You Could Look It Up

You Could Look It Up tells the story of two emperors, a Roman naturalist who
sailed his ship toward an erupting volcano and died in the falling ash, the
inventor of the decimal point, the philosophers who were blamed for starting the
French ...

Author: Jack Lynch

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9780802777942

Category: History

Page: 464

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"Knowledge is of two kinds," said Samuel Johnson in 1775. "We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it." Today we think of Wikipedia as the source of all information, the ultimate reference. Yet it is just the latest in a long line of aggregated knowledge--reference works that have shaped the way we've seen the world for centuries. You Could Look It Up chronicles the captivating stories behind these great works and their contents, and the way they have influenced each other. From The Code of Hammurabi, the earliest known compendium of laws in ancient Babylon almost two millennia before Christ to Pliny's Natural History; from the 11th-century Domesday Book recording land holdings in England to Abraham Ortelius's first atlas of the world; from Samuel Johnson's A Dictionary of the English Language to The Whole Earth Catalog to Google, Jack Lynch illuminates the human stories and accomplishment behind each, as well as its enduring impact on civilization. In the process, he offers new insight into the value of knowledge.
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Need Drug Info You Could Look it Up

Need. Drug. Info: You. Could. LOOk. It. Up. consume brug Digest <-et-o ------- ---
-- Bibliography. ooo0%/3 ... from their physician or pharmacist about their
medicines are more likely to get such information today than they were 20 years

Author: Egon Weck


ISBN: IND:32000009498900

Category: Drugs

Page: 4

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The Quote Verifier

was her comment after giving birth to a daughter: “Having a baby is like trying to
push a grand piano through a transom. ... “You Could Look It Up” was the title of a
James Thurber short story that ran in the Saturday Evening Post in 1941.

Author: Ralph Keyes

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1429906170

Category: Reference

Page: 416

View: 962

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Our language is full of hundreds of quotations that are often cited but seldom confirmed. Ralph Keyes's The Quote Verifier considers not only classic misquotes such as "Nice guys finish last," and "Play it again, Sam," but more surprising ones such as "Ain't I a woman?" and "Golf is a good walk spoiled," as well as the origins of popular sayings such as "The opera ain't over till the fat lady sings," "No one washes a rented car," and "Make my day." Keyes's in-depth research routinely confounds widespread assumptions about who said what, where, and when. Organized in easy-to-access dictionary form, The Quote Verifier also contains special sections highlighting commonly misquoted people and genres, such as Yogi Berra and Oscar Wilde, famous last words, and misremembered movie lines. An invaluable resource for not just those with a professional need to quote accurately, but anyone at all who is interested in the roots of words and phrases, The Quote Verifier is not only a fascinating piece of literary sleuthing, but also a great read.
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Remember Laughter

To rest and prepare for the impending eye surgery, which his ophthalmologist
now concluded would require separate ... to compose a rollicking and
affectionate baseball story, “You Could Look It Up,” full of malapropisms and
grammatical ...

Author: Neil A. Grauer

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803270569

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 204

View: 930

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One of the great American humorists of this century, James Thurber is still read and cherished by many readers more than thirty years after his death. He is most famous for the hilarious, often bittersweet stories that he published in the 1930s and 1940s in the New Yorker. He was also a brilliant cartoonist whose unique drawings were an eagerly awaited feature in Harold Ross’s New Yorker and in Thurber’s books. This biography is a book much in the spirit of Thurber himself. Readable, anecdotal, and often delightfully funny, Remember Laughter will be cherished by all fans of Thurber. Yet Neil A. Grauer by no means sentimentalizes Thurber. He addresses serious, and often disturbing, features of Thurber’s life while highlighting Thurber’s courage, inexhaustible humor, and unique literary and artistic talents. The result is a biography that both celebrates Thurber’s genius and shrewdly appraises his qualities as a man.
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Orange Car with Stripes

That's what it is. Some crazy little cult in the hills out there building a landing strip
for some alien spaceship that looks like a redwood tree. Mintiks? I've got to look
that up. And when he got to the office he did look them up and it wasjust as Mr.

Author: Tom Lichtenberg


ISBN: 9780557209446


Page: 86

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On a dare, Gian Carlo Spallanzini set out to discover the deepest darkest secret of a person picked at random. He had no idea what he was getting into. Even a fat, bearded know-it-all ought to know better than to leap before you look. Add a crystal ball, a foul-mouthed parrot, and an cranky atheist talk show host and you'll never guess the outrageous mystery behind the orange car with stripes.
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But if he wanted to feel nostalgic, he could still look up at the murals. If you
studied them hard enough, you could still read the logo of Markson's Furniture
store painted on the aged brick. Time and the elements took away most of the
color from ...

