White Cargo

The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America
Author: Don Jordan,Michael Walsh
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1780572107
Category: History
Page: 320
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In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, 300,000 people or more became slaves there in all but name. Urchins were swept up from London's streets to labour in the tobacco fields, brothels were raided to provide 'breeders' for Virginia and hopeful migrants were duped into signing as indentured servants, unaware they would become chattels who could be bought, sold and gambled away. Drawing on letters, diaries, and court and government archives, the authors demonstrate that the brutalities associated with black slavery alone were perpetrated on whites throughout British rule. The trade ended with American independence but the British still tried to sell convicts in their former colonies, which prompted one of the most audacious plots in Anglo-American history. This is a saga of exploitation and cruelty spanning 170 years that has been submerged under the overwhelming memory of black slavery. White Cargo brings the brutal, uncomfortable story to the surface.

White Cargo

Author: Stuart Woods
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476709548
Category: Fiction
Page: 352
View: 5880
From the glittering beaches of the Caribbean to a final harrowing showdown in the Amazonian rain forest comes a breakneck tale of danger, intrigue, and depravity. Cat Catledge is a happy man. A self made multi millionaire at fifty, he has a loving wife and a beautiful teenaged daughter. And after years of hard work, he is taking his family on the ultimate dream sabbatical: a two year cruise to the South Pacific via the Panama Canal, aboard his custom built forty-three-foot yacht. He gets as far as Colombia. Off that country's cocaine dusted shores, Cat's bliss—and his dearly loved family—are permanently shattered by an event so unexpected, so savage, and so tragically final that it leaves Cat completely devastated. Consumed by terrible guilt, he returns home alone, a broken man. Investigations by both the Colombian authorities and the U.S. State Department prove fruitless. Then, late one night, Cat is awakened by the telephone and, from far away, over a static filled line, an achingly familiar voice utters a single, electrifying word. Driven by a mixture of hope and anguish, Cat slips back into South America on a desperate search for the daughter he cannot bring himself to believe is dead. Aided by an Australian ex-convict, a beautiful television journalist, and a man known to him only as "Jim", Cat follows a trail of blood and graft, white powder and white slavery, and discovers in himself an unsuspected capacity for ruthlessness and cunning, and—even more surprising—a rekindled capacity for love.

White Cargo

Author: Felicity Kendal
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780140271584
Category: Actors
Page: 331
View: 1244
Felicity Kendal began writing these richly entertaining and deeply honest memoirs at her father's bedside as he lay in a coma. As she moves hauntingly between the present and the past, Felicity Kendal recaptures her magical childhood in India, her complex relationship with her father and the rest of the family, her love affairs and the acting career that led to her being recognised as one of the outstanding actresses of her generation. 'A remarkable first book about acting, travelling, exile, loving and losing; a book about families and, above all, a book about fathers and daughters.' Angela Lambert, Good Housekeeping

Turned Inside Out: Black, White, and Irish in the South

An article from Southern Cultures 18:1, Spring 2012
Author: Bryan Giemza
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 0807837687
Category: History
Page: 61
View: 3426
As a place where Black and Green were in perpetual contact, the Atlantic South furnishes an ideal case study in how these peoples moved with, against, and around one another." This article appears in the Spring 2012 issue of Southern Cultures. The full issue is also available as an ebook. Southern Cultures is published quarterly (spring, summer, fall, winter) by the University of North Carolina Press. The journal is sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Center for the Study of the American South.

Calendar Cuts

Author: Alfred Colo
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462896014
Category: Poetry
Page: 256
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This highly readable book will absorb, inform and entertain-nature and poetry lovers. Here is an ideal guide to understanding the fascinating backgrounds to approaching celebrations in twelve months and Four Seasons of time-mapping poetry. Without an understanding of the regularity of the motions of sun and moon to guide them, our remote ancestors could not plan ahead; their experience of time could have been no more than a succession of days and moons and seasons. Only after theyd learned to count and do simple arithmetic, and after many nights of careful observation of the heavens, did the calendar begin to take shape.

