Working with Relational and Developmental Trauma in Children and Adolescents

Author: Karen Treisman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317374134
Category: Psychology
Page: 242
View: 6610
Working with Relational and Developmental Trauma in Children and Adolescents focuses on the multi-layered complex and dynamic area of trauma, loss and disrupted attachment on babies, children, adolescents and the systems around them. The book explores the impact of relational and developmental trauma and toxic stress on children’s bodies, brains, relationships, behaviours, cognitions, and emotions. The book draws on a range of theoretical perspectives through reflective exercises, rich case studies, practical applications and therapeutic strategies. With chapters on wider organisational and systemic dynamics, strength-based practices and the intergenerational transmission of relational trauma, Karen Treisman provides a holistic view of the pervasive nature and impact of working with trauma. Working with Relational and Developmental Trauma in Children and Adolescents will be of interest to professionals working with children and families in the community, in-patient, school, residential, and court-based settings, including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, and students.

A Therapeutic Treasure Box for Working with Children and Adolescents with Developmental Trauma

Creative Techniques and Activities
Author: Karen Treisman
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 1784505536
Category: Social Science
Page: 424
View: 5948
Like a treasure chest, this resource overflows with valuable resources - information, ideas and techniques to inspire and support those working with children who have experienced relational and developmental trauma. Drawing on a range of therapeutic models including systemic, psychodynamic, trauma, sensory, neurobiological, neurocognitive, attachment, cognitive behavioural, and creative ideas, Dr Karen Treisman explains how we understand trauma and its impact on children, teens and their families. She details how it can be seen in symptoms such as nightmares, sleeping difficulties, emotional dysregulation, rage, and outbursts. Theory and strategies are accompanied by a treasure trove of practical, creative, and ready-to-use resources including over 100 illustrated worksheets and handouts, top tips, recommended sample questions, and photographed examples.

Attachment-Based Milieus for Healing Child and Adolescent Developmental Trauma

A Relational Approach for Use in Settings from Inpatient Psychiatry to Special Education Classrooms
Author: John Stewart
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 1784507393
Category: Psychology
Page: 216
View: 8218
This book presents an innovative relational and community based therapeutic model to ensure children's essential attachment needs are catered for in intensive mental health care. The text combines an overview of theory relating to attachment and trauma before laying out a model for working with children and adolescents in an attachment-informed way. The approach applies to a diverse range of settings - from in-patient psychiatric settings, through to schools-based programs, and provides the reader with the knowledge and guidance they need to introduce the approach in their own service. It also addresses the complexities of working with specific clinical populations, including children with ADHD, ASD, RAD and psychosis. Accessible for entry level clinical caretakers, yet sophisticated enough for clinical supervisors, this book is essential reading for professionals looking to improve the effectiveness of child and adolescent treatment programs.

Creative Interventions with Traumatized Children

Author: Cathy A. Malchiodi
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 1606237853
Category: Psychology
Page: 332
View: 3034
Rich with case material and artwork samples, this volume demonstrates a range of creative approaches for facilitating children's emotional reparation and recovery from trauma. Contributors include experienced practitioners of play, art, music, movement and drama therapies, bibliotherapy, and integrative therapies, who describe step-by-step strategies for working with individual children, families, and groups. The case-based format makes the book especially practical and user-friendly. Specific types of stressful experiences addressed include parental loss, child abuse, accidents, family violence, bullying, and mass trauma. Broader approaches to promoting resilience and preventing posttraumatic problems in children at risk are also presented.


