomitas School, Atherton, California. I have contributed in several industries (mostly high technology) from very large Fortune 500sGE (3 Divisions), FMC (2 Divisions), IBM, Motorola, Applied Materials, and Tandem Computers (which is now part of HP). I have earned degrees: BS Electrical Engineering, and Masters of Business Administration. [email protected]

Roman Catholicism in America

Author: Chester Gillis
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231551215
Category: Religion
Page: N.A
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Who are American Catholics and what do they believe and practice? How has American Catholicism influenced and been influenced by American culture and society? This book examines the history of American Catholics from the colonial era to the present, with an emphasis on changes and challenges in the contemporary church. Chester Gillis chronicles America Catholics: where they have come from, how they have integrated into American society, and how the church has influenced their lives. He highlights key events and people, examines data on Catholics and their relationship to the church, and considers the church’s positions and actions on politics, education, and gender and sexuality in the context of its history and doctrines. This second edition of Roman Catholicism in America pays particular attention to the tumultuous past twenty years and points toward the future of the religion in the United States. It examines the unprecedented crisis of sexual abuse by priests—the legal, moral, financial, and institutional repercussions of which continue to this day—and the bishops’ role in it. Gillis also discusses the election of Pope Francis and the controversial role Catholic leadership has played in American politics.

Jobs for weekends

needed, weekend workers!
Author: Roberta Roesch
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 203
View: 1903

When Citizens Decide

Lessons from Citizen Assemblies on Electoral Reform
Author: Patrick Fournier
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199567840
Category: Political Science
Page: 194
View: 6238
Three unprecedented large-scale democratic experiments have taken place in which groups of randomly selected ordinary citizens were asked to independently design the next electoral system. The lessons drawn from the research are relevant for those interested in political participation, public opinion, deliberation, public policy, and democracy

Fall For Me

A Danvers Novel
Author: Sydney Landon
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101620692
Category: Fiction
Page: 304
View: 9418
All her life, Beth Denton battled both her weight and her controlling parents. And now that she’s declared victory, she’s looking for her prince charming… Beth has always lived in her outgoing sister’s shadow, plagued by her own insecurity about her body. It’s time for her to step out from the sidelines and experience what life has to offer—then she’s laid off from her teaching job, and has to rely on her sister to get her a job at Danvers International. Nick Merimon is gorgeous, wealthy, and a well-known playboy—just the sort of man Beth has always avoided. But even she can’t deny the sparks that are flying between them. He could be just the man to show her what she’s been missing all these years. And after they share one heart-stopping night together, she is surprised when it leads to a relationship. But as their connection grows, and the realities of their romance begin to show, Beth will have to overcome both her own insecurities and her doubts about Nick’s intentions if her newfound pleasures are to last forever…

A Pathway Through Parks

Author: Carl S. Chavez
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412022738
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 332
View: 4995
"Bodie, the very sound of that name conjures up images of "The Bad Man From Bodie", a rough and tumble life, and the harsh climate of a gold mine boomtown of the early West. But to a young park ranger and his wife, fresh out of college, and with a child on the way, it was an intimidating beginning to a 32-year career with California Department of Parks and Recreation. A PATHWAY THROUGH PARKS follows the career of Ranger Carl S. Chavez and his family as they travel the length and breadth of California from the ghost town of Bodie State Historic Park to the mountains and beaches of Southern California. Each new assignment brings new adventures and challenges as Ranger Chavez promotes up the career ladder to positions on the Central Coast of California, the Sierra Nevada and finally to the redwoods of Northern California at Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Career decisions must be made which result in advancement, "out of the field", and into the Management ranks of Regional and Division Headquarters. Yet even these changes do not alter the opportunity for stories and tales of humor and tragedy, joy and sorrow, adventure and routine, and the success and failure that many readers will recognize in their own lives. Anyone who has retired from the workforce, regardless of occupation, will have memories like those found in A PATHWAY THROUGH PARKS. The author's experiences will give all those who love the Great Outdoors and enjoy our parks and forests a rare, inside glimpse, not only of the inner workings of park operations, but also, of family life living in parks.