Author: Colleen Fountain Skinner

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479718085

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

View: 344

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What happens when a secret is threatened to be revealed? A secret that No one is supposed to ever know about. If it surfaced, your life would never be the same again.What if you could find a way to silence their tongues so they could never utter another word? Would that be so wrong?After all, silence is bliss! If they cant speak...they cant tell. But somehow the plan goes hellishly wrong...because sometimes its the DEAD that speak the loudest.
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Listen To Your Heart

off! How do you expect to pull that off?” Kitty queried as she sipped at her hot rum
tea. “I just threw that out as a suggestion. It sounded good at the time, and she
was expecting me to say something. ... We could look him up in the phone book.

Author: Fern Michaels

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 1420123122

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 692

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New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels has captivated readers worldwide with her heart-stirring stories of love and family, friendship and renewal. With Listen to Your Heart, she spins the unforgettable tale of a young woman who might be falling for a match made in heaven. . . Listen To Your Heart With her beloved mother gone, her twin sister about to be married, and no hint of Mr. Right on the horizon, Josie Dupré is lonesome. Luckily, she has her booming New Orleans catering business to keep her busy, and her fluffy white dog, Rosie, to keep her company. . .until an obnoxious Boxer brazenly captures Rosie's undying devotion. Even worse, the budding romance puts Josie in close proximity to the dog's owner--sexy, love 'em and leave 'em Cajun playboy, Paul Brouillette. Paul's all for l'amour, but ever since he came into Josie's life, strange things have been happening. She hears music that isn't there, and she smells her mother's favorite cologne in an empty room. Maybe her mom's trying to send her a message. . .something about finding love where you least expect it. . .and listening to your heart.
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Robert B Parker s Killing the Blues

“Let's just say that I don't think he'll be doing it again.” “Who's gonna stop him?” “I
am.” They were quiet. “Was that all you ... As you grow up and you reflect on your
actions, which you will, you'll be ashamed of them. ... “You could look it up.

Author: Michael Brandman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101547748

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 575

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It’s tourist season in Paradise, Massachusetts. With it comes a baffling and violent crime wave that has residents on edge. It’s also brought a mysterious figure who’s stirring up troubling memories for Chief of Police Jesse Stone—especially when it appears the stranger is out for revenge.
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The Only Guide to a Winning Investment Strategy You ll Ever Need

As Casey Stengel said, “You could look it up.” In May 1996, with the Dow
surpassing 5,700, this well-known market guru, who had “left” Shearson Lehman
to form her own firm, advised her clients to invest aggressively since she foresaw
the ...

Author: Larry E. Swedroe

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781429972956

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

View: 919

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Investment professional Larry E. Swedroe describes the crucial difference between "active" and "passive" mutual funds, and tells you how you can win the investment game through long-term investments in such indexes as the S&P 500 instead of through the active buying and selling of stocks. A revised and updated edition of an investment classic, The Only Guide to a Winning Investment Strategy You'll Ever Need remains clear, understandable, and effective. This edition contains a new chapter comparing index funds, ETFs, and passive asset class funds, an expanded section on portfolio care and maintenance, the addition of Swedroe's 15 Rules of Prudent Investing, and much more. In clear language, Swedroe shows how the newer index mutual funds out-earn, out-perform, and out-compound the older funds, and how to select a balance "passive" portfolio for the long hail that will repay you many times over. This indispensable book also provides you with valuable information about: - The efficiency of markets today - The five factors that determine expected returns of a balanced equity and fixed income portfolio - Important facts about volatility, return, and risk - Six steps to building a diversified portfolio using Modern Portfolio Theory - Implementing the winning strategy - and more.
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The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

Yeah, dass right, SAINT—as in “better not don't get up in my grill 'cuz I'll mess
your shit up, 'cuz I'm a Saint and I got mad ... learn-ed, so fuckin' learn-ed that he's
known as one of the Fathers of the Church, and you could look that shit up!

Author: Stephen Adly Guirgis

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 142992165X

Category: Drama

Page: 128

View: 170

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From one of our most admired playwrights, "an ambitious, complicated and often laugh-out-loud religious debate" (Toby Zinman, The Philadelphia Inquirer) Set in a time-bending, seriocomically imagined world between Heaven and Hell, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot is a philosophical meditation on the conflict between divine mercy and human free will that takes a close look at the eternal damnation of the Bible's most notorious sinner. This latest work from the author of Our Lady of 121st Street "shares many of the traits that have made Mr. Guirgis a playwright to reckon with in recent years: a fierce and questing mind that refuses to settle for glib answers, a gift for identifying with life's losers and an unforced eloquence that finds the poetry in lowdown street talk. [Guirgis brings to the play] a stirring sense of Christian existential pain, which wonders at the paradoxes of faith" (Ben Brantley, The New York Times).
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Have Thumb Will Travel

I just thought it'd be best to avoid any place where the 'visitors' were not under
good control. With the Sally, they were good ... She gave me Rita's address, so I
could look her up, and we could see what could be done. When I made it to
Tempe, ...

