Your Magic Powers of Persuasion

Here are just a few of hundreds of secrets you'll uncover in one of Vernon Howard's best selling books: * Two things that will get you what you want ten times as fast * Why it is not selfish to put yourself first * Learn how to predict what ...

Author: Vernon Howard


ISBN: 0983841586

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 260

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You have an Invisible Power. It also is an immense scientific secret. It will enable you also to walk among people and obtain what you want and need for a rich and satisfying life. Your Invisible Power is your ability to persuade and command people. The purpose of this book is to show you how to find and how to use your Invisible Power. Once you learn the secret you will enrich every area of your life in a surprisingly delightful way. Your first step toward persuading others is to realize that everything you want is found in other people. Here are just a few of hundreds of secrets you'll uncover in one of Vernon Howard's best selling books: * Two things that will get you what you want ten times as fast * Why it is not selfish to put yourself first * Learn how to predict what people will do * How to persuade a person who brings up an unreasonable objection to your plan * Four romantic words that influence the opposite sex * How to use your mistakes for advancing yourself * How to produce instantly a powerful drive for winning your way * Secrets for getting others to earn money for you * How to read the other person's mind * What your attitudes have to do with winning attention from the opposite sex * To keep yourself excited and enthused about winning your way with people * For interesting stories about men who turned their knowledge of people into cash * Whenever you wish to gain anything in the shortest possible time * Discover the seven magic words that attract people to you instantly * The real reasons you don't have to be handsome or beautiful in order to persuade others * The power of appealing to a person's "picture"
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Your Magic Power to Persuade and Command People

Shirley , whoever she is , has made herself a persuasive person by the simple
courtesy of filling that persistent human longing to feel needed . Watch the
exciting changes in your personal world as you practice your powers for
persuading ...

Author: Vernon Linwood Howard


ISBN: UIUC:30112053426182

Category: Popularity

Page: 240

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27 Powers of Persuasion

In the current White House, Michelle Obama seems to be the one with the magic touch. Barack uses all the standard power moves—grasp the arm, pull the other ...

Author: Chris St. Hilaire

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101442739

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Successful persuasion is about reading your audience-of one or one million-and creating a message that aligns with what they already believe. As a message strategist for some of the most famous names in America, Chris St. Hilaire knows this better than anyone. He has taught politicians how to persuade voters, attorneys how to persuade juries, and executives how to persuade CEOs. Drawing on the techniques St. Hilaire perfected while working with chief figures in the major communications disciplines-politics, marketing, journalism, and the law-27 Powers of Persuasion provides practical strategies that have helped his clients win multimillion-dollar court cases and major political campaigns for the past eighteen years. You'll learn how to: *Persuade people without browbeating them. *Unite with your audience, not conquer them. *Use language that lets people agree with you on their terms. *Get people to see things your way and feel good about it. With provocative excerpts from focus groups and courtroom testimony, behind-the-scenes insights from some of the nation's canniest political operatives, and stories pulled from headlines and corporate hush files, 27 Powers of Persuasion delivers tactics you can start using the moment you close the book.
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The Power of Persuasion

I call it the magic bullet, because if your audience likes you, they'll forgive just about everything else you do wrong. ... they're 56 THE POWER OF PERSUASION.

Author: Robert Levine

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471463276

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

View: 819

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"An engaging, highly readable survey of the sophisticated methodsof persuasion we encounter in various situations. From televisionto telemarketing and from self-deception to suicide cults, Levinetakes a hard look at all the ways we attempt to persuade eachother--and how and why they work (or don't). . . . The next timeyou wonder what possessed you to pay $50 for a medallioncommemorating the series finale of Friends, you'll know where toturn." "If you're like most people, you think advertising and marketingwork--just not on you. Robert Levine's The Power of Persuasiondemonstrates how even the best-educated cynics among us can bevictimized by sales pitches." --The Globe and Mail "Levine puts [his] analysis in the service of his real mission--toarm the reader against manipulation." --The Wall Street Journal "This wonderful book will change the way you think and act in manyrealms of your life." --Philip Zimbardo former president, American PsychologicalAssociation
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Action Power

The Miracle Way to a Successful New Life Vernon Linwood Howard ... It's entitled Your Magic Power to Persuade and Command People. However, in this chapter ...