Five Plays

Author: Langston Hughes
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253201218
Category: Drama
Page: 258
View: 6679
Tambourines to Glory, Soul Gone Home, Little Ham, Mulatto, and Simply Heavenly reflect the black author's concern with the position of the Negro in the United States

The Economist

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Commerce
Page: N.A
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Costume Design in the Movies

An Illustrated Guide to the Work of 157 Great Designers
Author: Elizabeth Leese
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486134296
Category: Antiques & Collectibles
Page: 176
View: 4965
Comprehensive, lavishly illustrated reference work provides biographical/career data for major designers (Adrian, Jean Louis, Edith Head, more). Updated to 1988, with over 400 new film credits. 177 illustrations. Index of 6,000 films.

Deception and Preparation

Author: John E. Sherrer
Publisher: Charisma Media
ISBN: 1621363090
Category: Fiction
Page: 408
View: 6767
Deception, Preparation, Rapture. Get ready, so you will not be deceived.

Forgeries of Memory and Meaning

Blacks and the Regimes of Race in American Theater and Film before World War II
Author: Cedric J. Robinson
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469606755
Category: Social Science
Page: 456
View: 3004
Cedric J. Robinson offers a new understanding of race in America through his analysis of theater and film of the early twentieth century. He argues that economic, political, and cultural forces present in the eras of silent film and the early "talkies" firmly entrenched limited representations of African Americans. Robinson grounds his study in contexts that illuminate the parallel growth of racial beliefs and capitalism, beginning with Shakespearean England and the development of international trade. He demonstrates how the needs of American commerce determined the construction of successive racial regimes that were publicized in the theater and in motion pictures, particularly through plantation and jungle films. In addition to providing new depth and complexity to the history of black representation, Robinson examines black resistance to these practices. Whereas D. W. Griffith appropriated black minstrelsy and romanticized a national myth of origins, Robinson argues that Oscar Micheaux transcended uplift films to create explicitly political critiques of the American national myth. Robinson's analysis marks a new way of approaching the intellectual, political, and media racism present in the beginnings of American narrative cinema.


Author: Alvin J. Wesson
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146539480X
Category: Fiction
Page: 139
View: 9109
EVERY man has his breaking point. For Alfred Hymsley, that breaking point only served to enhance the madness and rage he had held within for those who he felt were responsible for his ruined career, his failed marriage, and his financial disaster. Combined with his tactical knowledge and his newfound love for primates only spelled extreme danger and uncertainty for all the residents living in the Luddington Bay area! This is a novel of what evil befalls us when certain elite members of our society simply snap. Set in a city somewhere deep in the heart of Australia, this gruesome scenario plays out where the likelihood of animal lovers and madness can easily converge and can turn into sheer terror for all in its wake!

Border Contraband

A History of Smuggling across the Rio Grande
Author: George T. Díaz
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0292761082
Category: Social Science
Page: 255
View: 5261
Present-day smuggling across the U.S.-Mexico border is a professional, often violent, criminal activity. However, it is only the latest chapter in a history of illicit business dealings that stretches back to 1848, when attempts by Mexico and the United States to tax commerce across the Rio Grande upset local trade and caused popular resentment. Rather than acquiesce to what they regarded as arbitrary trade regulations, borderlanders continued to cross goods and accepted many forms of smuggling as just. In Border Contraband, George T. Díaz provides the first history of the common, yet little studied, practice of smuggling across the U.S.-Mexico border. In Part I, he examines the period between 1848 and 1910, when the United States' and Mexico's trade concerns focused on tariff collection and on borderlanders' attempts to avoid paying tariffs by smuggling. Part II begins with the onset of the Mexican Revolution in 1910, when national customs and other security forces on the border shifted their emphasis to the interdiction of prohibited items (particularly guns and drugs) that threatened the state. Díaz's pioneering research explains how greater restrictions have transformed smuggling from a low-level mundane activity, widely accepted and still routinely practiced, into a highly profitable professional criminal enterprise.

Cinema Civil Rights

Regulation, Repression, and Race in the Classical Hollywood Era
Author: Ellen C. Scott
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813572924
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 268
View: 4190
From Al Jolson in blackface to Song of the South, there is a long history of racism in Hollywood film. Yet as early as the 1930s, movie studios carefully vetted their releases, removing racially offensive language like the “N-word.” This censorship did not stem from purely humanitarian concerns, but rather from worries about boycotts from civil rights groups and loss of revenue from African American filmgoers. Cinema Civil Rights presents the untold history of how Black audiences, activists, and lobbyists influenced the representation of race in Hollywood in the decades before the 1960s civil rights era. Employing a nuanced analysis of power, Ellen C. Scott reveals how these representations were shaped by a complex set of negotiations between various individuals and organizations. Rather than simply recounting the perspective of film studios, she calls our attention to a variety of other influential institutions, from protest groups to state censorship boards. Scott demonstrates not only how civil rights debates helped shaped the movies, but also how the movies themselves provided a vital public forum for addressing taboo subjects like interracial sexuality, segregation, and lynching. Emotionally gripping, theoretically sophisticated, and meticulously researched, Cinema Civil Rights presents us with an in-depth look at the film industry’s role in both articulating and censoring the national conversation on race.

