The Music of Nature Or An Attempt to Prove that what is Passionate and Pleasing in the Art of Singing Speaking and Performing Upon Musical Instruments is Derived from the Sounds of the Animated World

... in which the singer interweaves the inflections of the speaking voice . If melody is the poetry of music , recitative may be considered as the prose a discourse * This aria parlante is natural to all the languages of the East .

Author: William Gardiner



Category: Cries

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Kielmeyer and the Organic World

What is worth considering, however, is why Hegel thinks that, even if species did undergo metamorphosis and thereby produce new forms of life, the philosophy of nature would not be required to attend to such events. In fact, for Hegel, ...

Author: Lydia Azadpour

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350143487

Category: Philosophy

Page: 248

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Carl Friedrich Kielmeyer (1765-1844) was the 'father of philosophy of nature' owing to his profound influence on German Idealist and Romantic Naturphilosophie. With the recent growth of interest in Idealist and Romantic philosophy of nature in the UK and abroad, the importance of Kielmeyer's work is being increasingly recognised and special attention is being paid to his influence on biology's development as a distinct discipline at the end of the eighteenth century. In this exciting new book, Lydia Azadpour and Daniel Whistler present the first ever English translations of key texts by Kielmeyer, along with contextual and interpretative essays by leading international scholars, who are experts on the philosophy of nature and the formation of the life sciences in the late eighteenth century. The topics they cover include: the laws of nature, the concept of force, the meaning of 'organism', the logic of recapitulation, Kielmeyer and ecology, sexual differentiation in animal life and Kielmeyer's relationship to Kant, Schelling and Hegel. In doing so, they provide a comprehensive English reference to Kielmeyer's historical and contemporary significance.
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What if Culture was Nature all Along

the possibility of imagining what we call 'nature' and 'culture' as truly consubstantial. Kirby thus proposes a way to hold on to representation without representationalism. Instead, it might be figured as an instance of originary ...

Author: Vicki Kirby

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474419307

Category: Philosophy

Page: 272

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New materialisms argue for a more science-friendly humanities, ventilating questions about methodology and subject matter and the importance of the non-human. However, these new sites of attention - climate, biology, affect, geology, animals and objects - tend to leverage their difference against language and the discursive. Similarly, questions about ontology have come to eclipse, and even eschew, those of epistemology. While this collection of essays is in kinship with this radical shake-up of how and what we study, the aim is to re-navigate what constitutes materiality. These efforts are encapsulated by a rewriting of the Derridean axiom, 'there is no outside text' as 'there is no outside nature.' What if nature has always been literate, numerate, social? And what happens to 'the human' if its exceptional identity and status is conceded quantum, non-local and ecological implication?
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Becoming Utopian

... Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster, New York: Penguin. Solnit, R. (2016), Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities, Edinburgh and London: Canongate. Soper, Kate (1995), What Is Nature? London: Blackwell.

Author: Tom Moylan

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350133358

Category: Literary Criticism

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A dream of a better world is a powerful human force that inspires activists, artists, and citizens alike. In this book Tom Moylan – one of the pioneering scholars of contemporary utopian studies – explores the utopian process in its individual and collective trajectory from dream to realization. Drawing on theorists such as Fredric Jameson, Donna Haraway and Alain Badiou and science fiction writers such as Kim Stanley Robinson and China Miéville, Becoming Utopian develops its argument for sociopolitical action through studies that range from liberation theology, ecological activism, and radical pedagogy to the radical movements of 1968. Throughout, Moylan speaks to the urgent need to confront and transform the global environmental, economic, political and cultural crises of our time.
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The Emerging Marine Economy of the Pacific

In the Buddhist tradition , man is part of nature , since all reality is interdependent and mutually permeating ( 2 ) . The key concept is harmony with reality . The Buddha nature can be found in any object or being ; the essence of ...