Author: Vernon Linwood Howard

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 9781789123753

Category: Psychology

Page: 163

View: 361

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TESTED TECHNIQUES FOR APPLYING CONCENTRATED ACTION POWER TO MAKE MORE MONEY, GET AHEAD FASTER, INFLUENCE PEOPLE, AND GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE—ALMOST MAGICALLY! Discover now how to get what you want in life, by using the miraculous forces of ACTION POWER. Take your first step to a new way of life that will lead to the highest goals of success you most desire. Once the miraculous force of your ACTION POWER is in full operation you will launch out from your current setup and rise like a rocket to new peaks of personal achievement and financial success. You will think success. You will feel success. You will talk success. You will start acting towards success. “Vernon Howard’s Action Power accentuates the positive. The author gives specific directions for improving one’s thinking and actions. It is pleasant and stimulating reading.”—CLYDE F. GILLETT, M.D. “Regardless of whether you want to sell your products to customers or sell yourself a happier life, you now have the amazing key in your hands. A thrilling guide.”—GENE ADAMS, Editor, Specialty Salesman “If you want to get into self-enriching action, start with this great book. Vernon Howard shows you what to do and how to do it—the easy way.”—MARTHA WALKINSHAW, Cook Realty
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Propaganda Power and Persuasion

The reduction of a frightening enemy to the level of visibility and ridicule is, in psychological terms, a means of achieving magical power over him.18 With ...

Author: David Welch

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780857737373

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

View: 340

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As Philip Taylor has written, 'The challenge (of the modern information age) is to ensure that no single propaganda source gains monopoly over the information and images that shape our thoughts. If this happens, the war propagandists will be back in business again.' Propaganda came of age in the Twentieth Century. The development of mass- and multi-media offered a fertile ground for propaganda while global conflict provided the impetus needed for its growth. Propaganda has however become a portmanteau word, which can be interpreted in a number of different ways. What are the characteristic features of propaganda, and how can it be defined? The distinguished contributors to this book trace the development of techniques of 'opinion management' from the First World War to the current conflict in Afghanistan. They reveal how state leaders and spin-doctors operating at the behest of the state, sought to shape popular attitudes - at home and overseas - endeavouring to harness new media with the objective of winning hearts and minds. The book provides compelling evidence of how the study and practice of propaganda today is shaped by its history.
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Public Speaking Super Powers

Unleash Your Inner Speaking Superhero and Communicate Your Message with Confidence ... The. Power. of. Persuasion. “To be persuasive we must be believable; ...

Author: Carma Spence

Publisher: Author Academy Elite

ISBN: 9781640853348

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 284

View: 442

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IF PUBLIC SPEAKERS WERE SUPERHEROES, WHAT WOULD THEIR SUPERPOWERS BE? AND, COULD YOU DEVELOP THOSE SUPERPOWERS YOURSELF? Author Carma Spence asked these questions of dozens and dozens of speakers and discovered the answer was, "Yes!" Three out of every four people suffer from speech anxiety, and research suggests that people who don’t confront and overcome that fear are less successful in their careers and lives. However, people often look at successful speakers as superheroes with superpowers they, as mere mortals, could never possess. Drawing from extensive research and interviews with business and professional speakers, Public Speaking Super Powers will show you how to: How to overcome the fear of speaking Develop the skills needed to be a success on the stage, such as storytelling and humor Master techniques like a superhero speaker, such as audience engagement, and using your voice, body language and eye contact effectively and much more... There is even a bonus chapter on the business of speaking. Unleash your inner Public Speaking Superhero and communicate your message with confidence starting today!
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Return to Fender

“Use your magical powers of persuasion. I'll handle Mr. Penney.” “My magical powers of persuasion are on the fritz, or I'd already be done with the entire ...

Author: Virginia Brown

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

ISBN: 9781611943078

Category: Fiction

Page: 249

View: 757

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Find out who's trying to kill one of the best-known drag queens in Memphis? No problem. Harley's on the case. Until someone decides she's getting a little too close to the truth . . . Halloween's just around the corner, and business is brisk at Memphis Tour Tyme. Harley doesn't need an extra job, but when her pal Tootsie asks her to help Jordan Cleveland, his fellow drag queen, she can't resist poking around in the mystery. How dangerous could it be for her? After all, Jordan's the target of the threats, not her. He's had his brake line cut, a concrete flower pot dropped over his head, a pickup truck nearly ran him down, and someone tried to push him off a sidewalk into heavy traffic. He and Harley think his ex-wife is the most likely culprit, but after Jordan is sideswiped by a car and ends up in the hospital, trouble starts to turn Harley's way. The next thing she knows, she's dangling off the side of the city's famous Peabody Hotel while an anonymous thug tells her to mind her own business . . . or else. Things can only get worse, and she ought to heed the demands of her hunky police boyfriend, Mike Morgan, who's really worried. Even the guests at a local Halloween party start to look like suspects. Maybe the guy dressed up as Jay-Z is out to get her. Or one of the Kardashian sisters. But how dangerous can it be to leave the party just long enough to retrieve her brother's coveted Fender guitar from Tootsie's empty house? Harley will return safe and sound, right? Virginia Brown is the author of more than fifty novels in romance, mystery, and mainstream fiction. In addition to the Blue Suede Memphis mysteries, she writes the bestselling Dixie Divas mysteries.
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The Bookbuzz Book of Biz Book Insights 2009

50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive by Noah J. Goldstein, ... book that claims to provide the magic formula for mastering the power of persuasion ...