Hope And a Future

A Story of Love, Loss And Living Again
Author: Wes Richards
Publisher: Monarch Books
ISBN: 0857212915
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 224
View: 9435
Wes Richards is senior pastor, of King’s Church International in Windsor. When his wife Carol died of cancer in June 2002 at the age of 51, the whole family was devastated. Yet in the time of their greatest sadness, good news and great healing were coming their way. After Carol's death the three Richards children, Wesley, James and Melody, met and fell in love with two sisters and a brother from the same South African family, resulting in three weddings. The wheel comes full circle; out of despair comes hope; there is a future. This is a simple story, well told, a testament of new horizons from a man who has suffered deeply.

The Maid's Daughter

Living Inside and Outside the American Dream
Author: Mary Romero
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814769365
Category: Social Science
Page: 277
View: 7138
2012 Americo Paredes Book Award Winner for Non-Fiction presented by the Center for Mexican American Studies at South Texas College Selected as a 2012 Outstanding Title by AAUP University Press Books for Public and Secondary School Libraries This is Olivia’s story. Born in Los Angeles, she is taken to Mexico to live with her extended family until the age of three. Olivia then returns to L.A. to live with her mother, Carmen, the live-in maid to a wealthy family. Mother and daughter sleep in the maid’s room, just off the kitchen. Olivia is raised alongside the other children of the family. She goes to school with them, eats meals with them, and is taken shopping for clothes with them. She is like a member of the family. Except she is not. Based on over twenty years of research, noted scholar Mary Romero brings Olivia’s remarkable story to life. We watch as she grows up among the children of privilege, struggles through adolescence, declares her independence and eventually goes off to college and becomes a successful professional. Much of this extraordinary story is told in Olivia’s voice and we hear of both her triumphs and setbacks. We come to understand the painful realization of wanting to claim a Mexican heritage that is in many ways not her own and of her constant struggle to come to terms with the great contradictions in her life. In The Maid’s Daughter, Mary Romero explores this complex story about belonging, identity, and resistance, illustrating Olivia’s challenge to establish her sense of identity, and the patterns of inclusion and exclusion in her life. Romero points to the hidden costs of paid domestic labor that are transferred to the families of private household workers and nannies, and shows how everyday routines are important in maintaining and assuring that various forms of privilege are passed on from one generation to another. Through Olivia’s story, Romero shows how mythologies of meritocracy, the land of opportunity, and the American dream remain firmly in place while simultaneously erasing injustices and the struggles of the working poor. A happy ending for the maid's daughter: Hector Tobar's profile of Olivia for the LA Times

In the short grass

Author: Haskell Robinson
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1481721135
Category: Self-Help
Page: 76
View: 2386
The barrage of A. A. meetings had penetrated the denial front. I heard my story a dozens of times .The real tough guys met life on life’s terms; without booze or drugs to numb the insults of life. I had accepted that life would be better if I put the plug in the jug and surrendered to win. I was not fi ghting the good fi ght when I was self-prescribing a mixed bag of feel-good drugs. I would soon learn the meaning of serenity, one day at a time as a better way to cope. We were told to “give up one thing and you can have everything.” The rum was out of the fruitcake. I was determined to take the program seriously. The substances were my crutch to navigate the difficult times and now I needed spirituality to replace the drugs. The progress was little and slow.

Sequencing Batch Reactor Technology

Author: Peter A. Wilderer,R. L. Irvine,M. C. Goronszy
Publisher: IWA Publishing
ISBN: 9781900222211
Category: Science
Page: 100
View: 5511
The report highlights various types of SBRs, design considerations and procedures, equipment required, and experiences gained from practical applications. This report will help both designers and operators of SBRs understand how to use this technology successfully. The focus is on the application of fill-and-draw, variable volume, periodically operated, unsteady-state principles to activated sludge systems. Research findings are presented, from both the laboratory and pilot and full scale SBRs. Also included is a description of trends for technological developments and a discussion of open questions regarding research, development, application, and operation. Contents Introduction Fundamentals of Periodic Processes General Overview of SBR Applications Design of Activated Sludge SBR Plants Equipment and Instrumentation Practical Experiences Evaluation of SBR Facilities in Australia Evaluation of SBR Facilities in the USA and Canada Evaluation of SBR Facilities in Germany Evaluation of SBR Facilities in France Evaluation of SBR facilities in Japan Scientific and Technical Report No. 10