Author: Mike Woodrum

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479709533

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 98

View: 329

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This book is one mans quest to find his own version of a pot of gold which is found in the corner of any part of America where one can find beauty, brotherhood, or natural phenomena as beautiful as the Badlands, or man-made Mt. Rushmore. It is more than that, it is about having a disability while seeking out these riches, and not letting it be a burden, while finding ways to mix in with the common people of the country who are the ones who give the true meaning of the character of their towns and cities. Faced against so many who are unable to let themselves even try to understand what epilepsy is like, he often finds it easier to take to the woods and live with nature, if not for the times he must resurface to find a way to get more medication so his quest can continue.
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97Th Street

I'll have to look it up in my Encyclopedia Britannica.” “Is it funny?” “I guess so, but
that's not why I brought it.” “Why did you, then?” “Because it's full of dirty words.” “
What kinda dirty words? Like the ones on Elwood's Redd Foxx records?” “Who's

Author: Dale Headley

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465332721

Category: Fiction

Page: 388

View: 974

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The decade of the 1040s, especially in South Central Los Angeles, was a challenging time and place. It endured rationing; suffered endemic racial tensions; spawned incipient gangs; and stubbornly clung to the ravages of the depression. This was the milieu Arnie Crockett and his family migrated into when he was eight and he encountered such wonders as concrete buildings, electric appliances, indoor plumbing, streetcars, stoplights, dial telephones, smog, and special movies. L.A. was an urban sprawl unique among U.S. cities. It was crisscrossed by alleys and dotted with vacant lots a serendipity of which Arnie took full advantage, turning 97th Street and environs into his exclusive fiefdom of fun. Arnie loved to play. He suffered severe asthma, a contentious relationship with his father, felonious cousins, an essential inferiority complex, and an early awareness of his mortality; but the exhilaration he felt when he played with his brother, Lenny, and his friends, Richard and Jimmy overcame all. A panoply of unique and fascinating characters inhabited 97th street: the crazy girl; the jungle lady; the fugitive kidnappers; the ghost of a suicide; the sweet old arsonists; and the evil custodian of the 97th Street School. In Arnies back yard resided the worlds mangiest dog; the worlds largest chicken; a wiener-eating snake; and the worlds smelliest duck, the demise of which turned out to be one of the most profound events in Arnies life. Elwood Crockett, Arnies father, was a complex man of varied skills and prejudices. But Elwood could not or would not show the love he truly felt for his wife and children other than by his stoic sense of responsibility. It was not until the day before Elwoods sudden, unexpected death that Arnie and his father finally came to demonstrate unequivocally their mutual love and respect.
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Information and Communication Technology

Source Information available People This may not seem an obvious source of
information , but when you enrolled for this course ... You could look it up on the
Internet – - or you might go to the station to book your ticket .

Author: Molly Wischhusen

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 0435455982

Category: Information technology

Page: 264

View: 113

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This text has been written to help readers to achieve the GNVQ diploma in information and communication technology, a course directed towards the acquisition and improvement of skills which are related to the business and computing world.
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A Matter of Life and Death

You get violent storms, tornadoes and things like that, but I never had anybody
hurt. How did ... He would look at it; I would look at it, and then he'd say, 'Okay,
Bass, is it male or female?' You could not look it up, and he'd say, 'Come on, guy!

Author: Sue Armstrong

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 9781847679055

Category: Science

Page: 385

View: 283

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A Matter of Life and Death tells fascinating stories of mysterious illnesses and miraculous scientific breakthroughs. But it is also crammed full of extraordinary characters from the forensic anthropologist with his own Body Farm in Tennessee to the doctor who had a heart-and-lung transplant and ended up using her own lungs for research.
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Her Cowboy Hero

You could look it up in there, Tanner.” “We had a Scrabble dictionary but it was
lost years ago.” In fact, Tanner had hid it one time when he and Keira were
having a lively game of Scrabble the last time they had played and he was the
one ...

Author: Carolyne Aarsen

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781460345023

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 957

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Second-Chance Cowboy Montana rodeo star Tanner Fortier is a good man. A man Keira Bannister never stopped loving. But when he shows up at Refuge Ranch looking to have his late brother's saddle repaired in time for the championships, he's the last person Keira wants to see. For years, she's kept hidden the real reason for breaking their engagement—and Tanner's heart. But now, with him at the ranch, she's tempted to reveal the truth—one that could destroy him. But she knows that to have a future with the man of her dreams, she has to settle the past… Refuge Ranch: Where a Montana family comes home to love.
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The Boy the Old Man

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee,” I chirped,
when it was my turn in the circle of chairs ... I did not. “I think it's the important key
to the verse,” she said. “Maybe you could look it up in your Bible and read it to us.