Author: Yanky Fachler

Publisher: ASP / VUBPRESS / UPA

ISBN: 9789054875963

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 139

View: 783

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Representing the author’s year-long odyssey through 120 business books and contemporary business thinking, this guide is a launchpad for conversation, engagement, fresh thinking, and extracting insights. Centered around 10 key themes--including ethics, leadership, motivation, and innovation--the book provides ideas that can be applied to any business. Positing that no author has a monopoly on business truths, this exploration provokes a healthy debate about the role and value of business books and simultaneously serves as a toolbox from which readers can extract insights about current business thinking.
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Power Influence and Persuasion

In this book, he explores the psychology behind persuasion and reveals how the most successful persuaders work their magic.

Author: Harvard Business Review

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 1422160793

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 167

View: 327

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To be effective, managers have to be skilled at acquiring power and using that power to persuade others to get things done. This guide offers must-know methods for commanding attention, changing minds, and influencing decision makers up and down the organizational ladder. The Harvard Business Essentials series provides comprehensive advice, personal coaching, background information, and guidance on the most relevant topics in business. Whether you are a new manager seeking to expand your skills or a seasoned professional looking to broaden your knowledge base, these solution-oriented books put reliable answers at your fingertips.
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Win Your Case

How to Present, Persuade, and Prevail--Every Place, Every Time Gerry Spence ... The power of persuasion is understanding those we attempt to convince .

Author: Gerry Spence

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1429909013

Category: Law

Page: 304

View: 679

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From renowned trial attorney and New York Times bestselling author Gerry Spence: a must own book for every lawyer and business professional seeking to make cutting-edge winning presentations--in court, at work, everywhere, any time. Gerry Spence is perhaps America's most renowned and successful trial lawyer, a man known for his deep convictions and his powerful courtroom presentations when he argues on behalf of ordinary people. Frequently pitted against teams of lawyers thrown against him by major corporate or government interests, he has never lost a criminal case and has not lost a civil jury trial since 1969. In Win Your Case, Spence shares a lifetime of experience teaching you how to win in any arena-the courtroom, the boardroom, the sales call, the salary review, the town council meeting-every venue where a case is to be made against adversaries who oppose the justice you seek. Relying on the successful courtroom methods he has developed over more than half a century, Spence shows both lawyers and laypersons how you can win your cases as he takes you step by step through the elements of a trial-from jury selection, the opening statement, the presentation of witnesses, their cross-examinations, and finally to the closing argument itself. Spence teaches you how to prepare yourselves for these wars. Then he leads you through the new, cutting-edge methods he uses in discovering the story in which you form the evidence into a compelling narrative, discover the point of view of the decision maker, anticipate and answer the counterarguments, and finally conclude the case with a winning final argument. To make a winning presentation, you are taught to prepare the power-person (the jury, the judge, the boss, the customer, the board) to hear your case. You are shown that your emotions, and theirs, are the source of your winning. You learn the power of your own fear, of honesty and caring and, yes, of love. You are instructed on how to role-play through the use of the psychodramatic technique, to both discover and tell the story of the case, and, at last, to pull it all together into the winning final argument. Whether you are presenting your case to a judge, a jury, a boss, a committee, or a customer, Win Your Case is an indispensable guide to success in every walk of life, in and out of the courtroom.
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Persuasion 4th edn

It pays to be persuasive.

Author: James Borg

Publisher: Pearson UK

ISBN: 9781292004525

Category: Psychology

Page: 320

View: 785

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It pays to be persuasive. From senior managers to new-starters in business; at home, in the office and in the boardroom the ability to confidently motivate, influence and convince others offers a competitive edge that can really set you apart and help you get what you want. Learn the power of words; how to be an effective listener; how to develop and enhance your memory; how to control the attention of others and how to read body language and other non-verbal signs. Persuasion will boost your persuasive and intuitive skills to amazing new levels and will help you achieve more in every area of your life.
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Secrets of Power Persuasion for Salespeople

Easyread Super Large 24pt Edition Roger Dawson. TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication. ... 8: The Power of Association: Tie Your Persuasion Effort to Something Good.

Author: Roger Dawson


ISBN: 9781442955257

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 416

View: 206

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Hollywood Warlock

So, somehow, I came up with this ridiculous idea that you Svengalied her into it. ... And as for your magical powers of persuasion, they didn't exactly work ...