Author: Lisa Ballantyne
Publisher: SUMA
ISBN: 8483654741
Category: Fiction
Page: 384
View: 5869
Un niño pequeño, hallado muerto en Barnard Park... Un relato apasionante y conmovedor que conjuga una gran sensibilidad con los aspectos más emocionantes de los thrillers judiciales. Daniel Hunter, un abogado que ejerce en Londres, ha dedicado años a defender causas perdidas, sin implicarse y sin permitir que le afectasen una vez terminadas. Pero todo cambia cuando conoce a Sebastian Croll, un niño de once años acusado de asesinar a otro niño, Ben Stokes, de ocho. Al adentrarse en la difícil vida familiar de Sebastian, Daniel no puede evitar recordar su propia infancia en casas de acogida... y a Minnie, la mujer que lo adoptó y lo salvó con su cariño, hasta que le hizo tanto daño que Daniel la apartó de su vida. Pero ¿cuál fue el crimen de Minnie para que Daniel la evitase durante quince años? ¿Perderá Daniel todo lo que ha logrado por esa obsesiónque lo atormenta y que le hace dudar de la culpabilidad o inocencia de Sebastian? Reseñas: «Lisa Ballantyne ha escrito una primera novela tan emotiva como llena de suspense, rica en detalles, pero con la misteriosa sencillez de una parábola». Joyce Carol Oates «Este libro, valiente, exigente y que hace reflexionar, constituye una lectura perturbadora y compulsiva». Rosamund Lupton, autora de Hermana «En un nivel, Culpable presenta un apasionante drama judicial que es resueltamente fiel a sus personajes. Y en otro plano, su historia personal resuena con amor, perdón y la posibilidad de redención. Culpable le tocará el corazón». Hallie Ephron, autora de El precio de la mentira «Un debut conmovedor y profundo. Es fácil entender por qué causó tal revuelo en la Feria de Frankfurt. Si no se convierte en el No confíes en nadie de este año, me comeré el ordenador». Guardian «Sutil, sofisticado y lleno de suspense». Sunday Express «Un libro que no se puede soltar». Cosmopolitan «No podía quitarme este libro de la cabeza. Me tuvo despierta toda la noche, conjeturando todas las posibilidades. Me ha encantado». Jenny Colgan

Clinical Work with Traumatized Young Children

Author: Joy D. Osofsky
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 1609182081
Category: Psychology
Page: 364
View: 3200
Presenting crucial knowledge and state-of-the-art treatment approaches for working with young children affected by trauma, this book is an essential resource for mental health professionals and child welfare advocates. Readers gain an understanding of how trauma affects the developing brain, the impact on attachment processes, and how to provide effective help to young children and their families from diverse backgrounds. Top experts in the field cover key evidence-based treatments--including child-parent psychotherapy, attachment-based treatments, and relational interventions--as well as interventions in pediatric, legal, and community settings. Special sections give in-depth attention to deployment-related trauma in military families and the needs of children of substance-abusing parents.

Clinical Exercises for Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents

Practical Guidance and Ready-to-use Resources
Author: Damion J. Grasso
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 0857007688
Category: Psychology
Page: 200
View: 4602
How do I implement effective strategies for treating traumatic stress in this particular child or adolescent? Clinical Exercises for Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents combines guidance for personalizing and implementing effective treatment approaches with practical materials to use in session. It describes the potential impact of trauma on children and adolescents, outlines core principles of effective treatment models, and provides practical guidance for tailoring treatment strategies to the specific needs of the individual. The featured worksheets and practical resources are designed to be compatible with evidence-based treatment models including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Prolonged Exposure, Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competence (ARC), and Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP). Replete with adaptable, ready-made materials, this convenient resource will help any clinician working with trauma exposed 8-18-year-olds to implement effective treatment strategies in practice, as well as to take a tailored approach that engages them with creative, therapeutic activities.

Handbook of Resilience in Children

Author: Sam Goldstein,Robert B. Brooks
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461436613
Category: Psychology
Page: 527
View: 6349
Today’s children face a multitude of pressures, from the everyday challenges of life to the increasing threats of poverty, exploitation, and trauma. Central to growing up successfully is learning to deal with stress, endure hardships, and thrive despite adversity. Resilience – the ability to cope with and overcome life’s difficulties – is a quality that can potentially be nurtured in all young people. The second edition of the Handbook of Resilience in Children updates and expands on its original focus of resilience in children who overcome adversity to include its development in those not considered at risk, leading to better outcomes for all children across the lifespan. Expert contributors examine resilience in relation to environmental stressors, as a phenomenon in child and adolescent disorders, and as a means toward positive adaptation into adulthood. New and revised chapters explore strategies for developing resilience in the family, the therapist’s office, and the school as well as its nurturance in caregivers and teachers. Topics addressed include: Resilience in maltreated children and adults. Resilience and self-control impairment. Relational resilience in young and adolescent girls. Asset-building as an essential component of treatment. Assessment of social and emotional competencies related to resilience. Building resilience through school bullying prevention programs. Large-scale longitudinal studies on resilience. The second edition of the Handbook of Resilience in Children is a must-have reference for researchers, clinicians, allied practitioners and professionals, and graduate students in school and clinical psychology, education, pediatrics, psychiatry, social work, school counseling, and public health.