Author: Omar Eby

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465325730

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

View: 300

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So who is Omar Eby? A retired English professor (tenderhearted and cynical) who looks with affection and severity upon the young man he once was in Somalia. Ebys first chapter Learning My Name quickly and playfully sets the tone for this fascinating memoir, The Boy and the Old Man. Identifying with one Omar after another, Eby skips from a Taliban terrorist and a four-star general to a translator of Somali tales and an Old Testament duke; then recalls an English student in Mogadiscio and an Epicurean Persian poet; meets a Chilean Anabaptist and finally names the close friend of Prophet Muhammad, Omar ibn al Khattab. You think this an exercise in narcissism? Of course notthe author finds too many ties linking a nave Mennonite missionary boy to Muslim society and the incredible beauty of the natural worldshows too well the tensions between documented facts and dramatic memory. On the horn of Africa, Somali pirates seize tankers. On the mainland, clans fire rockets into each others quarters of Mogadishu, once the capital of the Somali Republic. But Omar Eby remembers another Somalia, when he taught there 50 years ago. Through the grid of accumulated years, Eby studies that missionary boy. The reader hears two voices: the 23-year old boy and the 73-year old man. Often the old man loves the boy; often the boy embarrasses him. The Somalis, Eby remembers as beautiful and exasperating, then, in 1959, as now, in 2009. The chapters are like a series of transparencies laid down one on top of the other. The boys views overlaid by the mans two visits to Somalia in his thirties and then memory laid over everything. With more details, everything should be clearer. Yet, Eby writes in the Introduction, we are pleasantly surprised to find that the historically reconstructed self is still blurred, as muddy as the Shebelli River which flows through Somalia from the Ethiopian highlands.
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Murder Casts a Shadow

It's been published in various articles over the years. Almost any ... Martha Klein
took off her glasses and held them up as if searching for a speck of dust on the
lens. “Do you think ... “I don't, but you could look it up in our archives. Would you ...

Author: Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824863685

Category: Fiction

Page: 328

View: 711

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New Year’s Eve, 1934. While Honolulu celebrates with champagne and fireworks, someone is making away with the Bishop Museum’s portrait of King Kalakaua and its curator. A series of brutal murders follows, and an unlikely pair, newspaper reporter Mina Beckwith and visiting playwright Ned Manusia, find themselves investigating a twisted trail of clues in an attempt to recover the painting and uncover the killer. Honolulu in the 1930s is a unique (and volatile) mix of the provincial and the urban, East and West, islander and mainlander. Mina and Ned, both of Polynesian descent, confront the complexities and contradictions of Island life as their investigation takes them into the heart of Honolulu society and close-knit local families, whose intricate histories and relationships will have a direct impact on future lives and events. A lively cast of characters aids Mina and Ned in their search for answers: Cecily Chang, an antiques and explosives expert, steers them through Chinatown’s back alleys; Hinano Kahana, a hula chanter and dancer, brings Ned closer to solving an ancient riddle; Mina’s grandmother, Hannah, helps them unlock a secret from the past. Prewar Honolulu comes to life in this thoroughly entertaining mystery that evokes a colorful bygone era. The Mina Beckwith and Ned Manusia series continues with Murder Leaves Its Mark, available September 2011.
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Speak to Me

As I mentioned earlier , during the first few months that I was learning sign
language , I was trying to teach it to Charlie . This meant I had to stay ahead of
situations and anticipate words I would need so I could look them up . Often ,
though , I ...

Author: Marcia Calhoun Forecki

Publisher: Gallaudet University Press

ISBN: 0930323688

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 143

View: 769

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This compelling true-life story deals with a single parent making the discovery that her 1-year-old son is deaf.
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Chasing Baseball

As Casey Stengel reportedly remarked, you could look it up, “it” being any
baseball record you want. And after researchers look it up, they analyze it. David
Zavagno, a devoted baseball researcher who spoke at a recent SABR
convention ...

Author: Dorothy Seymour Mills

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786455881

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 266

View: 660

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For more than five decades, pioneering researcher Dorothy Seymour Mills has studied and written about baseball’s past. With this groundbreaking book, she turns her attention to the historians, stat hounds, and many thousands of not-so-casual fans whose fascination with the game and its history, like her own, defies easy explanation. As Mills demonstrates, baseball elicits a passion—and inspires a slightly off-kilter, obsessive behavior—that is only slightly less interesting than the people who indulge it.
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Best of Friends

It aired on Saturday and by Wednesday he would know what the number one hit
song was going to be which he might casually let drop once in a while so that I
would be able to bet the guys at school a nickel ... baritone, you could look it up.

Author: George Lowe

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469112053

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 188

View: 159

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