Author: Julie Kushner


ISBN: 9780557260287


Page: 326

View: 315

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The Warlock Brothers are easily the most powerful family in Hollywood. Richard is the industry's top movie producer. Drew is a Grammy-winning recording artist, whose concerts are known for their strange goings on. Adam is a writer for a popular television sitcom, who hides a checkered past. Justin, one of the hottest actors in Tinseltown, is better known for his star-studded romantic entanglements than his acting prowess. Wealthy, attractive, and powerful, everything seems to be picture perfect for the Warlocks, until a tragic death in the family leads them to learn the true nature of their seemingly endless luck. Could these affluent brothers be descended from actual warlocks? To protect their legacy, the Warlocks must combine their abilities to produce one very magical movie. And in Hollywood, nothing is ever what it seems ...
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The Magic Hour

Festival into laughing appreciatively when someone gets his head blown off ... the filmmaker recalls , with some bemusement , the powers of persuasion he ...

Author: J. Hoberman

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 1566399955

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 272

View: 478

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The magic hour is the name film-makers give the pre-dusk late afternoon, when anything photographed can be bathed in a melancholy golden light. This work anthologizes J. Hoberman's movie reviews, cultural criticism, and political essays, published in The Village Voice, Artforum, and elsewhere during the period bracketed by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the World Trade Towers.
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Learned Girls and Male Persuasion

take advantage, lest the next day take away from your looks! I have seen the rose garden, about to bloom, ... The lover-poet attributes other magical powers ...

Author: Sharon L. James

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520233812

Category: History

Page: 350

View: 926

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"James shapes a new and original understanding of elegy. The author's agenda of foregrounding the viewpoint of the docta puella should stimulate major changes in the way that these poems are studied."—Judith P. Hallett, University of Maryland, College Park "James provides a highly original reading of the elegiac genre. Her use of the docta puella as the focalizing point of her reading provides new insight into its fundamental nature…. The book would serve as an excellent introduction to the genre for undergraduates."—Paul Allen Miller, author of Latin Erotic Elegy: An Anthology and Reader "Learned Girls and Male Persuasion should be required reading for anyone teaching or studying the elegists. . . . [Sharon James] views the genre in the light of social reality, showing us what is ubiquitous and obvious in the poems if we take off the rose-colored glasses of romantic idealism: the facts of violence, rape, and abortion, and, above all, the fundamental tension between the erotic demands of the lover and the economic needs of the puella. Elegy will never be the same again."—Julia Gaisser, author of Catullus and his Renaissance Readers
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The Magic Power of Putting Yourself Over with People

Get excited - it gives the whole idea a new dimension . If you're excited about it ,
your powers of persuasion are doubled . Writes James T. Mangan : “ Feel the full
spiritual force of your case , of your aspiration - let the world see your pride , your

Author: Stanley Norman Arnold


ISBN: STANFORD:20501115422

Category: Psychology, Applied

Page: 237

View: 343

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Peruvian Short Stories

Persuasion. In the outskirts of the city of Pomabamba lived two Quechua women, la curandera (the healer) and la bruja (the witch) both with magical powers, ...

Author: Dorila A. Marting

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524510930

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 146

View: 283

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A native of Pomabamba, Peru, Dorila A. Marting grew up surrounded by the tales of her native city as told by family members and local Quechua storytellers. In Peruvian Short Stories, Marting brings these childhood accounts to life with a narrative that is as distinctively authentic as it is universally relatable. "This Peruvian legend has many versions depending on who is telling, the story. I will relate to you what I heard a long, long time ago, as a child, from an elderly storyteller Quechua woman named Mama Cunchina ... " -The Cave of Maria Josefa With voices spanning from the small and elderly mouse (The Emigration of Domestic Animals) to the all-encompassing Mama Patcha (Mother Earth), every story is uniquely enchanting while still supporting the overall parable that is weaved throughout the collection. Marting illustrates her memories with the ease of the Quechua storytellers of her youth, and indeed these accounts of love, loss, family, nature, friendship, and respect are as crucial and resonant today as they were during the inception of Peruvian Folklore. I invite you to navigate to a foreign land and to a foreign culture and enjoy these stories as much as I have ... " -Mary L. Jones, Introduction
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Confident Selling

Edward T . Hall , Ph . D . The Silent Language ( Fawcett Publications , Inc . , 1959
) . Eric Hoffer . The True Believer ( Harper & Row , 1951 ) . Vernon Howard . Your
Magic Power to Persuade and Command People ( Prentice - Hall , Inc . , 1962 ) ...

Author: James R. Fisher


ISBN: 0131675362

Category: Selling

Page: 189

View: 618

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