Child Psychotherapy

Integrating Developmental Theory into Clinical Practice
Author: Robbie Adler-Tapia, PhD
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826106749
Category: Psychology
Page: 312
View: 6695
All too often children are diagnosed and medicated without the consideration that their symptoms may actually be a healthy response to stressful life events. This integrative guide for mental health practitioners who work with children underscores the importance of considering the etiology of a child's symptoms within a developmental framework before making a diagnosis. Providing advanced training and skills for working with children, the book guides the therapist, step-by-step, through assessment, case conceptualization, and treatment with a focus on the tenets of child development and a consideration of the impact of distressing life events. The book first addresses child development and the evolution of child psychotherapy from the perspectives of numerous disciplines, including recent findings in neurodevelopmental trauma and neurobiology. It discusses assessment measures, the impact of divorce and the forensic/legal environment on clinical practice, recommendations for HIPAA compliance, evidence-based best practices for treating children, and the requirements for an integrated treatment approach. Woven throughout are indications for case conceptualization including consideration of a child's complete environment. Key Features: Provides an integrative approach to child psychotherapy from the perspective of healthy development Offers an alternative to the medical model Discusses key theories of child development and psychotherapy Integrates a multimodal approach that considers a child's daily environment Includes a template for organizing and implementing a successful practice Features an instructorís manual and course syllabus

Understanding and Assessing Trauma in Children and Adolescents

Measures, Methods, and Youth in Context
Author: Kathleen Nader
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135901694
Category: Psychology
Page: 512
View: 3078
In this volume, Kathleen Nader has compiled an articulate and comprehensive guide to the complex process of assessment in youth and adolescent trauma. There are many issues that are important to evaluating children and adolescents, and it is increasingly clear that reliance on just one type of assessment does not provide the most accurate results. From history to recent advances, this book covers a wide range of methods and measures for assessing trauma, including case examples to illustrate the integration of these different facets. Altogether, the broad scope and inclusive depth of this work make it an essential addition to the field of trauma assessment.

Handbook of Social Work Practice with Vulnerable and Resilient Populations

Author: Alex Gitterman
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231537018
Category: Social Science
Page: 896
View: 2398
When community and family support systems are weak or unavailable, and when internal resources fail, populations that struggle with chronic, persistent, acute, and/or unexpected problems become vulnerable to physical, cognitive, emotional, and social deterioration. Yet despite numerous risk factors, a large number of vulnerable people do live happy and productive lives. This best-selling handbook examines not only risk and vulnerability factors in disadvantaged populations but also resilience and protective strategies for managing and overcoming adversity. This third edition reflects new demographic data, research findings, and theoretical developments and accounts for changing economic and political realities, including immigration and health care policy reforms. Contributors have expanded their essays to include practice with individuals, families, and groups, and new chapters consider working with military members and their families, victims and survivors of terrorism and torture, bullied children, and young men of color.

Relational Trauma in Infancy

Psychoanalytic, Attachment and Neuropsychological Contributions to Parent-Infant Psychotherapy
Author: Tessa Baradon
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135151733
Category: Psychology
Page: 248
View: 7793
This book presents an interdisciplinary discussion between researchers and clinicians about trauma in the relationship between infants and their parents. It makes an innovative contribution to the field of infant mental health in bringing together previously separated paradigms of relational trauma from psychoanalysis, attachment and the neurosciences. With contributions from a range of experts, areas of discussion include: intergenerational transmission of relational trauma and earliest intervention the nature of the traumatising encounter between parent and infant the therapeutic possibilities of parent-infant psychotherapy in changing the trajectory of transmitted trauma training and supporting professionals working with traumatised parents and infants. Relational Trauma in Infancy will be of particular interest to trainee and qualified child and adult psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, child and adult psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, health care professionals and social workers.

Child and Adolescent Treatment for Social Work Practice

A Relational Perspective for Beginning Clinicians
Author: Theresa Aiello
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0684843935
Category: Education
Page: 221
View: 3282
Although a few textbooks have been written about working with young children in practice settings, until now none has provided the theoretical framework and concrete help necessary for working with children from the first years through adolescence. In response to this pressing need, Dr. Theresa Aiello of New York University has written Child and Adolescent Treatment for Social Work Practice: A Relational Perspective for Beginning Clinicians. Infused with authority, wisdom, and caring that have resulted from twenty-five years of agency, community, and clinical practice, consultation, and classroom teaching, Dr. Aiello introduces and covers comprehensively all the major therapeutic issues and treatment modalities, including play, family, and group therapy.