Author: Chennat Gopalakrishnan

Publisher: Boston : Butterworths

ISBN: UCSC:32106007175471

Category: Marine resources

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Cicero and Modern Law

Thus , though both humans and animals exist in nature , only humans understand or follow natural justice and natural laws . 58 Third , Aristotle asserts that the laws that accord with nature are universal , common to all , and can be ...

Author: Richard Oliver Brooks

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124109112

Category: Law

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Cicero and Modern Law contains the best modern writings on Cicero's major law related works, such as the Republic, On Law, On Oratory, along with a comprehensive bibliography of writings on Cicero's legal works. These works are organized to reveal the influence of Cicero's writings upon the history of legal thought, including St. Thomas, the Renaissance, Montesquieu and the U.S. Founding Fathers. Finally, the articles include discussions of Cicero's influence upon central themes in modern legal thought, including legal skepticism, republicanism, mixed government, private property, natural law, conservatism and rhetoric. The editor offers an extensive introduction, placing these articles in the context of an overall view of Cicero's contribution to modern legal thinking.
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What Is Cosmopolitical Design Design Nature and the Built Environment

Architectural design has never treated nature as an abstract, silent, and unified entity, which stands astray from design and technological experimentation. Zaera-Polo sees the history of façade assemblages as providing convincing ...

Author: Albena Yaneva

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134809011

Category: Architecture

Page: 264

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The scale of ecological crises made us realize that every kind of politics has always been cosmopolitics, politics of a cosmos. Cosmos embraces everything, including the multifarious natural and material entities that make humans act. The book examines cosmopolitics in its relation to design practice. Abandoning the modernist idea of nature as being external to the human experience - a nature that can be mastered by engineers and scientists from outside, the cosmpolitical thinking offers designers to embark in an active process of manipulating and reworking nature ’from within.’ To engage in cosmopolitics, this book argues, means to redesign, create, instigate, and compose every single feature of our common experience. In the light of this new understanding of nature, we set the questions: What is the role of design if nature is no longer salient enough to provide a background for human activities? How can we foster designers’ own force and make present what causes designers to think, feel, and act? How do designers make explicit the connection of humans to a variety of entities with different ontology: rivers, species, particles, materials and forces? How do they redefine political order by bringing together stars, prions and people? In effect, how should we understand design practice in its relation to the material and the living world? In this volume, anthropologists, science studies scholars, political scientists and sociologists rethink together the meaning of cosmopolitics for design. At the same time designers, architects and artists engage with the cosmopolitical question in trying to imagine the future of architectural and urban design. The book contains original empirical chapters and a number of revealing interviews with artists and designers whose practices set examples of ’cosmopolitically correct design’.
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Never Change What Is Natural

Author: Prague Raja

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479718283

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This book is a fiction tale of the impact that nature would have, when unwarranted changes are done at an extraordinary pace for obsessive reasons. There are clear boundaries which man and the government wish to cross as a showdown of power and ambition; however nature in a subtle way is proving them wrong. In a bigger picture we all experience it by Global warming. This story is at a personal level of a Billionaire Sir Louis, his passionate dream of changing his natural self and the implications he faces due to this action. Is there any remedies, should he live with the curse he bestowed himself with, will all the billions help, can the action be undone.
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The Family Bed

For though nature turns over to us more than three million babies a year, virtually all of whom are psychologically healthy, the fact is that the majority of them, despite continuing medical attendance (or because of it), ...

Author: Tine Thevenin

Publisher: Perigee Trade

ISBN: IND:39000001329684

Category: Child psychology

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An "excellent" (Jane Goodall, Ph.D.) guide to the pros and cons of children sleeping in their parents' bed.
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Truths versus Shadows or the Real and the False

Such then is Human Nature - so weak , so proud ; and , if the latter , so sure to fall . Humility is the only rising quality ; the highest truth is lowly love , and the clearest view - point is , or gives , faith .

Author: F. R. Waring


ISBN: BL:A0025152103

Category: Psychology

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