52 Great Weekend Escapes in Northern California

Author: Chris Becker,Ray Bangs
Publisher: Insiders' Guide
ISBN: 9780762730872
Category: Travel
Page: 339
View: 8945
Readers will find all kinds of escapes in Northern California, from hunting for waterfalls in Yosemite, horseback riding the Tamarak Basin, or gold panning in the California River to visiting the Coffee Creek Dude Ranch, escaping from Alcatraz, or relaxing at Frank Lloyd Wright's Nakoma Spa. Organized by season and by difficulty level, 52 Great Weekend Escapes in Northern California provides a year's worth of great short escapes for adventurers of every age, budget, and skill level.


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Library Hotline

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Libraries
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Author: Darrell L. Bock
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310559081
Category: Religion
Page: 640
View: 2976
Most Bible commentaries take us on a one-way trip from the twentieth century to the first century. But they leave us there, assuming that we can somehow make the return journey on our own. In other words, they focus on the original meaning of the passage but don't discuss its contemporary application. The information they offer is valuable -- but the job is only half done! The NIV Application Commentary Series helps us with both halves of the interpretive task. This new and unique series shows readers how to bring an ancient message into modern context. It explains not only what the Bible means but also how it can speak powerfully today.

Gardeners Chronicle, the Horticultural Trade Journal

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Horticulture
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Controlling System Costs

Basic and Advanced Scheduling Manuals and Contemporary Issues in Transit Scheduling
Author: Daniel K. Boyle
Publisher: Transportation Research Board
ISBN: 0309117836
Category: Local transit
Page: N.A
View: 5981

Passing the ITIL® Foundation Exam

Author: David Pultorak,Jon E. Nelson,Vince Pultorak
Publisher: Van Haren
ISBN: 9087538944
Category: Education
Page: 290
View: 988
For trainers free additional material of this book is available. This can be found under the "Training Material" tab. Log in with your trainer account to access the material.This book helps people prepare for the ITIL® 2011 Edition Foundation qualification exam. It contains direct links to the full syllabus and specifies the terms and definitions required. In addition it gives sample questions for practice both within the text and also a number of the official exams questions in the back. The content of this book is based on the ITIL® 2011 Edition core guidance and APMG s ITIL Foundation Certificate syllabus edition 2011.Written by globally experienced trainers and reviewed by other professionals this unique work provides clear and concise guidance for all those seeking to achieve success at the ITIL Foundation Level. Covering:A clear and concise explanation of the exam structure; Key text for the exams;Sample exam questions and sample answers andHints and Tips and practical examplesthis book will highlight for readers the key items they need for the ITIL Foundation Exam that will increase chances of success.

Devreaux's Appointment

Author: Larry D. Powell
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475925964
Category: Fiction
Page: 312
View: 6611
is the fictionalized account of an impressionable, star-crossed lad coming of age in tiny Bristow, Arkansas, graduating from The University of Arkansas, attaining a degree from Candler School of Theology, and aspiring for a ministerial “appointment” in Arkansas from the Methodist bishop. Bristow is where he learned to ‘figure,’ process unpleasantries, and … was abducted. The University of Arkansas is where he excelled academically, married his campus sweetheart, and … survived the initial attempt upon his life by an unknown assassin. Georgia is where he served a student ministerial “appointment” in rural Greene County, resisted the wiles of a skirt-tugging parishioner, survived a near fatal automobile wreck precipitated by an ambitious small town constable, navigated through numerous personality conflicts of parishioners, and narrowly avoided a cleverly calculated scheme by the anonymous assassin. Arkansas is the setting for Deveaux’s initial “appointments” while awaiting the elusive “promotion.” Interesting personalities abound: an enigmatic district superintendent, the church member in charge of porno films shown at the fire department, the “unpredictable” church organist, and the unknown assassin. The salient significance of the book’s title is discovered in the LAST line of the text.