Escaping Vietnam: a Boy's View

A Boy’S View
Author: Coon V. Chau
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781453521304
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 90
View: 628
This is a personal story of my journey to America. It describes why my family and I decided to leave Viet-Nam; how we left Viet-Nam; and the obstacles that we endured for the price of freedom. This book was written so people around the world can see the injustice that occurred to many thousands of Vietnamese who died seeking a new home after Viet-Nam became a communistic state. It is the hope that this book will give a sense of closure to many Vietnamese such as myself...to forgive, forget, and be at peace.

Friends and Enemies

Corlew Chronicles
Author: Tyrone L. Corlew
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1490743707
Category: Fiction
Page: 122
View: 5576
The main character, Dennis, is excited about the start of his sophomore year and is seeking popularity among his high school peers. Fortunately, his best friend, LJ has signed a contract to perform at a local club twice a week and decides to bring Dennis onboard as part of his act. The two of them form a tight friendship together. However, both of the sophomore sensations have difficulty with their relationships with girls. To complicate matters, there is a local gang at Corlew Chronicles High School, of which the leader, Jason, is dedicated to making the lives of Dennis and LJ increasingly difficult. Dennis, who has a reputation as a player, begins to fall for a young lady named Majestic who is determined to keep her virginity until marriage. Dennis doesnt have problems with this until a young lady from his past appears and is now interested in dating Dennis. This story will take you on a ride through the relationships that many teens encounter during high school. Along with those relationships emerge some pain and suffering as well as bullying and intimidation from the gang. Ultimately, the choices that are made by Dennis and LJ will have a profound impact on the outcome of their lives.

End Game

Action Packed Terrorism Thriller
Author: Reggie Ridgway
Publisher: BookRix
ISBN: 3730936166
Category: Fiction
Page: 342
View: 4833
When two dysfunctional men with divergent backgrounds cross paths, they soon learn they must fight for each other and their country. Dr. Butcher, a physician, depressed and suicidal since the untimely death of his wife, accidentally runs down a disabled homeless man on the street. His victim is named Blade, a decorated Gulf War veteran and a prosthetic-wearing amputee. He chooses to wander the streets as he struggles to recover from PTSD. Butcher and Blade's fateful accident occurs as a two million dollar armored car heist is going down. Thwarting an attempt by the gang of thieves to eliminate witnesses, the two grab the money and escape. They are pursued by the ruthless gang, which they discover is a sleeper cell of al Qaeda terrorists bent on attacking Los Angeles on the tenth anniversary of 9-11. Butcher and Blade gather an ill-equipped band of broken soldiers and mercenaries and are forced to rely on each other and inherent skills when pressed into service to mitigate attacks against Americans on their own soil.

I'll Tell Them I Remember You

Author: William Peter Blatty
Publisher: Forge Books
ISBN: 146683479X
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 152
View: 1606
This is Blatty's story of his youth in Manhattan, and of his Lebanese mother who became a single parent with five children in the 1930s. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

“Darlings All—”

The Dramatic Life of a New York Theater Family (1895–1957) Based on over 3,700 Letters, Hundreds of Period Photographs, and 20 Scrapbooks
Author: Harmon Smith
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465388664
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 291
View: 8128
There is no available information at this time.

The Complete Bartender (Updated)

Author: Robyn M. Feller
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101220740
Category: Cooking
Page: 512
View: 3666
Features: Exciting New Drinks Frozen Blender Drinks Beer and Wine Punch Low-Calorie Drinks After-Dinner Drinks Non-Alcoholic Drinks Hot Drinks Aperitifs Holiday and Seasonal Drinks Plus... Stocking the Bar Selecting Barware A Guide to Ingredients Making Toasts Responsible Bartending Responsible Drinking Party Planning Creating Theme Parties