Child and Adolescent Treatment for Social Work Pra

A Relational Perspective for Beginning Clinicians
Author: Teresa Aiello
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439119099
Category: Social Science
Page: 240
View: 8633
An excellent introductory text for the beginning social work student. Dr. Aiello's unique style organizes and categorizes well what can be an overwhelming bombardment in disorganized clinical studies. Highly readable, useful and comprehensive.


Contemporary Directions in Theory, Practice, and Research
Author: Shoshana Ringel,Jerrold R. Brandell
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 141297982X
Category: Psychology
Page: 259
View: 8486
Contemporary Directions in Trauma is a new text for courses on trauma and working with vulnerable populations. Trauma has evolved as a field over the past few decades. What began as focusing on childhood trauma, sexual abuse and PTSD, has now broadened much further to include other definitions such as terrorism, natural disasters, school shootings and more. This book unifies the various approaches for assessing trauma in one volume.

Parent-Focused Child Therapy

Attachment, Identification, and Reflective Function
Author: Carol Wachs,Linda Jacobs
Publisher: Jason Aronson, Incorporated
ISBN: 1461629934
Category: Psychology
Page: 356
View: 7021
This collection of essays from leading psychotherapists taps into the current literature on the efficacy of working with parents in solving their children's problems. Wachs and Jacobs focus on identifying and evaluating a variety of approaches and their effects on standard questions of attachment, identity and reflection.

The Little Book of Child and Adolescent Development

Author: Karen Gilmore,Pamela Meersand
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190213159
Category: Medical
Page: 272
View: 7034
The Little Book of Child and Adolescent Development presents a modern, psychoanalytically-informed summary of how the mind develops from infancy through young adulthood. It is a comprehensive work that integrates analytic theories with a contemporary systems model of development, and also draws on scholarly research from neighboring fields. Key models discussed include attachment theory, intersubjective theory, cognitive development theory, and infancy research. This book's contemporary approach to development makes it relevant to such timely topics as bullying, the experience of LGBT youth, preadolescent and adolescent use of the internet, and the struggles of young (emerging) adults in modern society. Written to optimize ease of use for the busy clinician, key clinical points are summarized at the end of each chapter, and a glossary of important concepts and terminology is also included. The text will be valuable for psychiatric residents, psychoanalytic candidates and faculty, and graduate students who would benefit from a quick and concise review of the developmental trajectory.

Neurobiologically Informed Trauma Therapy with Children and Adolescents: Understanding Mechanisms of Change

Author: Linda Chapman
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393709124
Category: Psychology
Page: 272
View: 8436
Nonverbal interactions are applied to trauma treatment for more effective results. The model of treatment developed here is grounded in the physical, psychological, and cognitive reactions children have to traumatic experiences and the consequences of those experiences. The approach to treatment utilizes the integrative capacity of the brain to create a self, foster insight, and produce change. Treatment strategies are based on cutting-edge understanding of neurobiology, the development of the brain, and the storage and retrieval of traumatic memory. Case vignettes illustrate specific examples of the reactions of children, families, and teens to acute and repeated exposure to traumatic events. Also presented is the most recent knowledge of the role of the right hemisphere (RH) in development and therapy. Right brain communication, and how to recognize the non-verbal symbolic and unconscious, affective processes will be explained, along with examples of how the therapist can utilize art making, media, tools, and self to engage in a two-person biology.

Relational Child Psychotherapy

Author: N.A
Publisher: Other Press, LLC
ISBN: 9781590514238
Category: Psychology
Page: 432
View: 3020
"The relational and the developmental point of view have never been brought together in an adequate way. This up-to-date scholarly, yet practical, integration opens a new vista within relational psychoanalysis and pioneers a fresh approach in the psychoanalytic treatment of children and adolescents. It is a work of great and lasting value to the field." –Peter Fonagy From the Hardcover edition.

Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents, Second Edition

How to Foster Resilience Through Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency
Author: Margaret E. Blaustein,Kristine M. Kinniburgh
Publisher: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 1462537049
Category: Medical
Page: 528
View: 7815
Packed with practical clinical tools, this guide explains how to plan and organize individualized interventions that promote resilience, strengthen child-caregiver relationships, and restore developmental competencies derailed by chronic, multiple stressors. Includes more than 45 reproducibles.